Apple Retail Stores are saving many shopping malls from death

“Apple users head to their local mall’s Apple Store, owned by Apple Inc., with their iPhone or laptop in tow for service or to take a course,” Michelle Lodge writes for TheStreet. “Then while waiting for repairs or on the way in or out of the mall, they may stop at a Nordstrom and drop $300 on a shirt or look at a loveseat at a Brookstone for about $200.”

“The mall trip could also mean picking up makeup at MAC, owned by Estee Lauder Companies Inc., or maybe even dinner at P.F. Chang’s,” Lodge writes. “$Ka-ching, $ka-ching, $ka-ching.”

“Apple Stores turn out to be very good neighbors, and have become the new mall anchor store, a role once held by department stores, because they draw lots of foot traffic, which also benefits the smaller stores,” Lodge writes. “‘An Apple Store in a mall is equivalent to staying alive at a mall,’ [says Loup Ventures partner Gene Munster]… ‘Apple Stores are a landlord’s dream tenant,’ said Robin Abrams, a commercial real estate executive in New York City. ‘It’s guaranteed that Apple is going to bring traffic.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we noted back in 2015:

A growing number of malls are actually paying Apple to build a store in theirs.

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  1. Well, looks like the Mall of America will have a long and healthy life then. Not only does it have an Apple Store, but it’s also the largest mall in the country! It even has an indoor amusement park! ( Yes, it’s Nickelodeon themed, but it’s still good from what I hear) So yes, Apple Stores do help, but it also doesn’t hurt being a major tourist attraction that people from around the world visit.

    1. And the last time I was there I counted 3 cops with bomb-sniffing dogs, along with approx 7 other uniformed police officers patrolling the mall. These were fully armed police, not “mall cops” running around…..On the lookout of muslim terrorists….

      I’ll pass

    2. Mall of America is a really bad place to be. Too many “Urban” youth hanging out and causing problems for shoppers.

      Nobody seems willing to call it like it really is.

    3. Mall of Murrikkuh is built on the grounds of an old Ballpark. Northworst Airlines used to make extra flights from their hubs during the X-Mas/Festivus Holiday (take that Trump). Do not know if that is going on since the Delta takeover.

      As to the article, there is no shirt on this planet worth $300 bucks if Gawd herself made it by hand.

      What I see at Saddle Creek is people going in to the Apple Store, getting what they came for, getting back in their car and going somewhere else, but it is an outdoor mall.

  2. ” Apple Stores do help, but it also doesn’t hurt being a major tourist attraction that people from around the world visit.”. Apple is loved from all over the world, the stores are always packed with people, except analysts and Wall Street.

  3. Well, it’s certainly not the Windows stores. After a crowded and steamy visit to my Apple store. I could hardly move and to get a staff member to let me buy something took serious time. I walked out past the Windows store were there were 7 or 8 staff and maybe 11 browsers. So sad.

    1. I’m amused to note that we have a small brigade of Apple haters around here lately, as evidenced by the *Ding*bat behavior.

      Hey trolls! We don’t care. We never have. We know what we like and what we like is the best tech, no matter who makes it. And darn, that great tech is still not Microsoft. HaHa!


  4. Something I’ll never understand is how exposed shopping centers (even with an Apple store) made a comeback over malls the past couple of decades. Who in their right mind wants to wander from store to store in the rain, sleet, cold and snow, or blazing sun of the south, southeast, and southwest?

    That’s some brain damaged (probably from sunstroke) thinking right there.

  5. I’ve heard that Apple is offered free rent on a regular basis, even at huge successful malls.

    Funny how that works. It’s like a rich & famous celebrity… Who now gets everything for free.

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