Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine may leave the company in August; departure timed to his shares fully vesting

“Look for Jimmy Iovine to leave Apple Music in August,” Billboard reports.

“The former Interscope CEO joined Apple in 2014 after selling Beats, the the music service and electronics business that he and Dr. Dre co-founded, to the tech giant for $3 billion,” Billboard reports. “It is believed his departure is timed to his Apple shares fully vesting, sources tell Billboard.”

“Apple Music, Apple’s subscription streaming service, has expanded to more than 30 million paying subscribers since its June 2015 launch,” Billboard reports. “It is unclear whether Apple might replace Iovine, who never took a specific title at the company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Jimmy Iovine could be effectively replaced simply by setting a large bucket at the rear end of a bull.

We’ve always had the inkling that Steve Jobs understood exactly what Jimmy Iovine was, but that, perhaps, Jimmy bamboozled Tim Cook with bullshit. $3 billion for Beats was a wild overpayment for shitty headhones and a music service with no subscribers. — MacDailyNews, June 9, 2015

Not all RDFs are created equal. Be careful, Jimmy. There’s a fine line between operating a functional RDF and a dump truck full of bullshit.MacDailyNews, May 29, 2014

Jimmy Iovine brings his own brand of ‘reality distortion field’ to Apple – May 29, 2014

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