Apple’s iOS 11 beta goes public, but take a deep breath first

“Just days after Apple released the second developer beta of iOS 11, it was time for the public to get involved,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “It’s part of Apple’s Public Beta program, where brave customers have their chance to try out beta operating systems.”

“I decided to give iOS 11 a try. Maybe I just like to live dangerously, but you can restore the device if all goes badly. It’s all explained in an article from Mac Rumors. You may never have to take that step, but it’s surely worth a try,” Steinberg writes. “Long and short: I did decide that maybe Apple fixed enough of iOS 11’s worst bugs to make it reasonably useful for beta testing, and thus I set up my iPhone 6 to receive the update. The first step is the most important — backup your data. Don’t take chances!”

“if I actually didn’t look at my iPhone a bit more carefully than usual, I might not have immediately noticed much had changed, until I began to look around and brought up the Control Center, which received a major overhaul. The installation process was seamless, and reasonably quick, on a par with most OS updates,” Steinberg writes. “Some of the key improvements include: Revamped Control Center; Updated interface design elements; Drag and Drop; iPad Dock; New Finder-style Files app; Siri improvements; Peer-to-peer Apple Pay; Do Not Disturb driving mode.”

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MacDailyNews Note: If you want to try out Apple’s iOS 11 public beta, simply sign up for the free Apple Beta Software Program here.

Apple’s iOS 11, now available in public beta, will deliver massive changes to your iPhone and iPad – June 26, 2017


  1. Apple TV remote and do not disturb while driving are my favorites so far. Still a little buggy on my 6, but waaay better than the first build (had lots of crashes with sudden rebooting). In the end, this will be the best iOS version by far. It’s a dream on my iPad Pro.

      1. Not sure. You can set to off (manual on in control center), automatic on (based on movement), or auto on when connected to car Bluetooth (what I choose). I imagine that setting would be a choice in parental controls. You can also choose a “whitelist” so certain contacts are not blocked.

  2. Has anybody else noticed Shared Links is removed from iOS 11? This is one of my most used features of Safari. Better finding out earlier so I can send feedback more often.

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