New Samsung ad mocks Apple’s iPhone X notch, headphone dongle, and more

“Following the official release of the iPhone X on Friday, Samsung is out today with a new ad for its Galaxy Note 8 flagship,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The new ad slams the iPhone X’s notch design, the lack of a headphone jack, and much more.”

“The ad, called ‘Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy,’ progresses through several past iPhone launches, mocking different features and changes along the way. The iPhone 3GS is mocked for its lack of storage space, while the iPhone 5s is mocked for not supporting a stylus,” Miller reports. “Samsung mocks the iPhone 7 for its lack of a headphone jack and lack of support for Qi-enabled wireless charging. Of course, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X now support Qi wireless charging.”

“Ultimately, the iPhone user in the video ends up switching to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8,” Miller reports. “For one last shot at the iPhone, the now Galaxy Note 8 user walks past a line of people waiting for the iPhone X – complete with someone rocking a notch-shaped hair cut.”

MacDailyNews Take: We completely missed that notch haircut dig when we saw the ad in TV last night. So, yet another poorly realized idea from Samsung – par for the course (see fingerprint readers, facial identification, contactless payments, personal assistants, display calibration, operating systems, processors, etc., etc., etc.)

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MacDailyNews Take: We love the smell of Samsung’s desperation in the morning!

Samsung is right to be worried.

This ad is designed to keep the dwindling number of sheep in Samsung’s pen. Like all the rest of Samsung’s ads, it’ll fail, as iPhone user satisfaction is very high and the tide of upgraders from Android to real iPhones is much stronger than the trickle of new head trauma victims who decide to downgrade from an actual iPhone to a knockoff from a South Korean dishwasher maker.

Apple took 83% of smartphone market profits in calendar first quarter – May 16, 2017


    1. I was shocked to see such a high strong guidance when Tim Cook announced it on Sept 2nd. With the strong guidance for next quarter by the end of January or early February of 2018, from $84.9 Billions to $87B. Holy cows, OMG!.

    1. I would really like you or anyone else to examine the ad and carefully and succinctly address each issue presented intelligently and thoughtfully.

      Oh, sh*t, that’s inherently impossible from the puerile minds of Apple fanboys.

      1. iPhone3Gs, lack of space for a photo. I never had it happen. I uploaded my photos to my Mac at home over the internet and then deleted them on my iPhone as necessary. Problem solved. .. plus with 32GB of storage there was lots of fast storage. What were you going to do with your Samsung Behold II, the Android phone that was released AFTER the iPhone 3GS was available, when you were suddenly out of the 2GBs of available 2GBs of default storage and needed to take a fast photo right now? Take your back off the phone, . . unlock the 2GB SD card holder and carefully remove the current SD card without dropping it. Put it in a safe place. Remove a SD card with sufficient storage and place it in the carrier, close it and then lock the SD card holder back into position. Replace the phone back. Re-activate the camera. Oops. the important photo-op is long since gone.

        IPhone 5s, lack of stylus and inability to jot down a quick phone number. Again, I never had such a problem. If I didn’t have time to enter it in Contacts, I did a quick type of the number in Notes. Then I could just tap the number to call it. WOW. Alternately, that number is available by touching on it to be added to Contacts. How are you going to do THAT in the jotted down graphical note on the Samsung Galaxy? You’ll have the number, but the number will have to be entered into the phone. Incidentally, you can also write with your finger in Notes on an Apple iPhone or iPad, just as accurately as with a stylus. . . and you cannot lose your finger as you can a stylus. Oops.

        IPhone 7, and lack of headphone jack. Strange, I had an adapter for headphones that worked just fine. . . and that adaptor worked just fine with dual headphone use as shown in the commercial, and for all third-party accessories sold by multiple vendors. When it was not plugged in, it stayed attached to the end of my headphones. What’s the problem?

        Modern iPhones falling into water. Hello? The iPhone 7 and 7plus, 8 and 8 plus, and X are all water resistant for short plunges into water as shown below water. Where has Samsung been that they are not paying attention? Only a few high-end Samsung phones are actually water resistant greater than the water resistance of the iPhones.

        IPhones not being cordless chargeable? Again, hello? The iPhone 8, 8+, and X are all Qi inductive charge compliant. . . and also fast charge capable. Not all of Samsung’s current models are inductive charge compliant or even fast charge compliant.


      2. I failed to mention the rude asshole who chooses to listen to his phone solo while sitting with his girlfriend instead of just using the excellent quality stereo speakers on the iPhone so BOTH can enjoy the music. Of course, the commercial ignores the fact the dual headphone adaptor being used on the Samsung was third-party purchase allowing that function and that Lightning port to dual headphone third-party adaptors are available from the same vendors that do exactly the same thing.

            1. I also see kids writing “Wow! Just Wow!” Nobody interested in having a thoughtful, intelligent discussion writes “Wow! Just wow!” especially all caps WOW. You’re a troll, a fanboy, a kid, or just a comment thread whore.

    1. It’s just Samsung preaching to it’s ever-diminishing choir. They don’t have anything eye-catching to promote about their phones, so instead they again try to diminish what Apple is doing.

      It didn’t work before and it won’t work this time either, but they don’t have too many other options. Meanwhile Apple can ride above all that nonsense and continue being the manufacturer making the overwhelming share of the profits from smartphone sales.

      Apple’s guidance fort the next quarter is astonishing. Apple has a great track record of meeting ( and exceeding ) it’s guidance, so when a competitor sees Apple officially predicting such incredible sales for the future, it must have been very alarming for them. Samsung don’t have the ability to innovate
      sufficiently to fight Apple, so they feel they have to resort to wasting their marketing budget on negative campaigns like this.

  1. After having my X for a few days, the notch doesn’t even bother me. I thought it would, but it doesn’t, I suspect almost everyone feels the same way because these things are incredible. The screen is the best mobile phone display I think I’ve ever seen (better than the iPhone LCD), and certainly the nest mobile OLED I’ve ever seen. Samsung is terrified, MDN is correct, even the android channels can’t find fault with the X and that’s a major accomplishment. Leo Laporte said on Twit “I really wanted to find something wrong with this thing, but I can’t. It’s near perfect”… that’s amazing. If you haven’t gotten a X, get one. It feels like the future, just like 2007 did.

    1. It’s true the iPhone X notch completely falls off your radar as an item of visual concern through practical usage which makes Samsplode’s disingenuous dig all the more pathetic and ineffective. Manufacturers with poor quality control creating exploding phones have precious little advantage touting their own products as desirable – unless one is feeling suicidal or embraces invasive Google evil of course.

    2. “It feels like the future, just like 2007 did.”

      Being a product designer for decades, Jobs holding up the iPhone in January 2007 excited me more than anything I had ever seen, including the first Mac.

      I must admit that in 2007, though I realized the iPhone was starting a whole new arena of personal computing, I had no idea how fast and diverse the iPhone capabilities would expand.

      Smartphone access of the internet is now over a super majority of devices on the internet. Who woulda thought?

  2. The wonderful thing about it all is that Apple has such large PROFIT SHARE.

    with 80-90% of the profits Apple can actually simply buy the other phone companies (except perhaps big boys like Samsung who have other businesses like processors, screens etc) and EXTINGUISH THEM but wisely Apple doesn’t as NOT BEING A MONOPOLY (but taking all the profits) is great.

    remember all the lawsuits etc Microsoft had to deal with as a monopoly for PC OS ?

    no lawsuits, no barriers, Apple just rakes all the profits.
    Without majority market share Apple even rakes in a substantial chunk of the SERVICES revenues as iOS consumers buy a lot of apps, Google even pays Apple (supposedly billions) to run Google stuff on iOS.

    btw to maintain its sales Samsung spends 10 times Apple in marketing costs (10-20 billion a year vs billion plus).

    1. According to recent data, Apple rakes in over 100% of all mobile phone profits globally. The number sounds absurd when you realise that many of its competitors are actually taking losses (and presumably, making up the difference on accessories and other hardware). In other words, let’s say, global profits in mobile phone industry was $43 billion last year, and Apple’s own profit was $45 billion (the rest of the industry collectively lost $2 billion).

  3. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t an Apple fan, but I am tired of the dongle mentality they possess. It’s stupid and inconsiderate to their customers. Not to mention, a way to bilk more money out each and every one of us. To that end, I’m also tired of all the slick shiny surfaces that make these devices hard to maintain a grip on, forcing, again, the consumer to purchase some kind of case that covers up all of the excellent state-of-the-art styling and design. Surely, there’s a way to do all of this and be industry leading with your designs too.

    The first thing I have to do, every time I buy a new Apple device is spend $100+ on all of the gadgets I’ll need just to make it function in my life.

    1. Most of the things that people used to do with hardware connections on iPhones can now be done wirelessly. The dongles are offered as a temporary measure for supporting legacy hardware.

      I think that most customers are better off having an iPhone with a Lightning connector and only having to buy any dongles that they need, rather than having infrequently used connections built in to every iPhone.

      One of the greatest weaknesses of portable devices is the connectors. Doing away with unnecessary connectors helps to improve reliability while also keeping down the cost, weight and size, while improving the aesthetics.

  4. It’s not that the notch exists…it’s what’s in the notch…a 3D AR camera…the apps using the notch is the next big thing and Sammy isnt even close and is waiting on Google to tell them the next big thing in software. Sammy needs an OS

  5. That’s funny

    Especially when they show the Apple customer (waiting in line) looking longingly at the Samsung customer.

    By the way, I have NEVER seen an iPhone with all those cords hooked up.

    Obviously not meant to sway a knowledgeable iPhone customer.

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