Read this before you buy the iPhone X through Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program

“iPhone fans looking to buy the iPhone X without having to pay for the handset upfront have many options to do so, with Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program being one of them,” Chris Smith writes for BGR.

“We already learned that the program will let you mail in your iPhone once the new iPhone X arrives on November 3rd. That’s not even the best part,” Smith writes. “Because Apple has to delay the phone until November, it means you have to pay up to two additional installments on your iPhone 7. And it turns out you’re going to get your cash back.”

“Contact Citizens One yourself to make sure the extra payments are refunded,” Smith writes. “As one Reddit user rightly points out, you don’t have to upgrade after 12 months. And you’re choosing to wait the extra two months for the iPhone X instead of opting for an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The quality of iPhone rumors this year was high. From the notch to the shipping delay, it was pretty much all there. Thanks, also to Apple, of course, for leaking firmware packed with goodies like a sieve.

Eligible iPhone leasers, contact Citizens One to make sure you’re getting any extra payments refunded.


  1. Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program may be easy and straight forward, but if you’re willing to buy an unlocked iPhone outright and sell it yourself after a year, you can have the latest and even save some money.

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