Apple’s first ever VP of diversity and inclusion says she focuses on everyone, not just minorities

“Denise Young Smith is Silicon Valley’s most powerful black woman,” Aamna Mohdin writes for Quartz. “‘My name was not talked about prior to maybe 5 years ago,’ she says. But that quickly changed once Apple named her as their very first vice president of diversity and inclusion, just a few months ago.”

“Young Smith was talking in a panel discussion on fighting racial injustice, which Quartz moderated, at the One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia,” Mohdin writes. “Apple… is trying to take key steps in addressing the problem of having a lack of diversity, which has been highlighted by investors. But it does look like the company is making progress. Apple’s latest statistics show that a majority of new hires in the US are from ethnic minorities, although white employees still account for 56% of the overall current workforce. When asked whether she would be focusing on any group of people, such as black women, in her efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse Apple, Young Smith says, ‘I focus on everyone.’ She added: ‘Diversity is the human experience. I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.’ Her answer was met with a round of applause at the session.”

“Young Smith went on to add that ‘there can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.’ The issue, Young Smith explains, ‘is representation and mix,'” Mohdin writes. “She is keen to work to bring all voices into the room that ‘can contribute to the outcome of any situation.'”

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Apple’s “Inclusion and Diversity” page is here.

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    1. It’s within the lifetime of my father that women weren’t even “persons” under the law. Anybody who says that matters like this don’t need attention has no clue how the world works.

      As for 59 genders — why not wait and see what will actually happen at Apple rather than complaining about fantasies.

        1. “Identity and gender politics are killing us.”

          Really?! Let’s do a poll of the mass-shooters of recent years and see whether they disagree or agree with your ridiculous statement. I’m guessing most of them would agree.

          What’s killing us, again?

        2. That’s ridiculous. Sounds like you’re the one who’s trying to hide in a “safe space” so you can hide from people who have historically been mistreated as they keep pushing to break down systems of inequality.
          Equal treatment isn’t pie – there’s enough for everyone. Geez.

        3. So…just by having different colour faces in the workplace makes everything better? Hire the best people…period. Why is race or gender prioritized over competence?

      1. And that is PRECISELY why Apple has a vice president for diversity.

        All humans have inherent bias (towards people who look and talk like them), but Silicon Valley is much worse, being so thoroughly dominated by dorky men, who can’t properly speak in front of women, let alone conduct an impartial, objective job interview with them.

        Diversity projects have one main task: eliminate bias in hiring, so that only the best possible talent is hired, and not just another white, Asian or Indian man, just because the boys on the interview panel could much more easily talk and relate to white, Asian or Indian men.

        Too many people here have this knee-jerk reaction when the word ‘diversity’ is mentioned, and immediately imagine some Affirmative Action-type quotas that force underrepresented minority groups over other qualified candidates. No public company has ever successfully implemented this without it being shut down by the shareholders (or boards), as any arbitrary criteria other than best qualification for the job cannot fly. Apple’s diversity policy tries to rectify this bias and as long as it doesn’t venture into the Affirmative Action territory, they should be encouraged.

        1. My folks were divorced when I was four. I was raised by a mom who also happened to be an executive in an aerospace company, and first woman president of her professions trade organization. Point is that I was raised by a very empowered woman; and a unique example of late 50s/60s woman. I just thought this was normal for women: they could do anything they wanted, like anyone else. After her passing I read through most her writings over the years and gained more perspective of just what she had to go through in terms of the decency and fairness of others to accomplish what she did; things that I just took for granted. It made me more aware that women were treated different in business, and it adjusted my mind towards these things. There IS a reality that people tend to hire people that are a reflection of themselves. It’s a natural behavior. No one, however, should be discounted based on a happenstance of birth: color, native language, gender, etc. If what Ms. Smith does is protect Apple from the insularity of homogeneous mindset, then her job is important. That said, the reality is that most companies don’t have a workforce or even a pool of employees to make this practical. Apple has thousands of employees across the globe. Makes sense for them.

        2. Pedrag:

          I live in Canada, and we are struggling with diversity. Not the right place to explain why, but read the National Post and the Globe and Mail regularly and you’ll see what we’re going through. For instance, a person was fined thousands of dollars for not taking his shoes off in a condo he owns because the tenants basically had a room as a prayer room. They filed a human rights complaint in Ontario, and won. Diversity in this case = others can impose their religion on you.

          Diversity is bullshit. It’s an excuse for people to control others and push their ideologies forward, regardless of reason. Free and open thinking is what we need, not liberal nonesense.

          Nobody has shown there is any real “bias” in hiring at companies like Apple, etc. I have not seen any data or anything else to support it. Just because there may be more white people or brown people or whatever at a place, does not mean there is bias. It can mean that those people were the best suited for the job.

          And for someone to reach the conclusion that because there are more white people working at a company, there must have been bias in the hiring, shows how “bias” the people making these statements really are. There is no data to support it. It’s effectively a racist and discriminatory accusation.

          It’s like me saying that there are too many black people in football, and there must be bias with the athletes that makes those teams. So then we should get a Diversity Lead as head of the NFL, and “eliminate the bias”, and level out the races of people.

          What this does creates EQUALITY OF OUTCOMES. This latter is what diversity is really about. Affirmative Action is one example, and it’s horsecrap because it reverse discriminates and results in the people who may be best for particular jobs not getting them.

          Now, as you say, everyone has inherent bias. So if that’s the case, then what makes you think some human being who is a Diversity Lead is not going to have bias? Right, you just shot yourself in the foot with that.

        3. Very well said.

          I had a job in the early 90s in Mississauga (actually, Streetsville) and have many great memories of life in Canada. At that point in time, I cannot remember witnessing anything that was race-related — and all races were represented in my circles of work and personal relationships. However, the complaints I hear (constantly) from friends there is exactly what you pointed out with your example of the condo owner. So sad.

        4. what makes you think some human being who is a Diversity Lead is not going to have bias? Right, you just shot yourself in the foot with that.

          That makes absolutely no sense! Of course everyone has bias. The woman being in charge of diversity programme is NOT the one hiring people. Her job is to develop policies, including proper training, so that those whose job is to hire others can overcome their own biases and hire the most competent people. She may well be a closeted racist, although that would make it quite difficult to properly do her job, but her own bias doesn’t really directly affect her own job.

          As for the owner being requested to take his shoes off, I wonder what would have happened if he was requested to take his shoes off when entering the tenants’ bedroom. Nothing religious in such a request, so if he refused, what would have been the tenants’ recourse? Could they sue? Or are they forced to allow their landlord to traipse over their bedroom floor in his street shoes?

          In most countries, tenant-landlord law has plenty of strong protections for tenants. The case may have stirred conservative outrage, but in fact, it was just a people trying to protect their tenant rights against the landlords. Much worse things have happened in USA.

      2. Thank you Denise Young for stepping in to change this part of the world. Please sign me up for diversity training, where I will be properly reformed and will love all with no diversion. I’m going down to the ER to get woodie lopped off, so I won’t have any remnant of maleness…which is abhorrent. As soon as I heal, the task before me is to become androgynous. That should take a number of months and then I’ll enter the racial reformation stage. This is all overwhelming because I can’t see all my responsibility in this, but you can count on me to do my best.

        1. Don’t forget that soon we’ll all be sent to government re-education centers if we don’t believe and support everything the state says we should.

          This isn’t paranoia. This will happen one day.

      1. OK, MDN, here is a test case for you. You have promised to enforce rules against ad hominem arguments and gratuitous invective.

        If accusing an Apple Vice President of being a prostitute doesn’t do it, what does?

        1. Hey retard, that was in regards to the “horeshit” comment. I didn’t call anyone a whore, but I definitely called you a retard. Now whine to MDN over that one.

  1. I have a novel idea, how about finding diverse group of the best qualified people regardless of their ethnicity and include them in the employee roster. Even better, let the all work on a new MacPro!

  2. As a “mexican american” this whole diversity crap has got to go. I don’t want a job given to me over someone else more qualified just because I can fit in their diversity slot. And it’s ridiculous to expect to hire equal amounts of people when there is a higher or lower percentage of various races in the united states.

        1. Thank you for your continued efforts at belittling the horrors of Nazi Germany.
          To equate people who don’t share your opinions to Nazi’s proves you’re one not to be listened to.

        2. Mr. Carpenter,

          Did you not notice that botvinnik was using a fake German accent? I didn’t bring up Nazis first. He is the one who compared Apple’s efforts at promoting diversity with totalitarianism.

          To respond to another accusation above, I did not “compare Trump supporters to Nazis.” I referred to the marchers in Charlottesville who call themselves by Nazi-euphemisms and who were chanting expressly Nazi slogans. Frankly, some of the comments on this thread sound entirely consistent with that philosophy.

          I was not “belittling the horrors of Nazi Germany,” but then again, I wasn’t the one who insisted that the marchers in Charlottesville included “many, many very good people.”

  3. The problem with many competence judgements is that they are inherently subjective. Therein lies the problem with prejudice. Many prejudiced decisions are made without anyone realizing the decision was based on prejudice.

    Malcolm Gladwell’s essay on women musicians in European symphony orchestras is a perfect example. Conductors always “pick the best musicians”. And you would think “best” is objective to a professional musician — right? Wrong. Orchestras instituted blind trials for new musicians: the conductor only got to hear the music, with the musician hidden from sight. In both cases — blinded vs open trials — the conductors’ goal was to pick the “best musician”. Except far more women musicians were selected after blind trials were instituted. This reveals quite nicely that even smart, educated professional have hidden biases and prejudices. Few, even professional musicians, might think a petit female could be a great tuba player — but after blind trials, excellent female tuba players, even petit women, were selected when virtually no women played tuba professionally in orchestras before bonded trials.

    In a business setting, Gladwell talked about how words used to favorably describe “male” behavior would not be used to describe females; similar-meaning but pejorative words would be used to describe women. For example, “goal-oriented” for males v “pushy” for females. That sort of thing. Most languages have many such word choices that mean essentially the same thing except for qualitative “coloring” of favorable/unfavorable aspects.

    It may be why many blacks get shot by police: as far as the police are concerned, the victim was a criminal. Whereas the same behavior by a white would not prejudge them as a criminal worthy of taking lethal force against.

    I am willing to bet the same thing applies to high-tech positions. By all means, pick the best people for the job. But be sure to eliminate male/European/white/middle class biases inherent in the process.

    1. Where do you get your #FakeNews?

      “Many blacks get shot by police” = black identity political myth.

      Studies show over and over that the statistics show no racial bias in police shootings. All this “Black Lives Matter” horseshit is based on a myth — a false narrative.

      1. You don’t think the 233 African-American civilians who were killed by police officers in the line of duty last year were enough? How about the 160 Hispanic-Americans?

        Non-Hispanic whites constitute 62% of the US population, but less than half of the 933 folks who died in officer-related shootings in 2016. Blacks are 12% of the population and 25% of the casualties. There have already been 766 deaths this year, with a similar ethnic breakdown.

        As several other posters have pointed out, the insidious thing about bias is that the person who is biased almost never recognizes it. Nobody is claiming that there are more than a handful of shootings in America each year where a white officer consciously shot somebody for being black.

        A shooting is marked up as justified if the officer was in reasonable fear for his life, but what if he is more likely to regard a black man as a threat than a white one, or more likely to hold fire for a comparable threat from a white civilian? Since we don’t have forensic mindreaders, we’ll never know.

        Similarly, what if a hiring committee is predisposed to regard white, Asian, and Indian men as more competent than any of the alternatives? “Competence” is a subjective judgment and is likely to favor people who look like job candidates who were successful in the past.

        When I entered America’s second largest law school in 1972, the Dean sent out press releases to brag about how our class represented the cutting edge, with more women than had ever entered any comparable program at one time before. It was unheard of for such a prestigious school to admit 15 women at once! The Dean suggested that the 85 men should be worried.

        He was the leading expert on Torts in the United States, but we were months into the semester before he called on any of the women in our class to recite a case—which is how law students learn their craft—because he thought it wouldn’t be gentlemanly to put them on the spot. Despite the brave talk, he clearly believed that men were inherently more competent and didn’t want to embarrass a little lady with her incompetence.

        We have come a long way since then, but not far enough.

        1. In this instance, the statistics just aren’t very helpful. The sad reality is that hundreds of years of systematic racially motivated economic inequity has not been rectified. The problem of crime is largely economic and the reality is that a greater percentage of non-whites live in poverty compared to whites. Hence law enforcement appears biased even when it is just responding to whatever dispatched calls they are responding.

          It should also be noted that the stupid senseless stuff that low level crimials of all races do every day is blown up into huge proportions by the media–and yes, probably even more inflated by the right wing media that caters to paranoid narrative in order to sell things like the Patriot Act, corporate ownership of the Pentagon, endless overseas wars, and other affronts to peace. But rich white guys like Madoff, most congressmen, Zuckerberg, CEOs like Weinstein, etc can do anything they like for DECADES before the law is enforced. These elite scumbags and thousands more who have evaded prosecution cause way more carnage than the idiot dope peddlers and bike thieves who fill prisons and make the daily sensational media reports.

      2. “Studies show over and over that the statistics show no racial bias in police shootings”

        This is worded rather poorly and is inaccurate at best. Statistics absolutely show a disproportionate number of shootings broken down by race. Whether racial bias (racism) was the motivating factor in the shootings isn’t reflected in any of the major credible studies.

        This is an important point on both sides. The fact is, there is a problem. The answers to the problem may be found in analyzing the racial differences in the statistics.

        To your point, it’s important not to get caught up in this as a “police are racist and that’s the cause of the shootings”, I don’t believe that’s the case at all. However, there are things that could be done to solve this problem which involve looking at the fact that race does play a part in what’s going on.

        1. I agree completely. Not only are African-Americans more likely to be shot by police, but also more likely to be shot by somebody who lives in their neighborhood. Poor people are disproportionately victimized by crime… and minorities are more likely to be poor.

          Because there are more criminals in those neighborhoods, more police go there than to low-crime areas. The increased number of police-citizen interactions in these neighborhoods is a factor in the increased number of officer-involved shootings (including ones where the officer is shot).

          As you say, it is a complicated question and I doubt that conscious racism is a major factor.

          That said, I hear of far too many episodes of what I (as somebody who served as a police legal adviser for thirty years) would regard as clearly excessive force. Many more of these involve officers (including minority officers) against minority civilians than against non-Hispanic white folk.

          I don’t think this is just Fake News or reporting bias inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. When an Australian white woman who had reported a possible rape was shot by a responding officer, it was all over the national media and almost caused an international incident. Dozens of equally egregious episodes involving blacks barely get two column inches in a local paper.

          Just this week, I watched body-cam footage on TV of somebody who was quite plainly running as fast as he could away from the officer who shot him in the back from twenty feet away. The officer is facing no charges because he claims to have been in imminent fear for his life from somebody who had a knife on his person. I have to wonder if he would have pulled the trigger on somebody who wasn’t a black man with outstanding warrants.

          This is a serious problem involving hundreds of deaths each year that will not be solved by setting us a false dichotomy in which EITHER Black Lives Matter OR Blue Lives Matter, but not both.

    2. That people are voting this down clearly shows hypocrisy, because I have no doubt that these down-voters are the ones screaming “stop this liberal crap, why not simply hire the best person for the job!”, and that is PRECISELY what these diversity programmes are meant to ensure.

      As I said above, hiring bias in Silicon Valley is much worse than anywhere else. Geeky, socially inept guys have powerful subconscious preferences over ANYONE who doesn’t look and think like them, they continue to reinforce the bias by hiring more geeky, socially inept guys over better-qualified women, gay men, black men or (tripple-whammy) black lesbian women…

      There is massive volume of research that shows how powerful this hiring bias is, which is why companies that want to get to the top (or stay on top) spend a lot of money developing diversity programmes, so that they can really get the best possible talent, rather than the best possible Indian, or Chinese, or white American guy.

  4. Hopefully I can be “the voice of reason” here in defending proper diversity hiring practices and why this person appears to be on the right track…

    Imagine a situation where you’re putting together a team of mechanics. Every mechanic when to the same training program. At that training program perhaps they focused on one tool, in which case you have a team of mechanics that only can use one tool. Or they spent an equal amount of time learning every tool, and now you have a team of people who all know a little bit about each tool, but none are specialists.

    Diversity in hiring should be both making sure there’s no discrimination (of any race, religion, etc…), and that your hiring doesn’t target any one source such that you end up building teams that all have the same backgrounds and experiences.

    Forget about the civil rights aspect for a moment, and look at studies that show increased productivity, creativity, problem solving, etc… when teams are built drawing from different sources of qualified people.

    Proper diversification is about having different sources for qualified people that bring different perspectives and experiences and not about having a team that fits a “___ walk into a bar” joke. It’s about things like not recruiting only at one campus because that’s where your team director went to.

    This is specifically why she mentions that it’s ok that “‘there can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room”.

    Note: none of this should be confused with improper diversity practices where things like quotas are in place for race, sex, religious, etc…

    1. Hopefully Denise Young Smith will actually be that voice of reason you think she is. That part you point out is good. It is also surrounded with quota info about that other kind of diversity.

      Already the quotas are being well met. Time will tell if the other actually is as well.

      1. The article and my comment aren’t at odds with the article you linked to. Not at all. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

        This, from your article sums it up nicely:
        “Difference” is a plus when it is a matter of enjoying diverse foods, music, fashion, art, and literature that enhance a central, shared, and unchanging set of values based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

        What my comment was about is how people being brought into a team should be (1) qualified and the best people (2) not be discriminated against based on race, religion, etc… this definitely means *not* excluding say white Christian males because the team is already all white Christian males (3) from as diverse sources as possible.

        The corporate equivalent of “enhance a central, shared, and unchanging set of values based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.” is absolutely a given part of my comment and the article.

  5. In a country that is 72% white, why only 56% white working at Apple?

    The writer used that number like it is high – it isn’t. It is in fact low. There’s unfortunately nothing else I can say about it without being called a low-life white male for pointing it out.

    What the article (and the crazy VP position) actually proves is that diversity and political correctness are more important than making seriously great products at today’s Apple.

      1. In WWII the S.S. hired on merit and some of their most zealous converts were women. The spy profession relied heavily on females. Codebreaking units were overwhelmingly composed of women.

        Wir haben Möglichkeiten, dich zum Reden zu bringen.

    1. In a country that is 72% white, why only 56% white working at Apple?

      That number is from the early 90s (or includes Hispanic population, which, for these purposes, clearly doesn’t fit). Today, it is more like 59%, so Apple is more-or-less inline. Considering that Apple has a disproportionate share of immigrant workforce (compared to their share in the overall US population), I would say, Apple is trying to hire not just best US talent, but best global talent.

  6. Smith’s statements were kind of moderating but I still find it hollow.

    I’m still waiting for ‘diversity Activists’ to go out and fight against lack of diversity in the NBA — 80% African American which does not reflect demographics at all.

    Are they going to say that they don’t ‘notice it’ or didn’t realize it was happening? NBA games are on TV practically every week yet NO PLACARD CARRYING PROTESTS etc. Or is it for some things they are ‘colour blind’ ?

    Diversity and inclusion folks often argue there should be more African Americans in tech schools (and thus obviously less Asians and Whites) , so I want the quid pro quo of for more diversity in the NBA etc.

    I’m being sort of sarcastic here.

    I WANT the BEST PLAYERS in the NBA , but I also want the best employees in companies, qualifications, ability not some kind of weird social engineering. Every time you social engineer you get some people disadvantaged,

    (I’ll just talk minorities to get the ‘White’ issue out of the way) :

    already it takes about 450 extra SAT points for a Chinese American to get into an Ivy League college than an African American (and they are BOTH minorities, the Chinese being even smaller with less political power). Is it fair to the asians?

    Employment stats that reflect demographics in tech companies would also be unfair to Asians (and Whites) as they make up by far the graduates in tech schools (I’m not being racist just pointing out the facts. I’ve pasted enrolment in Caltech etc before, go check it out yourself if you don’t believe me).

    but this diversity thing has little to do with ‘fairness’, it’s got to do with Political Power and right now some groups have more of it than others.

    1. the person who down voted me:

      so did you join a protest group against the racial discrimination in the NBA?

      if not then you are a hypocrite.

      give me good reasons why a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR industry like the NBA doesn’t get pressured. Note there are tens of thousands of ‘diversity and inclusion’ executives, pressure groups etc in USA yet nobody has spoken against the NBA , with the NBA staring at their faces near every week. Activists like Jesse Jackson who complained about Apple hiring is not aware of the NBA?

      it’s just HYPOCRISY and fear of POLITICAL POWER (the race which is predominant in the NBA has a LOT of it) .

      LESSON: Asian Americans shouldn’t study so hard on the SATs, see my post above (to get those extra 450 points) they should set up Political Power Groups like so many of these ‘fake’ hypocrisy laden diversity groups.

      Note recently the HISPANICS complained about their lack of attention by the Academy Awards etc, saying due to political pressure the African Americans get a lot more nominations, awards etc .. Various Hispanic media groups said they would be spending more time AGITATING (vs i suppose just trying to be good actors, producers etc —- there’s where we’ve sunk to ) ….

      Me, I just want FAIR to EVERYBODY. (policies should be fair and non discriminatory and not based on political power)

      if an Apple Executive does NOT HIRE a person WHO IS QUALIFIED due to his being a minority etc, FIRE HIS AZZ but doing these hypocritical ‘social engineering’ where somebody like the Hispanics in Hollywood, Asians in Colleges, qualified whites in industry get whacked , (i.e where I say again it’s POLITICAL POWER and really ‘fairness’ ) sticks in my craw.

      1. people still down voting.

        SO: the NBA (a multi billion dollar business) is OK because it’s hiring policies depending on TALENT and QUALIFICATIONS?

        but companies like Apple NEED TO REFLECT DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE POPULATION IN GENERAL? (as opposed to strict qualifications. So NBA is merit , Apple etc is not? )

        That’s the end argument that the down voters believe?

        If Apple reflects demographics (as many people want Apple to be) many Asians would be discriminated against as TECH SCHOOL ENROLMENT would show.


        here let me repeat that :

        This is similar to near all high end tech schools in spite of discriminatory SAT requirements etc, except for those who keep EXTREME quotas against Asians due to political pressure (i.e limit Asians to 10% or whatever. I.E your SKIN COLOUR COUNTS more than YOUR SCHOLASTIC ABILITY. This is politically correct ‘diversity’ in many schools ).

        So if Apple etc try to reflect the general population demographics qualified Asians would be discriminated against but the diversity bleeding hearts don’t care, as at the core they are NOT into justice but some sort of weird social engineering (some White folks for example have ‘White Guilt Over Slavery’ so the are all into helping African Americans but they basically don’t mind Whacking others like Asians etc to assuage their conscience . So like I said it’s all hypocrisy — if you actually look at the data like Tech grad stats – it’s all bull sh*t )

        PEOPLE IN THIS FORUM KEEP QUOTING STATS FROM ALL OVER THE PLACE (about how African Americans are discriminated against) , BUT WE ARE TALKING ‘TECH’ COMPANIES HERE and the SIMPLE TRUTH IS THAT THERE ARE VERY FEW AFRICAN AMERICAN TECH GRADS and fewer Women than Men etc . that’s just a statistical FACT. Just like statically there are very few qualified ASIAN BASKET BALL PLAYERS.
        (like as i said I’m not racist, I’m just pointing out facts)

        I’ve spoken to Asian Grads before (my girlfriend, now wife worked in a Chinese restaurant owned by her college friend who is Chinese) , Asian students laugh sarcastically about the ‘diversity’ policies in colleges , tech enrolment in companies (controlled by politically motivated ‘inclusion’ HR managers) is ‘TOTALLY RACIST’ (from THEIR asian point of view). But because they are POLITICALLY POWERLESS minority NO ONE REALLY GIVES a SHIT. (I’m sympathetic to them because what bothers me a lot is HYPOCRISY and I see a lot in the diversity inclusion folks ).

        (btw: do you now realize why so many Asians run their own businesses like restaurants, grocery stores etc…. )

        I’m going to get one starred again but that’s just the psycho social babble poppy cock we live in. The only lesson I get is that if you don’t have political power (like the Asians) you are f-ucked, they supposedly ‘diversity’ folks would happily discriminate against you and pat themselves on the back. Hypocrisy.

  7. Apple believes in hiring the best people for the job….now provide us with your gender, sexual identity, religious preference, and race or ancestry so we can properly fill our predetermined quotas.

    1. Apple is more determined to integrate social engineering rather than develop exceptional products and services. It’s all about feeling good about their ideology, not commercial success.

  8. The problem with these discussions/arguments is that most people assume they’re arguing on the basis of logic and facts, but they’re not. Leftists and rightists have developed differing strategies for survival (r/K theory) from which our political ideologies evolved. Ever wonder why some people are impervious to well reasoned arguments? It’s biology, GASP! Same goes for race/gender differences in technology hiring. IQ differences are real, behavior differences by race are real, and so is a biological explanation for political differences.

        1. …like Margaret Sanger?

          “Sanger was a proponent of negative eugenics, which aimed to improve human hereditary traits through social intervention by reducing the reproduction of those who were considered unfit.”

        2. Just because Margaret Sanger might have held racial views common in the early 20th century does not make those views any more scientifically accurate today. She did not have the benefit of modern research or even of growing up in a culture that (generally) takes racial equality for granted.

          I suppose your implication is that Planned Parenthood was founded as a Eugenics experiment to keep the lesser breeds from breeding. I think a bigger factor was that Sanger’s mother had 18 pregnancies in 22 years and died young of exhaustion.

        3. Just because Margaret Sanger might have held racial views common in the early 20th century does not make those views any more scientifically accurate today. She did not have the benefit of modern research or even of growing up in a culture that (generally) takes racial equality for granted.

          I suppose your implication is that Planned Parenthood was founded as a Eugenics experiment to keep the lesser breeds from breeding. I think a bigger factor was that Sanger’s mother had 18 pregnancies in 22 years and died young of exhaustion.

        4. You’ve probably never been a working-class woman, botvinnik.

          Imagine that you’re a 49-year-old survivor of the Potato Famine raising eleven living children after burying seven others. Further imagine that your husband (a stonecarver) can’t help out at home because he is working too hard to earn enough to feed thirteen people. Managing the household is your sole responsibility without all the modern conveniences like electric lights, potable water, indoor toilets, day care, pediatricians, and all those other luxuries.

          Apparently, you don’t think that somebody in that position could have their health so wrecked by stress and exhaustion that they die of it. After all, the current buzz is that women were made for that. Who needs birth control… or shoes?

        5. Of course, you have not provided an example of “exhaustion” as a documented cause of death, Dr. Mengele. Every comment you make is a distorted half-truth, a pusillanimous concoction of sophistry, deflection and guile.

          An apropos literary allusion to your modus operandi:
          “Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don’t listen to him. Remember that – do not listen.”
          – William Peter Blatty

  9. The left champions diversity except but not in political beliefs and in the news (main stream media). They still pine for the old days when only a few news outlets gave us our ‘non-fake’ news.

    Love watching them complain about news outlets that aren’t under the Rockefeller and Soros funded IPI branding many of them as fake news outlets.

    It’s all about control and when the left doesn’t control something, they have a tizzy.

  10. (redux) It seems few people understand the primary reason companies establish a ‘VP of diversity’ with a ‘person of color’ in that position. It’s to prevent a Jesse Jackson style shakedown. Do a search on ‘jesse jackson toyota settlement’ for just one example.

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