Those trapped in Microsoft’s ‘Windows 10 S’ hell will have to wait a bit longer for their glass of ice water

“At Microsoft’s Build conference in May this year, officials made a surprising announcement: iTunes would be coming to the Windows 10 Store before the end of calendar 2017,” Mary Jo Foley reports for ZDNet.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this isn’t happening this year after all,” Foley reports. “‘We have been working with Microsoft to deliver the full iTunes experience to our customers and we need a little more time to get it right,’ said an Apple spokesperson via an emailed statement.”

Foley reports, “The lack of iTunes in the Windows Store may be most disappointing to Windows 10 S users, as that version of Windows only can run apps that are available in the Microsoft Store.”

MacDailyNews Take: Cue the sad trombone. As if being a Windows sufferer could be any sadder.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows 10 S. The “S” stands for “Sufferer.”

Sorry, but your ice water order is on hold!


  1. I get paid when I use Windows. Otherwise it is the Mac.

    Sadly, I used to get paid to use UNIX, but those days are mostly gone. A few things run on Red Hat, but most are afflicted with some form of Windows from Embedded to 7 Pro. Few large IT departments want anything to do with Windows 10 in any form.

    1. I just had to upgrade my ThinkPad to Windows 10 Enterprise earlier this week 🙂

      It’s quirky, that’s for sure. We use Skype for Business and it hides most of my open conversations. I can’t find them unless I go into my Skype address book and click on the person – “Oh, there it is!” So annoying.

      Our IT department still laughs whenever I ask when we’re going to be able to use Macs. The closest thing we have are the new silver HP laptops that look like fake MacBook Pros.

  2. And Tim Cooks Apple is late again…on another product.

    Please stop telling the consumers what your next services or products are going to be. It’s embarrassing how many times in the last couple years you keep messing up product launches.

    Can’t even say Apple is the best at quality anymore with these issues happening seemingly all the time.

    1. doesn’t embarrass me at all, prefer to get it right, not emotionally attached to a date, it is amazing Apple delivers hundreds of millions of devices more complex than the space shuttle each and every year

      1. More complex than the space shuttle?

        Please. Put down whatever hallucinogens you are ingesting. Apple’s engineering staff isn’t qualified to put anything in the air, let alone space. Don’t fool yourself.

        1. I really thought after that first line you were going to give us a boom boom moment. Wow what a powder puff it turned out to be. More practice required especially when commenting upon other’s quality of performance.

          1. Not to do your homework for you, but Realist was on target. Anyone who would propose that a personal computer is on the same order of magnitude of complexity of aerospace is a loon.

            Here is a 35 point list of what makes space vehicles more complex than airplanes. To put the personal computer in perspective, a modern airliner is at least 100,000 times more complicated. A small jetliner costs perhaps 100 million pounds and has over 40,000 unique parts.

            I would argue that the smallest primary flight control hydraulic servoactuator on a jetliner is many times more complicated than anything Apple currently builds.

            Apple’s terrestrial electronics would fail the most basic environmental tests. Not to mention the need to operate in all kinds of severe electromagnetic, radio, and electrical emission exposure.

            Enough said.

  3. As for iTunes today, it has completely lost its legacy Mac cohesiveness and exists as a mish-mash of confusing panes. I don’t think anyone using Windows today is desperate to have it like they once were. In fact, today it reminds me of exactly what I hate about Windows; piled with hidden and poorly kludged “features” instead of being simple to understand and use.

  4. Win 10 has always worked great for me. I run Win 10 on my Mac and do not even have OSX loaded on that machine. Love the Mac hardware, but Win 10 is what the vast majority of the world uses no matter how many ways you want to spin it. It is a superior and FASTER OS. The combination of Mac hardware and Win 10 is the perfect combo.

  5. Let the criticism ensue! We shall excuse and forget the Home Pad and Mac Pro disasters, the failures of iOS 11 and High Sierra. It’s best not to fault Apple in any way, the feng shui of Apple-ism is sancrsant.

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