What analysts are saying about artificial intelligence at Apple

“What analysts are saying about artificial intelligence at Apple. [Here are] excerpts from the post-WWDC notes I’ve seen,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0.

Neil Cybart, Above Avalon: I would go so far as to say the Siri watch face will turn the Apple Watch into a completely new kind of device. It’s all about positioning Siri as your proactive assistance. Powered by ‘Siri intelligence,’ Apple relies on machine learning to provide you information based on your daily routine. This adds an interesting element to the device as the watch face changes based on your life. You may receive morning information tied to getting ready for the upcoming commute, while in the evening you get information regarding the sunset for the outdoor run or other leisure-oriented items around the house. Meanwhile, someone else well get a completely different stream of information throughout the day. That kind of personalization is Apple Watch’s future.

Nine more analysts’ opinions in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can’t wait for the world to see watchOS 4. Combine it with an Apple Watch capable of connecting to cellular networks on its own and the sky’s the limit!


    1. Ahh, no. He/Apple will be adding to a chapter, but he’s hardly the author, or an author. Let’s say he is THE author, you’d then have to associate his results with Siri; a not so sharp product.

  1. The computer industry is notorious for creating floods of spurious information for people devour and poop out yet more garbage, but I’ve never seen anything as bad as the generally clueless use of the phrase “Artificial Intelligence.” The marketing people and analysts have outdone themselves.

    1. Those people who throw around those buzz words are either clueless or crooks. They’re always talking about some FANG stock being tops in AI when there are plenty of smaller companies who have been in the AI business for years in many other markets.

      Talking about certain well-known companies being better at it than other lesser-known companies is just a way to get investors psyched-up about a company to boost the share price. Saying that the Amazon Echo is some revolutionary device is pure crap. If that’s the case, I sure IBM’s Watson could run circles around Amazon and Google’s devices. I find it hard to believe Amazon excels at everything it does when it shouldn’t have any better AI products than companies that have been working with AI for many years.

  2. They’ll say the same thing about Apple’s AI strategy as they usually say. Apple is late to the game and has no chance of catching up to Amazon and Google. That’s the analysts’ usual kneejerk reaction. The funny thing is there are plenty of smaller companies that have been in the AI game for years and yet they’re always talking about how Amazon and Google are in the lead almost immediately. When analysts want to push certain companies, they simply boast about those companies’ achievements and then they trash talk about any other companies who get involved.

    I’m not sure what it takes to become a leader in AI but I would think it maybe takes acquiring a leading company in that field or poaching lead programmers from those companies. Apple can certainly afford to do either or both if they want to catch up with AI. Who knows? Apple might get lucky. Apple is taking a different approach using devices with an onboard AI processor while both Amazon and Google are relying on cloud processing. Apple’s biggest disadvantage is by not harvesting users’ data to get better results. Apple might as well be competing with one hand tied behind its back while the other companies are happily harvesting everyone data without a single care.

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