One simple photo shows why Apple’s iPhone X is so exciting

“With just over two weeks to go until Apple’s iPhone X release date finally arrives, anticipation is beginning to boil over. Yes, it’s true that the new phone’s sky-high price tag is scaring some people away. In fact, the thought of spending more than $1,000 on an entry-level iPhone X with only 64GB of storage is even causing some hardcore Apple fans to buy cheaper iPhones,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR.

“For people willing to cough up that kind of cash, the iPhone X couldn’t be more exciting,” Epstein writes. “In fact, even I’m getting excited about the iPhone X, and it’s the first time in years that I’ve been excited about a new iPhone.”

“What’s so exciting? The answer lies in one simple photo,” Epstein writes. “This one, simple, low-quality picture truly is worth 1,000 words. Sitting side by side, it’s painfully obvious how dated and unappealing Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus design really is. It’s just… so… boring… Take a look at this photo from Reddit.”

Apple's iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone  8 Plus
From left to right, Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 Plus

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MacDailyNews Take: And they even made the iPhone X’s wallpaper deep black on top in order to hide the awful notch. Nice. We’ll do exactly the same.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll live with it. For sure. We’re just not used to having to say “we’ll live with it” when it comes to Apple products (not counting the Apple TV’s even worse Siri Remote).

Come to us, larger display than the iPhone 8 Plus in an iPhone 8-like case size!


      1. My problem isn’t the sensors, it’s the weird bits of screen wrapping up the sides of the sensors. It’s clearly a kludge, and Apple should have hidden them away by making those areas always black. OLED is good at being very black. If this were a Samsung we’d all be merciless about criticizing and laughing at it while patting ourselves on the back that Apple would never do something SO inelegant.

    1. Notch be damned. The most attractive thing about the iPhone X (aside from the OLED display and other technical aspects) is the fact that you get a larger iPhone plus-sized display in a chassis very close in size to a regular iPhone. Awesome! I don’t want to carry a phablet, but I love the larger display!

  1. MDN, instead of your continued whining about the notch, why don’t you tell everyone how you would have incorporated all the front facing requirements without a notch. The only other option is to increase size of phone, or decrease screen size. They made the better choice. What would you have done?

    1. Ask and ye shall receive:

      MacDailyNews Take, September 15, 2017:

      A far better, much more elegant, better looking and better functioning design solution than the one at which Apple’s Jony Ive & Co. and/or Craig Federighi inexplicably arrived, courtesy of Nodus and Gordon Kelly via Forbes from back in July shows how iPhone X’s notch should have been handled:

      iPhone X notch un-botched by Forbes’ Gordon Kelly and Nodus

      iPhone X notch un-botched by Forbes’ Gordon Kelly and Nodus

      Even if the status bars simply stayed “sideways” when in landscape, this is a more elegant solution than Apple’s current kludge. The simple solution is oftentimes better.
      Ive & Co.’s design choice is even more inexplicable when you realize they already have the answer staring them in the face all day: The Mac’s menu bar.

      We would have matched the display’s “rounded corners” all the way around, too. This way, videos, webpages, and everything else displayed would look better and require far less screwing around by developers (and Wallpaper makers) to work around/hide the ill-conceived notch.

      Constructive criticism is not “whining.”

      1. That is a so much better looking phone!

        The notch is, for me far more an issue than the bezel size on the iPhone 8. When using the device, I am looking at the screen, so that notch would be an eyesore every time used.

        I also think this comparison emphasises the 8 bezel size with them being white. When black they hardly notice.

        I am giving the X a miss. Hope Apple will correct next year. Easy enough – a software update could black out the notch.

      2. Any criticism – constructive or specious – becomes whining when it is repeated incessantly. MDN worships an attractive *rendering* from Nodus and Gordon Kelly. Apple, on the other hand, coordinates the incredibly difficult effort to design, integrate, test, fabricate, assemble, and ship millions of ground-breaking iPhone X devices. Did they get everything perfect? Probably not. Would I like everything to be perfect? You bet. Do I expect everything to be perfect? I expect Apple to continue to strive for perfection, but I do not expect Apple to achieve perfection. When Apple comes close, the result almost seems magical.

        You can play with your rendering, MDN. I will take the real thing and I seriously doubt that the notch will bother me at all.

        1. Good point, the hardware probably don’t exist to make a slim top sensor bar like in the rendering, at least not one that is feasible for 100s of millions of units at a reasonable price. The question is would you prefer the notch or a top bezel the full width of the phone where the notch is now, that was probably the choice Apple had to make given the tech available.

      3. Not physically possible with today’s technology. The cameras, especially the IR camera, is too close to the edge of the phone. There’s not enough room between where the cameras’ optics are and the edge of the phone given today’s and near term technologies.

        Just because it looks better does not mean it’s possible today or even next year.

      4. You still need to address landscape mode, but I agree that keeping the signal indicators with the notch on the side in landscape (and rotating 90 degrees) would still be a more elegant and manageable solution.

    2. MDN won’t quit whining. Whatever. After all of the notchgate nonsense, I wish that Apple had just left a small “forehead” area across the top of the iPhone X (filling it in with the same material as the notch frame). No notch, no griping.

      As it is, Apple should simply dedicate the display areas on either side of the notch as the home for useful status indicators. Boom…90% of the notch concerns disappear immediately.

    3. Well said sir, having unnecessary blocked in bits either side would be the real joke. The one thing I will say however is that if only to placate the whingers an option to keep that area black would probably have been a sensible compromise. But listening to a few comments here maybe when required that will be an option if not universally set as such. However if that was advertised we know the stick they would have got for ‘compromising’, no doubt with all the accusations of confused thinking which they would then inevitably contrive to apply to many other aspects of the company generally so as to present as proof it had lost its way and its focus. That is the world Apple lives in so I can understand why they took the bold uncompromising decision to not apologise for it.

  2. Holy crap had no idea. Here I was thinking the X was too big. Wow. I looked it up, X is only .2 inches taller than 8. Now I want one.
    I also like the fact I won’t have to care if I get silver or Space Grey , since there’s no bezel! I don’t care what color the back of my phone is.

    I sense an X-plus model in the future. They could easily put a 6+ inch screen in a casing the size of 8 Plus.

      1. Remember before the AirPods came out, people were wildly speculating about how easily they would fall out of your ears? I think “notch gate” will be the same. People will forget about it once they get their hands on the future. Seeing as we haven’t heard from anyone who has handled the X for more than a few minutes, the outcry isn’t credible.

  3. I’m not sure why the “notch” has struck such a nerve- it leaves little nooks for the battery meter and cell signal out of the way of the “main screen”. Its almost peripheral vision. Im more concerned about the change to UI with the loss of home button and change to control center…I use those a hundred times a day.

  4. I may be in the minority but I actually like the notch. Makes the phone stand out in a sea of full screen phones. Obviously I still have to use the phone to make my final opinion but I trust Apple made the choice for a good reason.

  5. I’m leaning toward upgrading from my 6S to the X in January when my current payment plan finishes (Apple Upgrade Program).
    But, I have to say that I think it was unfair for the photo to show the white iPhone 8 and the white iPhone 8 Plus, comparing them to a black iPhone X. Of course they look worse with that goofy white trim.

    1. Its a size comparison and one that I wasn’t aware of before seeing them all together. I didn’t realize X is almost same size as regular 8.
      The white bezels highlight the actual screen size better, allowing for a good comparison to the all-screen X.

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