Genius said to be improving yield rates for iPhone X lens modules

“Genius Electronic Optical is actively hiking yield rates for two lens modules – a 7-megapixel one and a 3D sensing one – for front cameras of iPhone X, which is likely to help improve its fourth-quarter revenues, according to the industry sources,” Sammi Huang and Adam Hwang report for Digitimes.

“For January-October,” Huang and Hwang report, “the company recorded consolidated revenues of NT$6.123 billion, pre-tax profit of NT$767.12 million, net profit of NT$608.38 million and net EPS of NT$6.10.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good news as the TrueDepth camera system was reportedly an iPhone X production bottleneck.

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  1. Wall Street no longer cares about this particular bottleneck. Word is already being spread by the talking heads how iPhone X demand is falling rapidly so it really doesn’t matter. The “iPhone supercycle” has been declared a myth.

    It’s rather unnerving how Apple supposedly keeps stepping into piles of poop which other tech companies easily avoid. Apple seems to be the only major tech company being targeted for a not so Merry Christmas and a lousy lump of coal in every Apple shareholders’ stocking.

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