Woman uses iMac desktop on moving commuter train

“For many people, especially those in New York right now dealing with various public transportation nightmares, traveling by train can be an excruciating experience,” Lauren Messman reports for Vice. “The threat of train derailments, delays, or stumbling upon a gruesome wildlife scene can become even more unbearable when you’re also lugging around 35 pounds of luggage.”

“But not for one heroic woman in the UK who upgraded her train experience by setting up her very own home office in a moving car, an act that caught the attention of a few fellow (possibly jealous) passengers,” Messman reports. “On Tuesday, Austin, Texas, native David Hill snapped a picture of the ambitious mystery woman on his Virgin London-bound train, who, rather than pull out a laptop, set up a full desktop iMac, complete with mouse and keyboard.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wha?

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  1. That’s a 1st Class compartment and the Virgin ‘Pendalino’ trains are long distance (200-400 miles)(yeah, I know), from Liverpool-London, Glasgow-London or Edinburgh-London).

    Taking your iMac? That’s luxury!!!

    1. Not sure about the UK but in Japan the luxury/green cars on the Express trains (shinkansen) have power outlets available for use by passengers.

    2. Many UK trains have power sockets by the seats. They are also often found on buses and coaches and free WiFi is commonly offered too. I often travel from Oxford to London by coach ( £14 return fare for 60 mile journey ) and each seat has a mains socket and a USB power outlet, although the USB outlets are proving to be fragile and unreliable. Our local buses running between towns also offer WiFi and charging points.

      1. These days, I bring my own USB battery power source. Hacking USB is dirt easy these days, making public USB ports fairly dangerous.

        I also bring a small surge protector to use when connecting to any mains power.

          1. I recently read about ‘USB Condoms’. (I think Steve Gibson starting using the term in 2015). Inexpensive. Useful, if you’re traveling and use random USB sources for power wherever you are:

            PortaPow Fast Charge + Data Block USB Adaptor with SmartCharge Chip (2 Pack)

            $8 ea. $13 for 2. Further discounts for lots up to 50.

            The most current USB attack of computers is via e-cigarettes/vape-pens. They can be physically hacked to add a chip that communicates with computers. Charge them up via a computer’s USB port, they infect and pwn it. Computer cancer. Yet another reason to avoid nicotine addiction. 🤢😵💀

            It’s Possible (and Fairly Easy) to Hack a PC With a Vape Pen
            Researchers are warning that e-cigarettes can be modified, without a ton of effort, to infect a victim’s PC with malware.

  2. Perhaps she was relocating..one way trip..and was like “what the hell..why not” while simultaneously preventing baggage handlers from cracking the screen while tossing it into the luggage bay. This is a real train..not a subway.

  3. In the dark days when Microsoft ruled the earth,before the 10 lb Mac Portable existed, people like myself used to lug our Mac SE around in a big padded case. With all the stuff you’d put in, that easily weighed 20 lbs, and you lugged it on your shoulder! I used to lug it onto a train from Beijing to Hong Kong and back quite regularly. That’s 30+ hrs one-way! And the power fluctuations would make the power supply sing in agony. Closest I came to doing what that lady did was to plug my SE in while waiting for a flight. Can you imagine how few outlets there were back then? At least no smartphones , so no fighting for the few outlets. Those were the days.

    1. Yup, I remember those days. It was late 80’s and I personally could not afford any computer at the time but my lawyer friends were lugging those Mac Plus or SE around. Quite frequent scenes.
      Some decades later, my laptop went pong just before I was going to leave for an out of town trip, and I had no hesitation to pack up a set of Mac Mini with Apple magic keyboard, mouse and a cheap 21″ Phillips monitor. It was not as bad as I initially was afraid of.

    2. Ahem…
      The original Mac Portable was 16+ pounds with its lead-acid battery — almost the same weight as a Mac Plus. It was just in a smaller, somewhat more portable form factor. We used to call it (and the Mac Plus and the Mac SE) “luggables” back then.

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