Apple’s innovative iPhone X delivers screen size and resolution in a package that’s 18% smaller than iPhone 8 Plus

“If you didn’t know it before the company’s Sept. 12 hardware announcements, you should know now that Apple was not a one-man band before Steve Jobs died in 2011,” Scot Finnie writes for Computerworld. “It may have lost a little of Jobs’ showmanship, but Apple’s powerhouse design teams are still hard at work – and doing just fine, thank you.”

“To wit: The Apple design team significantly boosted pixels per inch (the specification that determines whether a display is marketed as a Retina display), resolution and screen area on the iPhone X compared to the iPhone 8 Plus. At the same time, Apple made the iPhone X’s overall size almost 18% smaller than the 8 Plus,” Finnie writes. “You don’t make that kind of technological advance in opposing directions if you’re just banging one out for the bottom line.”

“While Samsung is hawking its latest smartphone as bigger and better, Apple is doing its level best to shrink the physical form factor to as close to the ideal – the iPhone 8 – as possible,” Finnie writes. “The iPhone X is roughly 5 mm longer than the iPhone 8 and 15 mm shorter than the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X is roughly 3.5 mm wider than the iPhone 8 and 7 mm narrower than the iPhone 8 Plus. So you can see, the iPhone X is physically much closer in size to the iPhone 8 than to the iPhone 8 Plus… Apple has increased the iPhone X’s screen resolution 32% compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.”

iPhone X (Silver)
iPhone X (Silver)

“It’s not like Apple invented edge-to-edge display technology. Several other phone makers have done it. What is innovative is that Apple is doing it at the right time, using it to decrease the overall size of the device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple lost a helluva lot more than just a little showmanship when Steve Jobs died.


  1. Why is this the right time? Doing it before anyone else and it would be the right time. Doing it right after falling behind, instead of a half-baked compromise would have been better.

  2. Smaller in the pocket and same screen is very good. The one thing I dislike about my iPhone now is the home button. Applaud removal of the button and a premium phone. The amount of time I spend on a phone….an extra $150 for such a big change means nothing.

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