Woz: Apple’s iPhones are priced very high because they are worth it

“Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak defended the high price tag of iPhones, which is rumored to cost $1,200 for the upcoming 10th anniversary model, because the quality is so good and ‘a safe bet,'” Seung Lee reports for The Mercury News.

“‘Apple products are safe. And Apple’s pricing is high in the extreme,’ said Wozniak to South China Morning Post reporters on Wednesday,” Lee reports. “‘It’s a safe bet for a lot of people, and when you love Apple you are willing to pay for it,’ [Wozniak said].”

Steve Wozniak (photo: Jonathan Alcorn)
Steve Wozniak (photo: Jonathan Alcorn)
Lee reports, “Wozniak, who co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Jobs, was in Guangdong Province in south China for a technology forum. He spoke about artificial intelligence with Liu Zihong, CEO of Royole, a flexible display manufacturer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone. It’s just an iPhone wannabe.

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  1. Its Ungraceful and Disgraceful of Apple not to name a structure in the new campus in his name.
    There would not have been an Apple corp without Woz and Steve.

        1. Yes .. i thought given the article it would be obvious im taking about Woz..

          Structure .. walkways .. etc
          something that honors him as one of the founders of Apple..
          Not just recognize Steve!

          1. PS.. please correct me if im wrong..
            Arent walkways also a type of stucture?

            In anycase
            A while ago i brought this up on another Article here..

            Prardom me for not remembering the users id name..
            But someone responded with the suggestion of walkways and called them
            ” WOZ-WAYs”

            I think it is such cool name.

            Tim ….?!?

          2. I agree, but the distinction might be that Steve Jobs is dead, while Steve Wozniak is still alive. Some institutions only name buildings after people as a memorial to them. That may be the case here.

            1. But… people dont need to be dead to be honored…
              They are honoring Steve, they should Honor Woz too …. not wait … …imo… not doing so Now is ungracious to Woz.

  2. First yes Woz should have an engineering pulling named for him at the new campus.

    Second Woz you been rich to long and have forgotten the struggles of your youth, when you wanted tech but just couldn’t afford it so you designer it and wanted to give it away. What happened to the good old Woz.

  3. Why is this guy still living under the shadows of Apple’s history???

    those too expensive products really worth it??? Really?

    He is the one that buys expensive gadgets everyday as he would be buying food at the supermarket, and weeks later he gets bored and trash them!

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