Just how fast is ‘faster wireless charging’ in iOS 11.2?

“iOS 11.2 is currently in beta, and will be released to all iPhone and iPad users in the coming weeks, and one of the key features for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X owners is accelerated wireless charging. Previously, all wireless charging was limited to 5W, but this update will raise that limit to 7.5W,” Matt Birchler writes for BirchTree. “That’s a 50% increase in power on paper, but I had to know what the real world difference was.”

“Over the 2 hour test, the iPhone 8 Plus went from zero to 47%. It charged at an incredibly consistent 4% per 10 minutes,” Birchler writes. “Previously I got up to 40% with this same charger after 2 hours, which is a 17% improvement in wireless charging speed.”

“Wired charging remains the fastest way to charge the iPhone in 2017, and it’s not even close,” Birchler writes. “the stock iPhone charger gets the iPhone 8 Plus to 79% in 2 hours (68% faster) and up to 21% at the 30 minute mark (91% faster)… Things get silly when we look at the true fast charging option that Apple has for the new iPhones. The 29W power brick and a USB-C to Lightning cable charges the iPhone 8 Plus to 100% in 2 hours (112% faster) and the difference is even more striking at the 30 minute point where this gets the phone to 43% (391% faster).”

More details, and an illuminating graph, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Fast wireless charging” isn’t fast, it’s just a tad faster form of slow.

If you want to charge your iOS devices quickly, Apple’s 29W USB-C Power Adapter with a USB-C to Lightning cable is the answer.

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  1. What I want to know, is what form of charging is better for the health of the IPhone battery? Faster charging is usually harder on the battery, but so is higher heat—which intuition tell me that there may be more heat surrounding inductive charging.

    Anyone have info on this?

  2. Wireless charging pad for the wife’s X all night, for my X normal wired charging for me all night, Fast charging via Anker 29W USB-C brick and apple’s USB-c to lightning cable or EECO fast charging QI 3.0 10,000mah power pack to USB-C lightning cable when I need a quick boost. Will never run out of power anymore, anywhere….

  3. I’m still waiting for Apple to announce their November event to debut the new iMac, new HomePod, and hopefully to announce ore-Sale of their charger pad. In fact, I’m a little worried that this hasn’t been announced yet.

    In any case I’d pre-order the charging pad for my wife in a second. She’d love to just set her phone down at night and pick it up in the morning without trying to fiddle with cables in the dark.

    1. YES! That’s why I got the charging pad too! I CANNOT, for the LIFE of me, get the damn tiny plug in easily late at night when I’m barely awake without turning on bright lights which are (for obvious reasons) undesirable at that time of night.

  4. Does anyone know how high the wattage can be on a charger before risking damage to (in this case) an iPhone X? I was under the impression that Apple was bottle necking at 5 watts to keep that from happening. I can see maybe 10 watts as reasonably safe, but 29?…

    What the official (and unofficial) word on that rating?

    I bought the Samsung “Fast Charge—Wireless Charging Convertible” at the ATT store a couple days ago, and it seems pretty cool. Be nice when 11.2 comes out and I can use the “fast” part. Anyone else using this?

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