Apple seeks Siri Event Maven ahead of HomePod launch

“Apple is looking to hire a ‘Siri Event Maven‘ that will serve as Siri’s own personal assistant on events and pop culture happenings trending among humans,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“The role will be to make sure that Siri is up to date on all the non-traditional holidays, trending cultural happenings, and events that people might ask about,” Kahn reports. “Apple says the Siri Event Maven will work with the engineers and designers working on Siri ‘“to provide strategic awareness of cultural happenings in the collective zeitgeist.'”

Apple's all-new HomePod
Apple’s all-new HomePod

Kahn reports, “The company offers a few examples of events the Siri Event Maven will teach Siri, including May the Forth Be With You, aka Star Wars Day, as well as ∏ Day or Talk like a Pirate Day.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Getting ready for HomePod where voice is the method of controlling Apple’s smart Siri speaker.


    1. I’m with you pc apologist, my initial thought was it should be May the fourth as in 4th not May the forth as in forthcoming event, that doesn’t make any sense to me.

  1. They also plan to hire a hip-hop Oracle, a “flash mob whisperer,” and a William Gibson “coolhunter”. Siri will dance along the leading edge of emerging social consciousness, connecting the dots for callow youths seeking relevance in today’s fractured society. Siri thus becomes a social organising force with mojo (like the Arab Spring) that could easily flood out commercial rivals, who are motivated by mere profit. Content is King.

      1. ‘Course not, you and I are too old for that so we don’t get notified.. and the mainstream media don’t cover such things.. ’cause they are even more out of step than the likes of us, lol..

      1. We have neighborhood events throughout the summer. That’s extremely local. But if the user is able to provide enough data points, I’d think Siri should be able to figure out what one of my neighbors is looking for.

        On the other hand, database bloat, contradictions and overlooked connections may well require a human curator. I probably derive too much enjoyment from pointing out the low quality of our modern “AI” in the face of all the Gee Whiz! mania, prophesy and conjecturing from the likes of Ray Kurzweil and his ‘Singularity’ concepts. Just call my cynical.

          1. Machines are better and somethings than humans. But humans will remain the actually ‘intelligent’ entity within our relationship of man and machine. Technology is only a tool. Pretending otherwise is derangement. That’s one reason, I supposed, I find faces on robots to be disturbing. Sorry Granny, but your rest-home-robot is NOT alive or your friend. It’s just a tool.

    1. Two points. First, the infant assimilates very quickly. Beware of assumptions about limitations of the learning model. Second, cost. Today it’s cheaper to hire a staff of human curators than to pay IT professionals to catalogue a museum’s holdings in a database and smartly administer it.

      1. Interesting. That’s certainly what’s happening. But I hope you’re not equating computers with infants or learning living beings. That does not compute. Thinking about machine learning requires the use of an entirely different ‘learning’ model. This is one reason we end up in trouble with technology getting beyond our comprehension. Thinking from within a machine system ≠≠≠ thinking from within a human system. Then throw in that factor that is the effect of human programmers upon the development of the machine system and we’re going cross-eyed, confusion is to be expected. It’s a mixed system, overlapping ‘thought’ realms.

        Thus I remain cynical about so called ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Or is ‘cynical’ applicable to machines? Hmm.

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