Open Thread: What should shareholders ask CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s annual meeting on February 13th?

Apple will host the 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino on February 13, 2018.

Once Apple’s proxy statement is filed, the bank, broker, or other organization that holds your Apple shares will be issuing proxy materials to you that will include a unique control number. Apple shareholders who are interested in attending this year’s Annual Meeting will need that number to register for the meeting at beginning at 8am Pacific Time on January 22, 2018, and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, what would you like for shareholders in attendance to ask CEO Tim Cook at Apple’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on February 13th?

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, boy.

Okay, we’ll start:

• Regarding this new campus, how much of a distraction has it been and did it contribute to your loss of focus on such important product lines as professional Mac desktops?

• What has Jony Ive been doing for the past several years; meaning: What percentage of his time was spent on Apple Park vs. Apple hardware and software product design?

• Why didn’t Apple publicly disclose CPU throttling of iOS devices with aging batteries so that consumers would know that an inexpensive battery replacement would restore performance vs. buying a whole new device?

• In recent years, why have you repeatedly missed important ship dates, most recently with HomePod, and/or repeatedly launched products with dramatically insufficient supply, as with Apple Watch, AirPods. etc.?

• It’s not at all apparent that the general public values their privacy enough or even knows that Apple’s commitment to privacy is paramount, but Siri’s capabilities are widely considered to be significantly behind competitors such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Will Apple’s commitment to privacy will every really pay off by translating to increased product sales? Why not give users the choice to cede more privacy in exchange for a better-performing Siri?

• Why are you – or is anyone, even someone with perfect performance – worth paying well over a quarter of a million dollars per day, 365 days per year?

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      “Cook’s relation with supply chain is best described by an anecdote reported by CNN, related to the period when Cook joined Apple in 1998 to straighten the operational morass that Apple was in. In a meeting convened to tackle a problem in China, he had said: “This is really bad someone should be in China driving this.” Thirty-minutes in the meeting he chided Sabih Khan, the then operations executive, saying “Why are you still here?”. Khan responded by immediately booking a ticket to China, sans a change of clothes.”

      1. I remember that.

        but today I wonder if Cook’s ruthless drive at that time was because Jobs was breathing down his neck. Or because he’s older and he has ‘mellowed’ out.

        Where’s the drive for like the Mac Mini etc ? It’s been like 4 years since Mac Mini was updated, and Apple reiterated that the Mini was important , so why the delay on such a simple device (square box CPU ) ?
        (I’m picking this as an example because it’s simple — not like the complex stuff like A.I or Project Titan — and yet they are missing it ) . I wish Tim Cook is like that today to his SIRI guys, his Mac Pro , Mini etc guys : “why are you all standing around… ? ” (if he is the results don’t show it)

    1. 2nd Post at MDN about Siri. After that, could you please respond to the recent Wall St Journal article detailing the numerous product tardiness under your leadership? One more thing; it’s a fairly common perception that Apple’s level of wealth doesn’t coincide with advancements in specific technologies and product outcomes. Could you please respond?

  1. This is a great idea, thanks MDN. I’d also like to add that over the last while I’ve noticed some weekend post that allow folks some time to dive into an issue and express more reflective thoughts to an issue. It’s nice to see that option showing up, intended or not.

    Now about the topic at hand, I’d certainly like to get some information on the latest Mac Pro and overall will (desktop) computer upgrade cycles continue to be at this pace.

    On top of MDN’s question about why important shipping dates are missed I’d want to know what steps are being taken to rectify this issue.


  3. Someone needs to ask something about the continuous decline in software reliability across the board: macOS, iOS, and all Apple made applications. High Sierra was supposed to be the next Snow Leopard but was a total fail on the robustness front.

  4. • Who is responsible for losing the home automation initiative to Alexa?

    • Whatever happened to the guy who authorized that sapphire screen factory?

    • Does collusion in censoring information flow to a billion of earth’s residents enhance Apple’s social responsibility?

  5. “Why are you – or is anyone, even someone with perfect performance – worth paying well over a quarter of a million dollars per day, 365 days per year?”

    That is hilarious, MDN. When I asserted years ago that Cook was overcompensated, I received a lot of flak from you and from other forum members. And my post specifically stated that no one was worth that kind of money, no matter how good they are. Now you have flipped…

    1. “ no one is worth that much , regardless how good they are….” ??
      That is kind of dogmatic isnt it….?!

      Why is he getting paid that much?
      Is he deceiving the whole board?

      He is getting paid that much because the board finds him worth that much! Simple… that is his market value.( ofcourse if u are a believer in free markets )

  6. If you will not produce Macs for the Enterprise and Professional Markets why not license them to someone like H-P who makes their living and offers in home 3 year warranties on Business class gear?

    Z2 Mini Workstation can be BTO with a Xeon CPU and NVIDIA GPU, is user upgradeable for wireless, memory and storage and cost less than a maxed out Mac mini.

    If you will not build it, let someone else bring it.

    If you are not committed to the Mac long term, let us know so we can stop wasting our time.

      1. To be fair ….Tim cook has recently responded to a concerned customer’s email confirming that the Mac mini is an important part of the mac lineup…and that its not abandoned….
        Plus we have the modular Mac Pro comming soon too…

        I understand the frustration though! The neglect has gone on for so long and as a result they have lost customer confidance. … but i am convinced they have realzed their goof-up and will soon provide solutions…🤞🤞

  7. It amazing with all their clout…financial and ability to attract engineering talent…how pathetic their product releases have been….There is simply ZERO excuse!!!!

  8. 3 billion for Jimmy Iovine was way too much in the first place. Talent? What talent? Is it true that he’s leaving Apple this summer? (Proof of he’s a crook.) What do you have to say about that?

    1. Jimmy was schrewd, Apple got powned. Jimmy’s laughing all the way to the bank while Tim Cook et al are standing, mouth’s agape, wondering what the hell is happening.

  9. On top of MDNs suggestions( minus Tim’s pay issue )

    What are your intentions with Apple’s cash horde under the new tax structure ?

    And i’d like to reiterate;
    AI and SIRI, … Apple is dangerously behined.. Alexa has leapfrogged Apple in a big way, Google AI is so much more capable!……how do you plan to address this critical issues?

    1. At the shareholder meeting I would raise my hand and say, Mr Cook, why did you consider it necessary to hobble Siri when you initially acquired the IP? Was it because you felt that privacy was insufficiently enforced with its existing contractual data sources? And if so, why, so many years later, is Siri still hobbled compared to the competition? Is it because your secrecy policy, with its Stalinesque non-disclosure agreements, has driven away the best and brightest researchers of machine learning, who prefer a more open and collaborative academic environment? Or is it because your notion of an onboard AI restricted to a secure enclave or semirandom crowd-sourced inference algorithms must necessarily lag behind the rest of the industry, who plow ahead with wholesale vacuuming of consumer data to build knowledge bases far in advance of even the National Security Agency? In short, sir, do you and your Board of Directors actually believe that consumers value personal security so much more than convenience and performance? Or is it that you believe them to be simple in these matters, and profess to be protecting them against their naïvety and technical ineptitude? You say that Apple doesn’t do focus groups. So it’s Father Knows Best, is it?

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