My favorite new iPhone feature isn’t Portrait Lighting Mode, it’s Slow Sync Flash

“A flash is distracting, and can make subjects look like a glowing white light zombie standing against a dark background. Flashes normally use a higher shutter speed, which in a low-light situation causes the zombie on a dark background effect,” Patrick Holland writes for CNET. “But Apple addressed this on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X with a feature called Slow Sync Flash. The name sounds technical, but it’s a term borrowed from photography.”

“Basically the iPhone takes a photo at a slower shutter speed while firing the flash quickly,” Holland writes. “With the shutter open longer, the background is exposed more making it brighter. And with the flash going off for a shorter amount of time, it’s less distracting to those around you.”

Holland writes, “The results are to quote Larry David, ‘pretty pretty pretty good.'”

Full article, with a sample image taken with an iPhone 7 Plus flash vs. an iPhone 8 Plus flash, here.

MacDailyNews Take: The photographs taken with a flash on iPhone 8 Plus are such a significant improvement that, once we get our iPhone X units, we might even consider using the flash now!


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