What Wall Street expects from Apple’s special event

“The biggest consumer technology product event of the year will be held Tuesday,” Tae Kim reports for CNBC.

“Wall Street firms are giddy with optimism, predicting Apple will unveil the most innovative iPhone in years during the Sept. 12 session,” Kim reports. “‘We remain bullish on Apple and continue to be in the ‘supercycle’ camp on the next iPhone, as well as its ability to drive app sales. We expect the next iPhone to include innovations that will be clearly visible, marketable, and useful for the mass-market globally,’ Macquarie Research’s Benjamin Schachter wrote in a note to clients Monday. ‘We think that with expected innovations around AR [augmented reality], wireless charging, viewable screen size, OLED [display], and more, the next iPhone is clearly poised for its largest upgrade cycle yet.'”

“The smartphone maker is one of the market’s best-performing names so far this year,” Kim reports. “Its shares have rallied 39 percent year to date through Monday versus the S&P 500’s 11 percent return.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The biggest question is not “can Apple make enough iPhone X units?” – the answer is “no” – it’s “how many months will it take for Apple to get supply and demand in balance?”


  1. They expect an extra 10 never before heard of products to be released in addition to the iPhone 8/X and all need to ship in unlimited quantities immediatly after the keynote. Anything less and apple is doomed

  2. I really hate those financial stocksuckers and their stupid predictions about Apple. Analysts saying things like how the entire stock market depends on what Apple shows at the Apple iPhone event. That is just completely retarded thinking. Do they really think any of the FANG stocks are going to be affected by what Apple does? Hardly. The FANG stocks are always being praised to stinking high heaven no matter what Apple does. Look at Boeing’s stock flying far higher than Apple stock and no one says a peep about a Boeing share price pullback. Same with profit-less Tesla.

    Wall Street has already put a gun to Tim Cook’s head and threatening to blow his head off if Apple doesn’t sell 30M iPhones in a weekend. Wall Street is made up of a bunch of sick and greedy mofos. They make me want to puke.

    Apple is just a consumer tech company trying to sell quality products to consumers. What is so wrong with that simple concept that Apple has to put up with all the accompanying BS? If consumers are happy enough buying plenty of Apple products that should certainly be more than enough to let Apple run its business in peace.

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