Analyst estimates only 40 million iPhone X units to be ready to ship by year-end

“Apple is facing problems with the production of 3-D sensors for facial recognition for its premium iPhone X that is slated for shipping early November, although it is yet unclear the impact on supply,” Debby Wu reports for Nikkei Asian Review. “iPhone X has been plagued by a number of production issues and its shipment date of Nov. 3 is much later than those of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, which are already in the market having been launched earlier this month.”

“Two executives working for iPhone suppliers told Nikkei Asian Review that 3-D sensor part makers are still struggling to reach a satisfactory level of output, and to boost their yield rate,” Wu reports. “Both sources were unable to offer clarity on whether Apple could meet large orders after iPhone X’s launch. One of the sources said that iPhone X was being churned out in small quantities, around some tens of thousands daily.”

“Jeff Pu, an analyst at Taipei-based Yuanta Investment Consulting, also identified 3-D sensors as the only major issue left in the production of iPhone X,” Wu reports. “According to Pu’s estimate, Foxconn churned out 2 million units of iPhone X in September, and in October that number should rise to 10 million. He said that Foxconn would have assembled a total of 40 million iPhone X handsets by year-end, lower than his estimate of 45 million earlier this year. ‘Supply will still be tight after Nov. 3,’ Pu said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 60 million iPhone X units shipped by Christmas wouldn’t be enough to satisfy demand. Again, good luck on preordering your iPhone X units on October 27th, everyone!

BTW, Apple and Foxconn, judging from our poll, assemble 3X as many Space Black iPhone X units as Silver!

Apple tells iPhone X component suppliers to slow down delivery, say sources – September 25, 2017
KGI: Apple iPhone X preorder demand may surpass 40-50 million units – September 25, 2017


    1. For those who remember the lean years at Apple, it would have been impossible to even imagine they would ever have the problem of “only 40 million” of anything in a quarter.

  1. Isn’t the best iPhone quarter ever just shy of 80m units? As popular as the iPhone X is likely to be assuming that they equal the best quarter then 40m would be as many as the the iPhone 8 and 8 plus combined. That’s pretty impressive. I think if Apple sold 40m at a much higher unit price they’ll be delighted. Even if total sales far exceed that 40m is still pretty impressive.

  2. So which is it, one guy says they have not started production yet, the next says they can only make 10,000 per day and now all of a sudden they have 40M

    Everyone is just looking for clicks as usual with a side of stock manipulation

  3. The REAL question is what will the split be? My card is in Apple Pay in the Store app, so I’m not concerned for getting one out of 40 million. I AM concerned in those first seconds how many will be opting for the 256G Space Gray AT&T version versus how many they will have made. WIth 20 distinct options (4 carriers, plus unlocked, so 5 x 2 color options x 2 capacities = 20), if they make them in even measure, that’s only 2 million of each.

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