iPhone 8 and 8 Plus preorders go live tonight; here’s how to get your order in quickly

“It might not be immediately apparent, but the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are fantastic new smartphones,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “They debuted earlier this week in the shadow of the iPhone X, Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone that features a bold new design Apple says will steer the smartphone market for the next decade.”

“We’re still more than a month away from the iPhone X’s release, however, and even then it’s going to be a tough sell for many Apple fans. With a price tag that starts at $1,000 and aggravating supply shortages expected, even those who manage to order the phone early on in October and November might not actually receive it until December or even next year,” Epstein writes. “When they’re released next Friday, September 22nd, Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be the best iPhones the world has ever seen. That will continue to be the case for exactly six weeks until the iPhone X is released on November 3rd. Of course, there are tons of people out there in need of a new iPhone who have absolutely no interest in the iPhone X. The notch is off-putting, to put it kindly, and the thought of life without Touch ID is laughable to many users. Then there’s the $1,000+ price tag, of course.”

“First of all, preorders will be made available on Apple.com in the middle of the night tonight, at exactly 3:01 AM ET / 12:01 AM PT. At the same time, they’ll become available on every major wireless carrier website in the United States as well,” Epstein writes. “Lucky for you, we’re going to tell you about a simple little trick that will dramatically improve your chances of enjoying a smooth preorder experience: Use the App Store app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know, we’re not convinced that Apple will be overrun with iPhone 8/Plus preorders. Yes, use the App Store app, in case, but it might be an easier night than you think. In fact, Apple just might have a problem on their hands, judging by the early results of our online poll (see below). It’s early, but we expect Apple to market the living you-know-what out of the iPhone 8/Plus because, next to the iPhone X, it’s looking like a tough sell.

Current results of the poll we started earlier today:

My next iPhone will be:
• iPhone X: 72.59% (98 votes)
• iPhone 8 Plus: 11.11% (15 votes)
• iPhone 8: 5.93% (8 votes)

Granted, these are MacDailyNews readers, so you’d expect them to want the flagship iPhone, and the sample size is also very small, but we still think Apple has a lot of work to do (advertising, carrier promotions, product placement, etc.) when it comes to moving iPhone 8/Plus units.


  1. I have no problem letting early adopters test the facial recognition… Have at it. I use my phone for work and for play, I have no time for tech that doesn’t work. Also begs to ask… The resolution of the X is sooo fucking high, graphics are going to look like shit on it, almost everywhere you go that isn’t specifically made super High Res… It will be like when the first retina computers came out, even the applications looked like crap, Microsoft only recently did their Ui update, no?

    It will certainly be fun to see how powerful it is! It will be standard issue next year I’m sure..

      1. I’m sure it does Nick, but no industry is going to embrace it till it’s proven in the field and independently tested, etc etc…

        That tends to happen with new tech. Besides Apple often puts out a test model that the feedback creates incredible iterations!!!

    1. I seriously doubt this will be another Maps failure. My guess is that it will take less effort (though less time may not be the case – I can see where there could be a difference there) to set up than fingerprint ID, and will then work more smoothly and quickly, so you just go ahead and waste the time you don’t have letting the rest of us use it right off the bat.

      1. Do you feel that the quality of you life is going to be changed by this? The difference between fingerprint and facial, you really think it’s a monumental decision?!!

        Technologically, it’s a big move and that’s amazing! It will become standard soon enough 🙂

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