Samsung Display begins OLED production for ‘iPhone 8’ this month

“Samsung Display, the display-making unit of Samsung Electronics, is expected to start production of OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone later this month, industry sources told ET News on June 7,” ET News reports. “‘Apple recently approved the prototype panels. Samsung is making orders for parts and materials,’ an industry source said on condition of anonymity.”

“More than 10 million screens will be shipped every month,” ET News reports. “This year alone, Apple has reportedly ordered 80 million screens.”

“According to sources, the screen will use flexible OLED to cover the entire front body of the device, as against the Samsung Galaxy S8’s display area ratio at 83.6 percent, along with more aggressive curvature,” ET News reports. “The iPhone will not feature a curved screen [edge] due to low functionality, sources said. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Revving up the supercycle!

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    1. Apple does what it has to do now, but makes plans for alternate sources in the future. That is the path that Apple has pursued for its A-series processors (Samsung –> TSMC) and with radio chipsets (Qualcomm –> Intel –> Apple?). The same applies to displays – Samsung is the current leader in OLED displays. But Apple is working to leapfrog Samsung over the next five years.

      It takes time…

      By the way, when someone uses the term “fanboys” I immediately think f-ing troll.

  1. Despite the Samsung problem…

    Doesn’t it seem a little close to launch day to “begin” production of iPhone 8 components, especially a new screen? We don’t know the yields yet, we are three months out. This is splitting fine hairs here, any little hiccup could have catastrophic impact to production goals.

    1. Think rapid ramp-up to 10M per month. If the yields are lower early on, then there will be more waste (and higher unit cost) and the 10M objective may not be met.

      This is also one of the reasons why the initial retail supply of the iPhone 8 is likely to be highly constrained relative to demand. And this is just one iPhone model. Shipping 200+M units per year takes a lot of planning and effort.

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