Tim Bajarin: Why I hope iPhone 8 includes facial recognition

“Rumors suggest Apple is having trouble getting Touch ID to work underneath a glass screen and instead might use facial recognition on iPhone 8,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “I hope this is true; I consider it to be the easiest and best way to authenticate a person on mobile.”

“While using a thumbprint or password is not a big obstacle when accessing a secure device, it still adds at least one or two steps to the sign-in process,” Bajarin writes. “I see facial recognition or iris scanning as the next really big technology that will see mass adoption.”

Bajarin writes, “Should Apple add it to the newest iPhones, adoption rate across all devices will accelerate.”

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  1. The cure for having trouble with Touch ID under glass is to NOT put it under glass.
    I do not want face recognition unless it can be turned off.

    Face ID could be used by law enforcement to force you to unlock your phone against your will. They cannot do that with a password.

  2. I had an ex girlfriend once watch and memorized my passcode. She accessed my phone while I was asleep.

    With facial recognition, would she have been able to hold my phone up to my face while I was asleep to unlock my phone?

    Needless to say, I go in some trouble 🙂

    1. While not everyone is worried about a snooping spouse/partner scenario, having someone unlock your phone by holding it up to your face is a legitimate security concern. I would always prefer TouchID to facial recognition, and since the former is an explicit gesture I don’t see how it could be fully replaced by the latter.

  3. Forbes and other doom and gloom on Apple publications are all over Apple’s “failures”. Rubbish.

    This was likely Apple’s planned next step, once the technology got there. And it got there this year.

    And I know Apple will have safeguards in place.

  4. What no one is saying is that facial recognition is depth perception, which means that AR will work on the front-facing camera with infrared and the back-facing camera with the dual lenses. This doubles the use-case for AR and will make face-driven and face-led apps incredible (i.e. ones that read emotions, track expressions, link real expressions of the user to displayed expressions on an Avatar, etc.)

  5. Bajarin needs to tell that to Andy Hargreaves how not everyone is skeptical of some new tech enough to stop them from buying iPhones in any significant numbers. It’s as though Apple can only make changes in certain things otherwise consumers will shy away from iPhones every time Apple changes to some new tech. Either consumers want to see changes made or they don’t. They can’t have it both ways.

  6. Facial recognition combined with a fingerprint sensor (on a side-mounted button) would resolve most of the unauthorized authentication issues (i.e. cop / girlfriend / etc). I wouldn’t put it past to have this sort of “two-factor biometric” unlock scheme.

  7. The ideal is real multi factor verification when logging in.

    1) Something You Are (fingerprint, face…)
    2) Something You Have (one-time password key, dongle…)
    3) Something You Know (password, birthday…)

    Requiring ALL THREE is the safest security. Sadly, Apple only requires ONE, except after reboot on iOS devices. Apple also defaults to a wimpy 4-6 digit number as a password. 😛

    Apple of course is sticking with user-friendliness when logging in. Security is consistently in contention with convenience. I’d prefer at least the opportunity to use all three factors.

  8. Always wear a mask all of the time so that when a cop wants to access your Apple device using your face simply remove your self-destructing mask. Voila! Cop is thwarted.

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