Apple Watch Series 3 watchOS 4 leak suggests important omission

“The hotly anticipated Apple Watch watchOS 4.1, currently in developers’ beta, has a lot riding on it,” David Phelan reports for Forbes. “It’ll be the first main update to the software since it arrived last month, bringing a Siri Watch face, an improved interface, highly enhanced heart-rate smarts and the joys of Toy Story characters.”

“Developer Guilherme Rambo, who has a knack for finding the good stuff in firmware code, for instance, has snagged the release notes for the upcoming watchOS 4.1, specifically the release notes for the update’s Golden Master,” Phelan reports. “The thing that looks like it might not be ready for primetime on the Watch is Apple Pay Cash, the highly anticipated peer-to-peer payment system, due for Apple Watch and iPhone ‘this fall.'”

“The fact that it’s not in the release notes doesn’t mean that Apple couldn’t include it yet,” Phelan reports. “But it does look likely, at least, that the feature will arrive on Apple Watch – and by deduction on iPhone – a little later than was anticipated.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Best to take the time to get it right, especially something as important as Apple Pay Cash.

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  1. I agree with the MDN Take, in this case. One of the surest ways to get people riled up is to mess with their money. Apple would hear about it in a fast and furious deluge of criticism.

    I don’t know why the headline has to be sensationalized by teasing people about an “important omission” of a feature which Apple promised “this fall,” If it isn’t included, but it isn’t late, then it is not an omission in the negative connotation of the term. It would be more accurate to state:

    Apple Pay Cash not part of the most recent developer version of watchOS 4.1

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