How to see which apps are draining your iPhone’s battery

“Sometimes an app gets out of control and eats up your battery, even while it doesn’t seem to be active,” Charlie Sorrel writes for Cult of Mac. “Once, I had an iPad drained almost completely by a runaway instance of Skype.”

“Or you may have an app that is supposed to run in the background — a synthesizer, or another music app, for example — and you forget you left it running, draining your iPhone battery,” Sorrel writes. “Or perhaps you just want to see how much battery your various apps use.”

“In any of these cases, you can open up a Settings screen that will report which apps have used how much battery, and for how long, over the past day or week,” Sorrel writes. “It’s a very handy screen indeed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our top three currently are all-Apple: Safari, Messages, and Photos. How about you? Got any third-party battery-hogging apps?

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    1. These battery figures are measured while the apps are in use, not when suspended in the background beucase they aren’t drawing the battery. There is no need to quit iOS apps that are not misbehaving.

  1. My 3 top (in order) are Mail (24%), Messages (15%), and Waze (10%). Waze I understand from the GPS usage and all. But Mail and Messages? I send very few messages and Mail has push turned off so it only runs when I launch it to retrieve new emails. Geez.

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