Lots of new workouts are coming to Apple Watch

“Brazilian site iHelp Br has uncovered dozens of new workout icons in iOS 11,” Bryan Chaffin writes for The Mac Observer. “They include icons for badminton, Aussie rules football, American football, baseball, skiing, surfing, sidewalk surfing (a.k.a. skateboarding), ‘snow sports,’ paddle sports (of the water variety), pilates, bowling, and many more.”

“While they’re icons for Apple Watch, they haven’t shown up on existing Apple Watch models running the newest betas of watchOS 4,” Chaffin writes. “That led iHelp Br to speculate that they may be exclusive to Apple Watch Series 3, which Apple is expected to unveil in September.”

“What interests me is how hard this stuff is. It’s not just Apple, of course. Fitbit and a host of other companies have been working hard on fitness tracking for a while. But the whole thing is mind-boggingly hard,” Chaffin writes. “What exactly constitutes an American football workout?”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Repetitive brain trauma? Not sure how Apple Watch would monitor that though. Maybe future AirPods could somehow?

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  1. I like to see those exercises on the phone as well. I stopped working and had to out disability
    3 years ago and haven’t had extra money to buy the Apple Watch, so I think they should find a way
    to put it on my iPhone 7, that would be great. I get harassed by the exercise program enough, routines would nice.

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