Early exposure to Apple’s macOS High Sierra public beta

“With the release of the public beta, it appeared that Apple felt it was safe enough for the unwashed masses to try,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “So I backed up my MacBook Pro’s data, downloaded the latest beta, and prepared for the upgrade.”

“The first step of the setup process was to switch the file system. This is one of the most important features of High Sierra, as Apple completes the migration from its aging file system, HFS+, to APFS (for Apple File System),” Steinberg writes. “After reportedly flirting with other possibilities, Apple decided to do its own replacement for HFS+. APFS is more secure, offers better protection from directory damage and, among other things, may deliver improved read/write speeds, particularly on solid stage storage devices.”

“when you launch the High Sierra installer, the first part of the process is to make the APFS switch before installing the new OS. On my MacBook Pro, it took about 55 minutes before it restarted and proceeded through a normal setup process,” Steinberg writes. “Yes normal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: APFS everywhere!


  1. My concern re HS is legacy 32 bit apps – a full install of Adobe CS 4 that requires Java RTE, MS Office 2011 and ColdFusion for db development. All will bite the dust with HS, so HS is a non-starter for me. Seems Office 2011 is incompatible with APFS, and Apple is determined to see off Java – but until I can run CS4 and ColdFusion, HS is not an option.

    1. If you are depending on a software platform from 2008, you have bigger problems than weather or not you should be trying to use an OS that’s almost a decade along.

    2. Stupid Adobe consistently drags its feet when Apple jumps to the next leading edge. I’d gladly go over the history that proves my point. So be ready.

      IOW: If you use Adobe for a living, carefully check out the consequences of macOS 10.13 before updating to it.

    3. You’re complaining about having issues with Adobe CS4??? Uh hmm how can I say this delicately… are you fucking crazy? CS4 came out in 2008, 11 years ago. You certainly can’t expect technology to handicap themselves for people running software that’s over a decade old?!?!

  2. Anyone one else having trouble charging the iPad and iPhone with the new Mac OS? It keeps telling me I am not using a Mac charger. Rep lug a few times and it starts charging. No problem before loading the new system.

    1. There seems to be a real issue there. Mobile devices seem confused about the provenance of the charging devices. Even different flavours of electrical outlet seem to scare my iPad. iOS and macOS, separated at birth and still trying hard to reconnect. Scott, can you help out here?

  3. it appeared that Apple felt it was safe enough for the unwashed masses to try

    NO! Expect betaware to crash and burn. 💥🔥
    BACK UP EVERYTHING before attempting beta anything.
    Beta software, by definition, is NOT “SAFE”.

    Sheesh Gene.

    1. The unwashed masses don’t read tech blogs and are not acquainted with beta testing. The unwashed masses can’t afford soap and water. The media think ordinary people are the unwashed masses. I think the media love clichés almost as much as they love themselves, except on days when they hate themselves for being phonies. On those days, we might be treated to actual journalism, as opposed to petulant scapegoating.

  4. I’m disappointed there’s still no immediately-secure file deletion in APFS because, as far as I can tell, there’s no certainty as to when file encryption keys are overwritten or the deallocated key space trimmed. Also, OS-provided database entries look to be still vulnerable. Sad that we’re still having a discussion in 2017 about the world’s preeminent computer company failing to even make a reasonable effort to secure user data. Most of the other companies aren’t doing any better, but I expect Apple to lead the way.

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