If Bain Capital bid for Toshiba succeeds, it could be Apple’s largest deal ever

“Apple Inc. is throwing its considerable weight, and $3 billion in cash, behind Bain Capital’s multibillion-dollar bid for Toshiba’s flash memory business, Bloomberg reports, citing unnamed sources,” Luke Stangel reports for The Silicon Valley Business Journal. “If true, this would mark Apple’s biggest acquisition since its 2014 purchase of Beats Electronics for $3 billion.”

“For months, Apple has quietly circled the deal, apparently in hopes of keeping the business out of the hands of San Jose-based hard drive maker Western Digital Corp. Until recently, Apple had backed a rival bid led by its main manufacturing partner, Taiwan’s Foxconn,” Stangel reports. “Toshiba’s flash memory chips are embedded in hundreds of millions of consumer electronic devices, including the iPhone. Apple wants to keep the supply of key iPhone components competitive.”

“This week, Toshiba said it planned to focus on the Bain Capital-led bid, which is rumored to be worth somewhere between $18 billion and $22 billion, with a promise of more than $1 billion in infrastructure improvements,” Stangel reports. “Toshiba hopes to agree on terms of the deal by the end of the month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Soon.

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      1. Back to my comments, none of which are reflected in your weak straw man attempt:

        Did the Dem/Lib/Progs not hysterically shriek that Bain Capital was basically the embodiment of Hell on earth led by Satan himself, Mitt Romney, centrist squish?

        Yes, of course they did.

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  2. $3B as its biggest deal in history is pathetic and this is why there is no line of sight to a $1T company; post-Jobs its only been incremental change of things a focus group of 14 year olds could have asked for and so Apple deserves its lagging market multiple; should invest in a pair of stones for the chief capital allocator Tim Cook

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