This cool tip will help iPhone X’s Face ID work flawlessly

“To borrow a phrase from the annals of Apple marketing, Face ID on the iPhone X ‘just works,'” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “Though Face ID was initially received with a healthy dose of skepticism, the iPhone X’s new facial recognition software works exactly as advertised, which is to say that you don’t even really notice it’s there in the first place.”

“One of the great things about Face ID is that the data associated with your initial Face ID photo is always being updated to account for even subtle changes in your appearance,” Heisler writes. “So if you’ve been noticing that Face ID works great 99% of the time but seems to slip up if you hold up your phone at an angle or from a new distance, we’ve got a solution for you.”

“The next time you try to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID and it doesn’t take, don’t try to unlock it with Face ID a second time,” Heisler writes. “Instead, enter in your passcode. Doing so effectively tells Face ID to incorporate facial data from whatever new angle or position you happen to be holding your phone in. That being the case, the next time you attempt to unlock your phone from the same position, your phone will unlock immediately.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, remember, Face ID is always (machine) learning!


  1. Curious…. Sometimes I have my passcode set to something my kid knows for when I let him use my phone, then change it back when I want it locked and out of his control …. is it going to learn his face too?.

    1. Maybe, but probably not. It depends on how much of a match he is to you. If he’s a kid, you likely don’t have much to worry about.

      What happens with this tip is that FaceID is failing but within a close threshold, so when the passcode is entered immediately after, it’s learning that match… as long as it’s within the threshold.

    1. Yes. Flawlessly. As it was intended. Meaning it won’t open for any flash of a face. As the user, you must do a bit of training for it to match your natural habits and angles of view. Are you so jaded that you cannot spend a little time and minimal effort to train your AI, or would you prefer to continue typing in passcodes the rest of your days?

      1. The definition of working as expected is working reliably 100% of the time. When I turn the key my vehicle starts. When I flick the switch the room lights up. When Face ID works as expected…then that’s what should happen – all the time, every time. No excuses. When did you lower your expectations? More importantly, when did Apple lower its expectations?

        1. When you purchased said vehicle off the lot did it automatically know your favourite radio station? When you bought the light switch from Home Depot, did it turn the light on and off when you took it out of the box?

            1. Your logic is so specious and ignorant I don’t know where to begin. What in technology is 100% anyway? Your PC or Android phone (excuse me while I chuckle very cruelly)?

              I guess you must live on Perfect Planet but on the other hand you are vastly IMperfect (operating I’m guessing more at about 40% which is being generous) so that can’t be it.

        2. comparing face id to the key to your car or the light switch in your home is far to simplistic. Your key and switch are both static and never changing. Both had to be setup to work at one point, but were designed to respond to single unchanging input. If the key to your car gets worn down from use it will eventually stop working, Face ID, on the other hand was not setup before you got it to respond to you specifically like that key. It has to learn who it is supposed to respond to and continues to learn over time so that it doesn’t “get worn down” and can respond to changes in the “key” (your face). Try modifying the key to your car even just a little bit and see how well it works.

  2. While I agree it needs to learn for awhile, my face doesn’t age (change) that quickly. If I have to enter the passcode more than once a day to unlock (not counting power off or time outs) then it is concerning.

  3. The 1 thing I think Face ID needs is a Panic mode.
    What I mean by this is there should be a way for you to do something with your Face say wink or put your young out to 1 side that if Face ID Sees this it locks out Face ID until you enter your Pass code that way if someone was trying to get you to look at the iPhone to unlock it you do that face and boom locked.

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