The Trump administration asked Apple, Google and other tech giants to help upgrade government tech

“The White House has asked the likes of Apple, Amazon, Oracle and Qualcomm to lend some of their digital expertise to Washington, D.C. in the coming months to help the Trump administration rethink the way that federal agencies use technology,” Tony Romm reports for Recode.

“On a private call with those and other major tech companies Thursday, top advisers to the president, including Jared Kushner, announced the White House would be forming small ‘centers of excellence,’ teams focused on reducing regulation while trying to get federal agencies to embrace cloud computing and make more of their data available for private-sector use, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter,” Romm reports. “As part of those centers, Kushner and his aides with the Office of American Innovation asked the tech industry for its help — potentially through a system where leading tech engineers can do brief ‘tours of duty’ advising the U.S. government on some of its digital challenges.”

“The huddle marks the next step for Kushner’s effort to modernize government after Trump convened the chief executives of Apple, Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley staples at the White House in June,” Romm reports. “Two months later, those leaders’ representatives joined a Thursday call with the White House, as did officials from Apple, Google, IBM, Intel, Mastercard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, sources said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In June, Chris Liddell, director of strategic initiatives for the Trump administration, told CNBC that the government has more than 6,000 data centers and spends $86 billion a year on technology, figures that are “orders of magnitude” higher than the private-market equivalents.

The waste is simply appalling. Where is that $86 billion annually going, exactly? And, most importantly, to what lengths will those receiving those billions go in order to keep the appalling spigot flowing?

Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. — Ronald Reagan

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    1. Google to assist in the upgrade…kind of like the smiling old man with a long coat asking the little kid to get in the car for some candy. Of course they’d like to assist. Apple and Oracle…I’d embrace.

      1. Well, that is precisely the issue. Such wonderful naiveté on the party of the White House in asking the biggest companies in the US to come and advise the Government on IT solutions. They will offer their own solutions and end up shutting out small business entirely.

  1. Tim Cook is the enemy of the Republic, he is the enemy of free speech. He is the enemy of the sovereignty of the United States. He is the enemy of the Bill of RIghts.

    He is my enemy, and all those who support his treason.

    1. You just make me like Tim Cook even more, botvinnik.

      People like *you* are the enemy, botvinnik. You call other people haters, but few people can match your mindless vitriol. I have to wonder what MDN did to deserve you, the tenth level of hell.

  2. Well, wasn’t Obama supposed to be the “technology POTUS” or something because he used a Blackberry? We can’t do worse as nothing changed.
    And yes, I do know that because I have family in numerous places in the Fed Gov’t.
    It’s not a knock on Obama, but the assumptions made/proclaimed. We’re using “tech” that’s in some places, decades out of date…

    1. • Oracle of profoundly poor Internet Java security fame.
      • Oracle who took over the OpenOffice project and let it rot into junkware.
      • Oracle of consistently cruddy coding software fame.

      Side question: Why hasn’t SQL been shot, killed, buried and forgotten by now? It’s a zombie that’s guaranteed to turn on its coders and users, then eat their brains.

      1. What is Larry Ellison doing these days? Remind me why Steve Jobs and Ellison were buddies? How could Steve respect someone who presides over such schlockery?

  3. “I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf,…”

    The great Trump scam continues taking all of Obamas work and driving this country off a cliff. Republicans will rue the day…

  4. The 17 US spy agencies making up the US National Security Police Spy Apparatus skim up to 10% from the top of each gov. department’s annual budget. That money goes to all kinds of black budgets, from space stuff to super secret gov. bunkers so extensive it astounds.

    Trump likely will not cut out this waste as it would collapse the hidden gov. It has all kinds of blackmail data on US Congress members and all workers in the US gov. and blackmails them should any want to do good and rebel against it by even thinking to introduce legislation to cut out that very lucrative corruption.

    1. Having observed how governments around the world tackle issues like this, one common mistake is for a government ( or large corporation ) to assume that it will be a one-off budget item – once you have paid for the computers and software, the job is done.

      The rest of us know that you also need to arrange a sizeable on-going budget for support, enhancements, maintenance and scheduled replacements. Those subsequent costs can be very significant and are an important element of the “total cost of ownership”, which most of us are familiar with when comparing the costs of Macs to PCs, or when pondering whether to buy cheap tools or durable tools.

      It’s that follow-on budget which tends to get squeezed and without the resources to keep the original computer systems working effectively, those systems start failing to do what they were supposed to do.

      1. √ I’m finding this is, at last, becoming a prominent discussion in the community. Then there’s the avoided discussion of how exactly a company spends all the required money for up-to-date hardware and qualified competent staff, but the executives ignore the exploitation warnings from both the hardware and staff. The ExecuTard Syndrome. Education and competence and comprehension has to migrate up to the top.

        Oh, hello Target!
        Their ExecuTard got the boot.

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