Five ways Apple could improve iPhone X usability

“iPhone X is the best damn product Apple has ever made but that doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t get better,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“I stand by my claim that iPhone X is the best damn product Apple has ever made but that doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t get better,” Ritchie writes. “That includes how new features like Face ID, gesture navigation, Control Center access, and Lock screen buttons are currently implemented.”

“None of these will come as news or a surprise to Apple,” Ritchie writes. “Designers and engineers prototyped all of them and more for a long time before we ever got to see iPhone X. In some cases, there might be really good reasons for rejecting them. In others, the decisions may have been very, very close. Either way, Apple has changed and evolved its collective mind in the past, and they’ll certainly do so again. Maybe. Hi.”

Five ways Apple could improve iPhone X usability
1. Rest Gaze to Open
2. Hide Home Indicator
3. Control Center in the Switcher
4. Rotation Lock… except for media
5. Customizable Lock screen shortcuts

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MacDailyNews Take:
1. Yes, please. (Although that might dismiss notifications before you’re finished reading them, which could be an issue.)
2. Please, yes, for the love of God!
3. Okay, but a quick swipe down from the top right is quick enough access for most
4. Yes, please.
5. Yes! Think Apple Watch complications!

We look at 1,2,3 and, to some extent, 5 as Apple’s “training wheels” for iPhone X’s new paradigm. They’ll likely come off soon enough. No.4 just looks like a messy oversight unless Apple’s thinking, “What if the iPhone is in a vertical holder that can’t be readily moved, like in a car or on a camera mount or something?”


  1. I truly love my iPhone X just as it is. Completely.

    But these suggestions are good and would improve it IMO.
    (I agree with all 5 of MacDailyNews responses)

    Two more, please:

    6) Settings option for “Go To Home screen When unlocking”
    (the gaze idea has a problem. You gaze just when you’re READING the notifications, ie just when you DON’T want to go to the home screen)

    7) get rid of the extra press requirement for force quitting an app (ie before swiping up to kill)

    1. I’d suspect this is retrain people to stop force resetting apps. It’s not a “turn off” people. It’s a “reboot the app” feature. Think clearing your cache and crash cookies on your web browser. I wish I could get people to stop arguing about this feature. People whined about Apple not multitasking on iPhone and then act like everything is multitasking. Make up your minds people. LOL.
      All about power. Stop force quitting apps.

  2. On second thought, instead of what I said above for (6), I’d request a settings option for

    “Dismiss lock screen on unlock”

    The problem with my earlier suggestion was that if you were in an app when the screen was locked it should, of course, return to that app. (As opposed to the home screen)

    1. I second that. Also, I would love to get control center back with a swipe up- maybe an option to swipe up from a bottom corner. Right now I have to use reachability for 1-handed use. Furthermore, It would be cool if we had assignable “swipe corners” similar to hot corners on monitor to put whatever short cuts we want.

  3. iPhone X needs improvements? Really? Hmm, that’s interesting. I though iPhone X was the epitome of technology. Well, I guess I was right all alone. Carry on, Apple.

      1. Whatever, Sean. We all know that iPhone eXperimental was only a prototype. Gee, I hope you had the patience to wait before you actually bought one. You did wait, right? You didn’t buy version 1.0? Good job, Sean, you deserve a cookie.

        1. So lets get this right, you think that a product shouldn’t be launched until some form of zen level perfection has been achieved in version 1, or until nothing can ever be improved? Has a product ever actually achieved that? I mean who the hell thought the Model T Ford was the right product to launch when it fails in so many ways. That attitude is so counter intuitive in the real world. Or perhaps we should just reboot the real world once we can all agree on what makes it perfect of course. That should be easy enough with you running things I’m sure… or perhaps not.

    1. being hailed by some as one of the best Apple products of all time.

      Everything has room for improvement. Perfection is a goal, not a destination.

      Your posts, for instance, could use a lot of improvement. Perhaps you should assess them for a “minimum standard of quality prior to release?”

      I fail to understand why you are so negative all of the time. Were you always this way, or did you suddenly decide to adopt the attitude of a teenage boy?

  4. Get with it, Apple. Chop, chop. Get ‘er done, make it right. You couldn’t do it the first time, but here’s you opportunity to make amends. C’mon now, the world’s waiting, don’t want to dissapoint.

    1. whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine

      What is your purpose with all this incessant whining?

      Obviously not to actually persuade anyone of anything.
      So it’s some kind of psychiatric problem – a need to constantly attempt to annoy other people.
      Pretty pathetic.

          1. Most trolls actually have something of substance to focus upon no matter how delusional. This is possibly the first I have seen to take the purely manic approach with irrationality an end in its own right and something to celebrate. Well at least he is innovating I guess, even if it is for the sake of it.

    1. If I am interpreting the request correctly, it is for an adaptive/intelligent rotation lock that is conditional so that you are not forced to lock and unlock it a lot. For instance, video would switch to landscape mode even if the rotation lock is on in portrait mode. But I may be wrong.

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