Apple’s next-gen iPhone names: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X

In Apple’s leaked iOS 11 GM, developer Steven Troughton-Smith has found the names of Apple’s next-gen iPhone lineup.

The successor to iPhone 7 will be “iPhone 8.”

The successor to iPhone 7 Plus’ will be “iPhone 8 Plus.”

The new OLED flagship iPhone will be “iPhone X.”

No “iPhone 7s” or “iPhone 7s Plus,” it seems. (Unless they refresh the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices and update the naming à la Apple Watch Series 1.)

MacDailyNews Take: Death to the S! FINALLY!

We’d love for it to be called “iPhone X.” — MacDailyNews, July 31, 2017

Apple, enough with the stupid iPhone ‘S’ naming already.

iPhone “S” years usher in hugely significant features, such as oleophobic displays, significant GPU improvements, world phone capability, Siri personal assistant, video stabilization, panorama photos, 64-bit processors, TD-LTE support, Touch ID, and 3D Touch, among other improvements and additions. Each year’s iPhone deserves its own number. By not doing so, Apple is shooting itself in the foot; handicapping iPhones with an “S” every other year. Why Tim Cook or Phil Schiller haven’t put an end to this stupid – yes, stupid – “S” naming is inexplicable. Why don’t you just name it “iPhone No Big Deal This Year,” Tim and Phil?

Here’s what you say onstage and in the press release when there’s no “iPhone 7s” and you jump directly from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8: “The improvements are such that the new iPhone deserves its own number.” Period. Done. Mission accomplished. It’s your naming convention, Apple, and you can correct your stupid mistake at any time. — MacDailyNews, September 16, 2015

It’s as if Apple is naming iPhone models solely for their own internal inventory purposes, just so they can keep track of which model is which, with no regard for how the iPhones are perceived by the rest of the world – the media, the customers, etc. – outside One Infinite Loop.

The “S” doesn’t stand for “Speed,” it stands for “Stupid.” Yes, we know it’s the same case design; we know the “S” version is the one you make the big margins on; we get it. Call it the “S” internally if you must, but don’t be so engineer-ish that you insist on calling it that on the box, too!

It’s not about sales figures or the model’s success (as long as “iPhone” is in the name, it will be a success), it’s about setting a tone. In this case, with the “S,” Apple sets a tone that they are just making an incremental update… Why gift the naysayers with the opportunity, Apple?MacDailyNews Take, April 5, 2013

There are plenty of numbers in the universe. Infinite, actually. Don’t worry, Apple, you won’t run out.MacDailyNews, October 4, 2011

Apple’s trademark tricks to hide the real name of next iPhone – July 31, 2017
Apple, enough with the stupid iPhone ‘S’ naming already – September 16, 2015


  1. I think we will see base storage configurations for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus begin at 64 GB, with an option for 256 GB. The iPhone X may have a 512 GB option as well.

    iPhone SE: 32 GB; 128 GB
    iPhone 8 / plus: 64 GB; 256 GB
    iPhone X: 64 GB; 256 GB; 512 GB

    1. I would prefer that the iPhone X base configuration start at 128GB with 256 and 512 as options. A premium phone should be released with premium specs.

    2. I doubt the iPhone X will come in three capacities. I think it will either come in one configuration as a TRULY high end special edition, or at most two configurations.

      1. No- it will be “Ten” not “Ex”. Just like Mac OS X = Mac OS Ten. I’ve been corrected about this at Apple stores.

        It’s “Ten” as in “10th anniversary iPhone”

        My guess is than next year they may drop the numbers altogether (like they do for Macs) or just call them iPhone 2018, since 2 years from now they will have a problem…

        1. There will of course be comparisons between the missing iPhone 9 and the missing Windows 9. Kind of odd and creepy that! But I suspect the rants will become vapourous as quickly as those regarding Windows 10, we will forget, we will not care.

          It’s only marketing kids, where reality is transient and tentative.

  2. Enthusiastic agreement!
    “Apple, enough with the stupid iPhone ‘S’ naming already.” It was super stupid. What was Apple thinking and who was responsible? I want that name so that I can ridicule him/her.

    1. This new iPhone numbering strategy is a disaster. Maybe not now, but in three years time the public will be totally confused. Apple will have to drop it and have to go to year numbers. It started with the SE, now the 8, the X. WTF!

  3. Excellent. Someone smart at Apple marketing overthrew the olde guard, allowing logic and intelligent, competitive naming to prevail.

    Happy, smiling, shiny stockholder perception will result. Watch APPL rise again. This is the effect of marketing mavens at work.

  4. I don’t know about you guys but I get really pissed off with these leaks.

    It’s like someone opening all your Christmas presents and posting them on social media the night before Christmas.

    For god’s sake, Apple, sack the lot of them that leaked this!

    From now on I think I won’t be online the week before future Apple keynotes.

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