Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective buying The Atlantic

“Emerson Collective, the organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs, has agreed to acquire a majority stake in The Atlantic magazine, with full ownership possible in the coming years,” Sydney Ember reports for The New York Times.

“David G. Bradley, chairman of Atlantic Media, will retain a minority stake and intends to continue running the magazine for the next three to five years. After that, Emerson Collective may purchase Mr. Bradley’s remaining interest,” Ember reports. “‘While I will stay at the helm some years, the most consequential decision of my career now is behind me: Who next will take stewardship of this 160-year-old national treasure?’ Mr. Bradley, 64, wrote in a note to employees. ‘To me, the answer, in the form of Laurene, feels incomparably right.”'”

“Mr. Bradley will continue to fully own the rest of Atlantic Media’s properties, which include the National Journal Group and the digital media organization Quartz,” Ember reports. “Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.”

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MacDailyNews Note: “In a statement, Powell Jobs noted that Ralph Waldo Emerson, a co-founder of The Atlantic, inspired the name and the mission of her organization,” Gillian B. White reports for The Atlantic. “She praised The Atlantic for the breadth and scope of its purpose: to ‘bring about equality for all people; to illuminate and defend the American idea; to celebrate American culture and literature; and to cover our marvelous, and sometimes messy, democratic experiment.'”

“Powell Jobs (53), the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, founded Emerson Collective in 2004. The organization, based in Palo Alto, California, invests in both nonprofit and entrepreneurial efforts to bring about immigration and education reform, and is focused on a host of other issues as well,” White reports. “Emerson Collective also has significant investments in media, from movie-production companies such as Anonymous Content to start-ups such as The California Sunday Magazine. The organization has also provided support to several nonprofit journalism outlets, including the Marshall Project and ProPublica.”

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    1. Enjoying that Repeal & Replace Trump and the GOP have promised for Day One? It is as dead as Princess Di.

      Fake News Outlets:
      Weekly Standard
      National Review
      Fox News
      Rush Limbaugh
      Sean Hannity
      Michael Savage
      and others.

      NYT and WaPo are corporate- not liberal. Same for ABC. NBC. CBS, CNN, MSNBC.

      Liberal would be Mother Jones, The Nation, Free Speech TV, Democracy Now, Ring of Fire, The Majority Report, Thom Hartmann Program, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, David Packman Show, etc.

      1. There is no difference between Traitor John McCain and Chuck Schemer…ObamaCare WILL be repealed, personally, I don’t give a f if it’s replaced. You jackasses keep underestimating Trump and then you have to eat crow every effin’ time.

            1. The ACA is here to say until Medicare For All. That will be the only Repeal and Replace you will ever see.
              The GOP has overreached again, which is why they will probably lose control of one or both houses next year. Then Trump will have nobody to play with.

            2. I predicted nothing for Shillary. I voted for Gary Johnson and am an Independent- the people who tend to decide elections. We know who you always vote for.

              Gotta leave for work now. I highly recommend work- Trump could use a job until he gets one in Prison. I’ll be taking care of some of the sick people Trump, Pence, Ryan and McConnell tried to throw under the bus last night.

              P.S. repeat after me:
              The ACA is here to stay, cause Trumplethinskin lost again.
              Undone by women and one man, who was a hero in Vietnam.

              And all the Dems and Bernie too, who told Trump that his dream was through.
              America was always great, despite the rankings of ingrates,
              Like Trump and Pence, Ryan, McConnell.
              They all should go work at McDonald’s

            3. ObamaScare WILL be repealed, either it collapses on its own (which it was designed to) or it will be done eventually through congress. The vote of one lone traitor will not stop the mandate of the American people.

            4. Botjackass. Your party wasted 7 years whining about the ACA and in all that time they couldn’t do anything. Voters gave them a chance to make all the promised improvements and your xenophobic isolationist heartless greedy party still couldn’t figure out what to do. The problem is twofold: Trump is a blowhard with zero government experience and zero ability to learn. Second, McConnell is a corrupt partisan hack that looks for his own election coffers first, and the American people last.

              You are the loser botvinnik. You were stupid enough to support these clowns.

              How are All those campaign promises working out for ya?

              Trump is running out of people to throw under the bus. Who’s next, botvinnik?

            5. “I voted for Gary Johnson and am an Independent- the people who tend to decide elections.”

              Funniest thing I’ve read all day, which says a lot coming on Failure Friday.

    2. The Atlantic Monthly is an excellent magazine. The Washington Post is, too; it is better under Bezos than it was before he bought it. He obviously injected capital into a tired, old newspaper and supports his journalists to do what they are supposed to do: report the news. Many other magazines are also doing good journalistic work these days, including the The New Yorker. Check out the below story, for example.

      How Jared Kushner Helped the Russians Get Inside Access to the Trump Campaign. The New Yorker

      If you read Jared Kushner’s statement to congressional committees looking for evidence of a crime, there isn’t much there. But if you read it from the perspective of the Russians trying to gain a toehold—or more—inside the Trump campaign, you realize how easy he made it for them. As the evidence mounted last year that the Russian government launched an unprecedented hacking and influence campaign to affect the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor, the Trump team, including Kushner, became… Read the full story

      Shared from Apple News

  1. Liberal buys leftist rag.

    Big surprise. First Bezos with The Washington Post, now Laurene with Steve’s money.

    It’s too late, though: The Internet has broken the Libs ability to shape public opinion via ownership and leftist/statist corruption of mainstream media outlets.

    1. Thanks to the Internet, Trump supporters have the ability to avoid any exposure to actual facts or independent opinion. They can continue in their comfortable illusion that authoritarianism is somehow consistent with real conservatism. It reminds me of the difficult, but not impossible act of self-love, that Mr. Scaramucci attributed to Mr. Bannon.

    2. So true! Instead now we have the amazing spectacle of right-wingers praising the virtues of Russia and its president-forever, all because of the insanity promoted by fox news, rush limbaugh, and other people who advocate for the destruction of this country by loud, fake patriotism. Sorta like Pat Robertson is destroying christianity every way he can with his venal version of religion. I can just imagine how all you right-wingers would have reacted had Obama pulled the same stunts the President of the Electoral College is pulling. Hypocrisy to the max.

    3. Compared to a partisan hack like you on the extreme right fringe, well past sane reasonable positions, we are all lefties. Still most people consider me conservative. There is no reality based, fiscally responsible party now though. People like you turned it into a reality tv drama.

  2. Good for her. It’s her money, she can do as she pleases with it. I may not agree with her (or Steve’s) politics, but my politics claim that she has the right to spend her money as she pleases and speak whatever opinion she pleases (even if I disagree with it).

  3. At least The Atlantic was not sold to an autocrat or to a strict corporate unionist.

    Lauren does not support Single Payer so she’s not a Sanders-style Progressive; She’s rather a NeoLib like Hillary, in my opinion, to whose campaign she donated. A NeoLib has a close affinity to a NeoCon: Both support worldwide economic colonialism which requires nearly unlimited expenditures in defense of shipping lanes and in tamping down democratic aspirations in affected nations. This requires a comparable growth of spy regimes (the 17 spy agencies), regime change, economic disparity between rich and poor, blaming the poor for being poor, crediting the wealthy for being wise, Wall St. policies, and corporte unions. The bad things about Corporate unions are their push for more Constitutional rights, their assertions now law that money is speech and their right to author anti-worker union laws as well as donate nearly unlimited amount of funds in political campaigns. Both disfavor worker unions and even Steve deplored them. All this is in support of the growing kakistocratic oligarchy.

    While Lauren may not transform The Atlantic in this way, and her politics are mostly good, they still fit into the NeoLib/NeoCon mold which is good for aspiring oligarchs but ultimately not good for the US nor for the its world-wide economic and political partners.

    1. Ms Jobs is the classic Limousine Liberal- a child of the upper middle class who is now very wealthy and has spent her entire adult life in a bubble of wealth and access. She is plainly clueless as to what the lives of most working Americans are like.

      They are well intentioned, but think success in one area means you are smart about everything, yet the world is not Palo Alto. They like Republican economics and Democratic social tolerance, but are uncomfortable in either party. They are very polite until called on their bullshit.

      An article this week showed a family working a Facebook- both husband and wife with kids- living in Mom & Dad’s garage because they do not get the perks and wages as contract employees at Facebook. This while Mark Zuckerberg is going to fix the rest of the world. That is the hypocrisy of the Limousine Liberal and why Conservatives and Progressives both dislike them. Alice Walton of Wal-Mart money is the same thing- she has been meddling in Charter Schools as the panacea to everything for a very long time. There are more than space allows.

      When anyone wants to fix the world but will not eat their own dog food you know something is wrong in paradise.

  4. “In a statement, Powell Jobs noted that Ralph Waldo Emerson, a co-founder of The Atlantic, inspired the name and the mission of her organization,”

    Ah… that makes sense. I always wondered why it was the Emerson Collective as opposed to the Waverly Collective.

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