Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils new emoji, including breastfeeding mom, hijab, blue genie, and more

“You can say a lot with an emoji — and you’ll soon be able to say even more,” Samantha Murphy Kelly reports for CNN. “Apple announced a collection of new emoji characters coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS later this year. The news coincides with World Emoji Day,”

“While there’s a handful of playful options — from a coconut and a sandwich to a ‘mind blown’ emoji — several feature more inclusive roles for women, such as one wearing a headscarf and another breastfeeding,” Kelly reports. “Apple teased more than a dozen new emoji, including a genie, t-rex, yoga master, zebra, elf and a zombie. There’s also a starstruck emoji and one throwing up green vomit.”

“The emoji are Apple’s interpretation of 69 new symbols approved this year by the Unicode Consortium,” Kelly reports. “The Unicode Consortium has dramatically increased the number of official emoji in recent years. It has approved 2,666 emoji as of June, up from 722 just two years ago.”

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MacDailyNews Take:
Apple's mind-blowing emoji


    1. Apple have emoji buried in the System:

      So it might not be a good idea to disable them inside your Mac.

      I suppose you could set up your own Style sheet (CSS) inside your browser that substitutes emoji with something else.

  1. This is what Tim Cook’s Apple cares about today? How about MacPros? How about delivery Mr. Supply Chain genius of iPhone X at launch.

    Emojis are politically correct, unfortunately. I’m still waiting for what most people care about. Whitetail deer, trout, largemouth bass, Boy Scouts, camouflage, military, and could go on …

      1. Most people don’t care about any of the emojis. I for one don’t. I could count on one hand the different ones I’ve used. Pretty sad that we feel so lazy that we need to use pictures instead of actually typing out words. Heaven forbid we should know how to actually read.

      2. Oh, so just because you don’t care now the rest of planet Earth does not care? I don’t think so. Flyover country deserves just as much Apple love as liberal la la land. As Steve reminded us probably half of Apple customers are Republicans. Their money is the same as yours …

    1. Maybe most folks that care about those things would rather not spend time in a forum of intellectuals discussing the merits of emoji, proposing updates and would rather, you know, be out there hunting. And they don’t care one way or another what emoji is approved because if they want you to know about the bass they caught, they’d SEND A PICTURE!

      Really, would anyone TRULY interested in those things be the LEAST bit concerned about whether or not they appear in emoji? Really?

      1. “forum of intellectuals?” HA! That’s a good one. Exhibit A: CitizenX. 😆

        While I get your alternative drift it is a little too elitist and snobby for my taste.

        To set you on the right path so you are not Wrong Again, I’ve been out there hunting, fishing, backpacking, kayaking, et. AL (Predrag bait) year round and my six digit circle of friends, as well.

        We all NOTICED the lack of everyday emojis for everyday people. And while we do send pictures after adventures — planning trips and get togethers an appropriate emoji fills the void and would fire us up.

        Bottom line: Really, I do know many that would use emojis that fill their needs other than Apple currently offers. A squirt gun?!? PUHLEEZE … 🔫

  2. I somewhat find it hard to believe that adults are interested in emojis. There’s nothing wrong with liking emojis but I find it somewhat surprising. I figured it would be something that children would enjoy but I figured adults wouldn’t care about them. I’ve only used them as avatars but never used them in texts. I do admit that colorful emojis are a lot nicer than using those old-school punctuation marks.

    1. Only SJW’s care about emoji, that includes the ones wanting to see more guns represented. “Oh no, my point of view is being left out! Who will think of the catfish noodlers?”

    2. I enjoy the expressions of snark possible with emoji. I recall with rapture the creation of my Apple Bear Bullshit emoji sequence:

      For obsessives who want to know MORE about the new 69, they were announced back in March. Here’s Business Insider’s thorough analysis of ALL of them, with illustrations. You’ll note that Apple’s aren’t particularly different from the source candidate illustrations:

      My favorite: Woman in a Steamy Room.
      Business Insider’s favorite: Pretzel. Yuck.

  3. So great to know Apple is putting resources into innovating where it counts. :/ I really do not want or need to know that at the moment someone is breastfeeding, and only dumbass Americans think the hijab is representative of anything liberating (my wife is from one of those countries, and trust me, her entire family is happy to be away from all that sh*t). I have resisted saying it, but I think it’s time to replace Tim Cook. I don’t think he ever had possession of the plot in the first place.

  4. Apple, please stop waiting you time and resources making these stupid icons & put you time back into great products. It’s like you’ve run out of ideas & are trying everything to keep your name in the news.

    1. Not supporting these would be like not supporting the letter “j”. It’s in the Unicode standard now. As long as Unicode wants to assert its relevance yearly, ALL companies that have ANYTHING to do with type are going to have to play this game.

    1. First if all, anyone that needs an emoji to ‘acurately identify themselves’ has got bigger problems (like growing up). Secondly, if they are going to support dehumanizing regimes, they better throw the swastika and iron cross in there too. :/

      1. Seriously? Emoji as self-identification? Or do you mean using them to express one’s self? I just stick with avatar images I’ve found or fixed up for the purpose.

        I relate to your comment about ‘dehumanizing regimes’. I’m particularly concerned and sensitive to the abuse of women within certain regimes/ religions/ cultures/ work environments . . .

        It would be interesting to toss the counter-clockwise (‘left-facing’) sauwastika into the emoji mix. It would no doubt confuse and upset many people.

        The name Swastika comes from Sanskrit (Devanagari: स्वस्तिक), and denotes a “conducive to well being or auspicious”.

        Kind of sad the Nazis stole it for their symbol.

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