“I’ve had my iPhone 8 Plus for a little over a fortnight now, and amidst all the new features and functions, there’s one feature that’s head and shoulders above everything else,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “That feature is fast charging. Seems like a simple feature, but it’s revolutionised the way that I use my iPhone.”

“My iPhone used to spend a lot of time on charge,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Between the charger in the office, the charger in my living room, the charger in the gym, the charger in my bedroom, and the charging cradle in the car, it amounted to many hours a day (and that excludes the sneaky recharges I’d have to give it from my powerbank every so often).”

MacDailyNews Take: What in the hell are you doing with your iPhone? Rendering Pixar features on full brightness? Or was your battery just worn out? Get an iPhone Plus and an Apple Watch. We’ve never ended a day under 40% battery charge with that combination.

“Now that’s all changed. When I get in the office in the morning I hook my iPhone up to the USB-C fast charger and give it about 30 minutes to a hour, depending on how busy I am and whether I need to use it, by which point it’s pretty close to being fully charged, if not at 100 percent. From that point on I toss it on the wireless charger to keep it topped up,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Normally, that’s enough to keep my iPhone going all day.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again: Wha?

“It’s a real shame that most owners will never get to experience fast charging,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Apple bundled a standard charger and cable with the new iPhone, which means that to make use of fast charging owners will need Apple’s crazy-expensive $25 USB-C to Lightning cable, and a Power Delivery compatible charger.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If $25 is “crazy-expensive,” you can’t afford a smartphone. Which will save you from worrying about having to charge it every 15 minutes because your phone battery is either shot and/or you’re beyond OCD.

For those who want to fast charge their iPhones, Apple’s 29W USB-C Power Adapter with a USB-C to Lightning cable is the answer.

Comparing iPhone 8 charging speeds with fast charge, wireless and more – October 3, 2017