Apple is off to a promising start with its new pro Mac lineup

“So, the iMac Pro is shipping. After many years’ worth of fretting and worrying, Apple once again has a pro-level desktop that boasts the modern technology,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “And all is right with the world.”

“And yet it’s not Apple’s whole ‘pro’ story,” Moren writes. “Pro Mac users have a lot to look forward to in 2018 and beyond.”

“Impressive as it is, the iMac Pro isn’t for everybody,” Moren writes. “That’s where the hypothetical Mac Pro comes in again. [Apple SVP Phil] Schiller has said that ‘it is, by definition, a modular system,’ which seems like a response to the biggest criticism of that 2013 Mac Pro redesign… It seems clear the company does care about the professional market. But it’s this forthcoming modular Mac Pro that’s going to show us whether the company cares about listening to its customers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

We can’t wait to see the 2018 Mac Pro!

Different tools for different users and different jobs.

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  1. “We can’t wait to see the 2018 Mac Pro!”

    Why do people keep assuming the next Mac Pro is coming out in 2018? In an interview in April, all Phil Schiller said was that it wasn’t going to be released this year (2017). He never mentioned when it was going to be released. All we know is that Apple is working on it. It could be released in 2019 for all we know.

    1. > Why do people keep assuming the next Mac Pro is coming out in 2018?

      Because it only took Apple ~6 months to deliver the “Yikes!” and it has already been 8 months since the “oops!” announcement…?


      In any event, this “soon come” is merely lame Apple Vaporware.

      Until there’s more tangible product evidence showing up, I’ll be continuing to dump 3rd party hardware maintenance & upgrades money into my cheesegraters.

    2. Probably because in the past when Apple had a fraction of the people and money they have today, they were able to create new computers in less than 2 years.

      Modular Mac desktop users have been waiting for a proper user friendly Mini update for 5+ years, instead Apple degraded it. People have been asking for an internally expandable Mac mid range tower for over a decade, and Apple turns a deaf ear. Apple’s trashcan Pro was a dismal flop for too many reasons to count. Now 4 years on since that Cube redux POS was released, Mac users would expect someone in Cupertino to have a f$cking clue. They think everyone wants sealed executive fashion computers. They are dead wrong. It is not that hard to see the huge gaps in Apple’s Mac portfolio. Their mismanagement of the hardware and software are keeping the Mac below 10% market share and preventing 3rd party software developers from prioritizing the Mac.

      Other than the software and firmware hoops, a competent Hackintosh builder would have the hardware assembled for a Mac tower that will run circles around any iMac Pro and cost less as well. It takes leadership to get Apple’s fat asses in gear these days. Leadership that is AWOL in Timmy’s Apple. They are too busy playing with iOS toys using software that other companies write for them.

    3. $4,999!!!? Never thought i would be saying this but one
      could configure a PC with the same exact components
      for far less. The only thing you would come up short
      with are the numerous Thunderbolt 3 ports.

      1. Your answer khan khan in the first 3 letters of my post !

        Its called the ‘IMO’ algorithm… which comes from the “brute force” of 40+ years plus of experiance and intuition.

        1. Not only that, my friend, but “IMOs” like you and me actually buy Apple products. There are many people who save money by rolling their own. Their needs, however, are not the same as ours. Who the hell wastes everyone’s time trying to convince us that we are stupid to buy Apple products? Only crabbed little men and boys, crippled with resentment, with more time than money.

  2. King Khan: Are you this rude to people when you are face-to-face?

    How about learning a little civility. This rude behavior that has been encouraged by our president has got to stop.

    1. Oops. That was to King Whine.

      While I’m here, King Whine… You asked yojimbo for his methods.

      So back at ya’. Again, I’d love to know how you arrive at YOUR pronouncements… what fabulous business success informs your opinions on how an international mega-corporation should be run; how you arrive at your conclusions.

  3. IMO… I’m sure some businesses will have a use for the iMac Pro. Honestly, 8 to 18 freaking cores and a high-end Radeon GPU has to satisfy someone who currently is only using a MacBook Pro for editing. Give Apple a break and let’s wait to see if iMac Pro sales are non-existent and I have no clue as to how many of those desktops Apple expects to sell. I certainly don’t know how many of those 2013 trashcan Mac Pros were sold over all these years. It must be a well-guarded secret.

    1. Lots of Macs. …. NOT!!!! This is an Avid infomercial and by my count the Windows PCs outnumbered the Macs by at least a 2:1 ratio.

      They had a pair of trashcan Mac Pros adapted for rack mounting for the recording system. Overpriced kludge because Apple doesn’t make any computer that is directly rack mountable. Consoles, mixers, sequencers, etc all run from Windows.

      Let’s not even get into the challenges of plugging into Macs that only support Thunderbolt. Adapter hell.

      There is no doubt Apple is held in high regard by many musicians to this day. All kinds of kids are using laptops for mutitrack recording, layering loops and samples on top of one another like crazy. (For the record, the Beatles cut Sgt Peppers on a 4 track recorder). Well digital software on thin little laptops is all fine and good for studio playtime. But when it comes to making road gear suitable for hard duty on the road, Apple is adrift. Thin isn’t desired on the road. Single TB ports are constraining. Nobody–absolutely nobody– wants an iMac on the road.

  4. after years complaining about pro macs Im really glad the iMac Pro is here and the reiteration of the promise that the Mac Pro is coming. With three upgraded Cheese graters at home for my personal use (yes i’m that MP crazy) the iMac config is not for me but i’m still glad it’s out and i think some pros will be very happy with it — me i want to look at the coming ‘modular’ MP.

    i always said Apple needs a ‘complete ‘ lineup from entry to pro. I think it also needs a true 32MB power GPU MBP —the current MBP is more of a lux executive laptop than truck.

  5. Let’s all purchase the iMac Pro and prove what lemmings and fanboys we are! I’d rather restrain myself and see what marvelous rendition of Mac Pro Apple promises.

    1. Apple can take their overpriced iMac and shove it up their Space Gray nether regions.

      Where is a real Mac Pro? Where is a real rack mount Mac? Where is a silent but powerful Mini for small venues? Apple leaders are totally screwed up. Apple used to offer the most stable reliable gear. Now they are three steps behind. The iMac is not what we want or need.

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