Michelle Obama talks ’empowerment’ with Apple CEO Tim Cook at WWDC

“Former first lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday stopped by Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference for a ‘fireside chat’ with CEO Tim Cook,” Bob Redell reports for NBC Bay Area.

“Obama, accompanied by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, took to the stage to chat with developers about the roll technology can play in ’empowering people from all walks of life to make the world a better place,'” Redell reports. “The former first lady talked about life after the White House and delivered some comforting advice on how to deal with fear. ‘If we let [fear] consume us then we don’t move,’ she said.”

Redell reports, “The talk was closed to the public and was not be live streamed or broadcasted, according to Apple.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s full WWDC 2017 schedule is located here.


    1. Since none of the comments on this thread are related to the topic, I guess I can post the following on how Your Guy is getting us involved in yet another Middle East conflict:

      In 2001, terrorists from Saudi Arabia representing a group headed by a Saudi and funded by Saudis killed 3000 people in America.

      In 2017, Saudi money (from their citizens, if not necessarily the Kingdom itself) is still driving much of the Sunni terrorism in the world. More importantly, Saudi ideology (Wahabi Salafism) is at the core of every single attack by a radicalized Muslim against a Western target in the last thirty years. Other nations in the region like Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE are also known to play both sides of the street and finance extremists when it suits their interests, but they hardly play the key role in furthering Sunni extremism that Saudi Arabia has staked out for itself. Iran is the corresponding sponsor of Shiite extremism, but their pet terrorists have never attacked any Western country.

      The War on Terror by America and its allies is mostly run out of Qatar. The Al Udeid Air Base 20 miles from Doha was built for the U.S. at a time (the 1990s) that Qatar had hardly any air force of its own. Qatar spent roughly $1 billion then to support the U.S. military, because it saw a close partnership with America as its best defense against Saddam Hussain and other regional threats. After the fall of the Taliban and Saddam, Al Udeid became the jewel in the crown of the war on terror.

      The base currently houses 11,000 U.S. military personnel in operational units and the forward headquarters of U.S. Central Command. The base has the longest runways in the Gulf region and can accommodate up to 120 aircraft. There are currently about 100 onsite. In 2016 the base was used for B-52 strikes on ISIS, along with other strike and reconnaissance missions. It also serves as a vital resource for supporting the war in Afghanistan. A plane takes off or lands every ten minutes around the clock and year around.

      The Combined Air and Space Operations Center at Al Udeid oversees U.S. military air power in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and 18 other nations. It coordinates Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine aviation assets across the entire region, together with those of numerous coalition partner countries. The Center was moved from Saudi Arabia in 2003. The $60 in American money spent to build the Center it is only a fraction of the U.S. military investment in Qatar.

      In 2015, the US sold an estimated $17 billion worth of weapons to Qatar, representing 42.5 percent of total US arms sales that year. In a telephone call between the new President and the Emir on Feb. 10, Trump and Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani “committed to strengthen efforts to defeat violent terrorists,” according to a White House statement.

      On May 21, the President of the United States met face-to-face with the Emir of Qatar. During the meeting, witnesses report, POTUS talked about “the long history of friendship between our two nations,” bragged about how much money Qatar was spending on American military equipment, and insisted that this represented an investment by both countries on regional security. There was not even a hint that America was worried that the weapons might be used against U.S. wishes. To the contrary, the President praised Qatar as “a crucial partner in the region.”

      However, at the same Arab summit, Mr. Trump apparently succumbed to a Saudi charm offensive, buying their argument that the real sponsor of regional terrorism is Iran, so any country that attempts friendly relations with Iran, supports radicals against conservative Arab states, or rejects Saudi dominance of the Gulf region must be a sponsor of terrorism. That involved taking sides in the power struggle between Qatar and Saudi Arabia that was going on behind the scenes. The Kingdom was also lining up Bahrain, Egypt, the UAE, the Maldives, and the Libyan and Yemeni governments it finances against their rivals. POTUS apparently failed to notify anyone else in the American government of his shift in policy.

      When relations between Qatar and its neighbors openly degraded on June 5, Dana Shell Smith, US ambassador to Qatar, posted an embassy statement saying that the “US supports Qatar’s efforts in combating terrorism financing, and appreciates its role in the coalition against ISIL.” U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also issued a statement encouraging the parties involved in the Gulf dispute to sit down and address their differences. Officials within the Defense Department expressed their concern with settling the dispute as quickly as possible. It was strongly suggested that America, as a neutral party, could join Kuwait to help mediate a settlement.

      Then on June 6, President Trump posted a series of tweets:

      “During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar – look!”

      “So good to see the Saudi Arabia visit with the King and 50 countries already paying off. They said they would take a hard line on funding…”

      “..extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!”

      As one observer stated about the new American policy, “If he’s willing to publicly align himself with the Saudi and Emirati position, I don’t see how we have a diplomatic off-ramp in the near term. I think the Qataris want an off-ramp, but if you’re the Saudis, are you going to back off your maximalist demands at this point?” Those are said to include not only cutting funding to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups that conservative Arabs find threatening, but also muzzling Al-Jazeera. However, cutting off the 40% of Qatari food supplies that come through Saudi Arabia is likely to drive the Emirate closer to Iran in the short run, rather than the reverse.

      The former Indian ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the UAE has written, “Unnamed [Gulf Cooperation Council] officials have briefed friendly commentators about the plans being put in place by Saudi Arabia to foment unrest in Iran by inciting ethnic minorities and encourage regime change; the other part of the plan being mentioned is to effect a change in Qatar’s posture and bring it in line with that of the kingdom and its allies.” One might ask how this differs from Iraq’s attempt in 1990 to effect a change in Kuwait’s posture.

      Even as Trump applauded the Arab countries’ decision and took credit for it, the Pentagon on Tuesday renewed praise of Qatar for hosting U.S. forces and its “enduring commitment to regional security.”

      Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis declined to answer a question about whether Qatar supported terrorism, saying: “I’m not the right person to ask that. I consider them a host to our very important base at al Udeid.” The dispute comes just as coalition forces have begun an attack on the Islamic State capital of Raqqa that relies on air support directed from Qatar.

      The State Department insisted, “The United States’ relationship with Qatar is strong and we cooperate with Qatar in the fight against terror.” An official also said the agency was notified of the Qatar split “only immediately prior to the announcement,” and is “pressing the parties involved to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.”

      Evidently they had not received the message that America is turning its back on another one of its allies (after showing its scorn in recent days for the UK, EU, and NATO) and further embracing the most repressive monarchy on earth.

      1. Go write an article somewhere man. Is your ego that big that you think anyone would read a comment that size?

        And try and keep on topic.

        1. Tx’s “Screed Du Jour®…” Mark Twain once commented on this level of writing:

          “Every time I read Pride & Prejudice, I want to dig up Jane Austen and beat her skull in with her own shin bone.”

            1. Cap’n Verbose?? You have to be joking, botvinnik. The only other possible explanations are advanced senility or a terminal case of hypocrisy.

              Have you read any of *your* numerous posts, botvinnik? Some of them aspire to the length of War and Peace or the ten volumes of the Wheel of Time series. Not only that, but all too often you *repost* your lengthy rants verbatim.

              A little spelling correction. An ad hominem attack. But you truly have very little of substance to say in response to TxUser, botvinnik. That is typical of you.

            2. I think you’ve got them mixed up: it is F2T2 who posts (and copy/pastes) long political screeds heavy on propaganda and low on reality. Lots of faux intellectual garbage to attempt to mask his racist policies.

              Botty keeps his bigotry short and (not-so) sweet.

        2. “Empowerment” one of our culture’s most used power-words that’s almost worthless. Makes me gag a bit.
          Herm: I’m going to steal “virtue signaling”. A fine/fine descriptor.

      2. yes we’ve not dealing with the biggest originators of terrorism.

        Saudi Wahabbism (religious sect ) is one of the largest sponsors of terrorism. They fund hundreds of extremist religious schools around the world (the money coming from sympathetic Saudi supporters or blackmailed rich officials ).

        (I’ve actually been to one Muslim country where the Wahabbis opened several hundred religious schools. Walking around I was attacked by a Muslim mob and rescued by a Chinese Cabdriver who drove in and told me to get in… ! )

        After 911 in spite of all kinds of evidence of Saudi involvement (including the majority of the hijackers and Osama bin Laden) the FBI etc were specifically instructed NOT to investigate Saudi Arabia.

        (btw: Unlike Iran Saudi Arabia doesn’t even have general elections being ruled by an absolute monarchy. )

      3. What’s your point?? The U.S. shouldn’t be involved with a bunch of bearded barbarians, no duh! So because Trump didn’t make a dramatic break from Saudi Arabia in his first foreign trip he should be condemned? If he did anything approaching this he’d be raked over the coals by the same people making this case now. As for Iran, yes they’ve killed hundreds if not thousands of American troops over the decades, they’re no better than Saudi Arabia, they’re just in a weaker position. Next time leave a link to your blog or make your point in half the space. First 2016 next 2020 or whatever his handle is has far more effective dense posts that are much more to the point.

        As for the ACTUAL point of this news item, I don’t think Apple is doing itself any favors by paying Moochelle to talk about “empowerment”. This woman and her husband have led some of the most privileged lives in human history, to a large extent because of their race and affirmative action. Everything about this creature is fake, all the way down to the heavily photoshopped publicity photo Apple used to make her look moderately attractive and thin, as opposed to looking like a Chicago Bears linebacker.

        1. If you are splitting the hairs of pedantry, maybe, but he did it on his own time and did not weave it into Apple’s business narrative. That’s how a professional behaves. I don’t know what he was thinking choosing Cook as his successor, the bottom line isn’t everything.

          1. I am no fan of the Clintons, either. The truth of the matter is that Steven Paul Jobs gave money to the Democratic Party, Democratic Candidates and was friendly with the Clintons. That may make Republican Apple Fans heads explode, but that is their problem.

            It is well documented that the Clintons were invited by the Jobs family to stay as their guests while Chelsea was attending Stanford University. And Steve Jobs was an overnight guest at the White House during Bill Clinton’s Presidency as a donor.


            Aside from Steve Jobs, Apple has ALWAYS been a company tied to the Progressive end of politics. One of the three founders of Apple was a Gay Man long before that was accepted widely even in Silicon Valley. Apple extended partner benefits to heterosexual and homosexual employees way before almost anyone else. Apple has been deeply involved in Green Energy. Former Vice-President Al Gore was invited to the Board by Steve Jobs himself. Obama EPA head Lisa Jackson was hired upon leaving the government. The list is quite long.

            The whining by Conservatives about Apple is pretty stupid as Apple has long been known to be this way- it is in their culture.

        1. Oops, it was Randy Newman, not Bob Dorough. Macworld 2008. Here is what he sang:

          Can’t find the Macworld version, it seems to have been deleted. He the sang “You’ve got a friend in me.” and that is still up on Youtube.

          1. The Newmans are one talented family, especially Randy’s uncle, the late Alfred Newman…still holds the record for the most Oscars for best music score at nine.

    1. Isn’t it the famous “winner” principle of USA?
      Some funky Donalds may become billionaires (even when brainless) and others shouldn’t have a $300,000 gain?
      Strange logic here!

  1. It’s a vertitable parade of bullsit!

    Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Reign of Terror is Over

    The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which was championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, gave the USDA authority to set nutrition standards for lunches served at public schools. However, those items are often ending up in the waste bin, causing schools to have a 56 percent increase in food waste.

    The study by University of Vermont researchers showed that Children consumed fewer [fruits and vegetables] FVs and wasted more FVs during the school year immediately following implementation of the USDA rule that required them to take one fruit or vegetable at lunch. Average waste increased from one-quarter cup to more than one-third of a cup/tray, with about one-eighth cup/tray more FVs discarded, or a total of about 56 cups/day/school (based on an average of 400 lunches served/day).

    Great job, Mochelle. Typical Obama failure. Obamacare. Syria. ISIS. The economy. Jobs. Etc.

    President Trump is now unwinding Michelle Obama’s misguided, waste-producing school lunch dictates

    1. Surely you realize by now that MDN posts these articles simply to gain traffic and clicks from the politically-challenged conservative hardliners who infest this forum?!

      The MDN staff knows that any article with certain key words, such as “Obama” or “climate change,” will guarantee a cascade of partisan posts, typically dominated by the vocal far right inhabitants in this forum.

      You are all like Pavlov’s dogs, conditioned to bark at political topics. The humorous irony is that you repeatedly fail to realize that fact. After all, you are so intelligent and such deep thinkers. And, of course, you are always right…

    2. Typical rural, southern and rustbelt speak. No wonder those regions have not move forward in the new 21 st century economy and society..

      “Another Reason for the West Coast to secede. As long as we are tied to the Southern States, Democracy will never have a chance to work. We don’t need them, they need us. Without our taxes that they take from us to support their LOSING WAYS, they would be another Haiti. without them we are a More Prosperous, More Modern, More Dynamic, More foreward Looking, more Intellegent, More Scientific……”

    3. In the meanwhile Donald Sauron Trump is the greatest terrorist on the planet!
      A fake president leading a bunch of creationists, fanatic retrogrades and greedy industrials. This government isn’t for the people, it’s only using peoples credibility like all populists do!

        1. Maybe, but meanwhile democrats chose evolution as republicans didn’t.
          Nowadays democrats are still right winged compared to other countries politics… But republicans are extremists and blindly struggle to run backwards!
          Clearly racism has more become the republican way of life.

        2. The Democrats of that era are far different from modern Democrats. The same can be said of Republicans.

          In the modern era, the GOP has courted support from the alt-right including the gun nuts and the white supremacists. From a practical standpoint, it matters far less who started the KKK than who currently supports and strengthens its message. The white supremacy and hate and violence associated with the Trump campaign and Administration is clear evidence of who is currently carrying the KKK torch.

          Your attempt to lob blame and attention onto Democrats to distract from the multitude of problems facing Trump is both typical and instructive of your mindset.

  2. Why don’t they just call it “Apple Liberal” and be done with it. At least then conservatives can be assured that a dollar spent on supporting, advertising or writing about Apple is propping up a liberal agenda. And there ARE no conservative leaders inside Apple if you’re just waiting for one to take over.

    1. You and your cronies talk a big game. But, if you believe what you post, then you are a traitor to your own cause. So stop buying Apple products and park yourself on Windows and Android forums. That would certainly represent a great improvement for the MDN forums. The increased agony on the Windows and Android forums would sound like karma singing.

      1. All large corporations espouse these views now. Not sure why these guys pick on Apple as if it’s the only large multinational corporation on board with “mainstream liberal ideals.”

          1. …he said as he typed on an American computer, eating American food illuminated by American know-how while driving his car fueled by American petroleum adorned in his American Spidey-Man Underoos.

            shut the fück up.

    2. aapl has always been a liberal firm with a mostly liberal workforce. They don’t drug test at the corporate level. If they did, there would be no firm.

      In solace, My Pillow is a con firm.

  3. I already bought a bottle of a good bubbly champagne to pop the cork when this charlatan gets kick out.
    My beloved Apple has become the home for the radical liberal madness.

    1. Apple has *always* been the home of liberal thinking. It was founded by a couple of hippies working out of a garage and financed by the sale of a freaking VW bus. How can you fail to understand that fact?

      As for being “radical,” that is a relative term. I suggest that you consider how far you and some of your conservative cronies have moved to the right. your threshold for “liberal” has moved right of moderate. And your threshold for “radical liberal” probably covers about 1/3 of the U.S. voting population at this point. Heck, Ronald Reagan is now a left-leaning moderate by current alt-right definitions. And everyone in or left of the moderate region have been tagged as the “enemy.”

      Obstruction started with the GOP and the GOP has raised it to an art form along with hypocrisy. The POTUS and other GOP politicians are pointing fingers at the Democrats and screaming “obstruction.” But the obvious fact is that the Trump Administration failed to prepare for taking office, failed to vet nominees, and has failed to submit nominees for the majority of the appointed positions. So, when Republicans cry “obstruction,” it translates to “Republican incompetence.” Face it…you are incapable of actually governing as a majority party, or productively participating in governing as a minority party.

        1. Who gives a crap about Hillary. She lost. Big surprise…she ran a poor campaign and she was not well liked. You and a few of your cronies are the only ones clinging to that bit of history. Strange that you have completely purged the “W” Bush Administration from your collective GOP memory.

          You had best focus on current events. Trump is digging himself a huge obstruction of justice hole and it is predominantly happening because of his own stupidity and arrogance. Gotta love karma!

            1. You are mistaken, I support Donald Trump, not the Republican Party. There is no difference to me between Traitor John McCain and The Muslim Usurper.

    2. Dude, you didn’t get the memo. The libtards run the place since its founding. Do ya think they could of been successful with a local workforce based in Alabama or god forbid Mississippi? aapl does have corporate employee clubs. They’d had a Christian bible one as I recalled at the time.

  4. I cannot believe all the racist fücks on this website.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting it MDN.
    There’s a special place in hëll waiting for you.

    1. You got that WRONG! not right. Every disagreement with your world view must be “RAYSIS” in your underdeveloped thinking processes. Sometimes others can see ridiculousness for what it really is. Did that ever occur to you?

      1. Sheesh. When the same people distributing the monkey pictures and watermelons on the white house lawn post their dribble, you have to be and idiot to not put 1+1 together to get 2. These people did not pop out of tRumps anal canal fully formed. They have been around for a while.

        1. So sorry you and I have similar names here. Another example of high level discourse you just presented my friend. You write slanderous drivel about others, miss the point completely and don’t address issues, just perpetuate your silly petulance and inability to cope with a complex world. Take a walk.

          1. You know something citizen. I’ve made my mark on the world. If they wrote the comprehensive history of the PC business, there could very well be a chapter on me. I’m the one that chatted with Bill Gates in his office. I chatted with Jobs at Apple and trade shows. I sat and had drinks with Adam Osborne all the while selling the computer to your mother that you learned keyboarding on.

            The Apple Store. You could very well make the case I/we implemented the Apple Store in 1984 during our reorganization. We even had a “genius” window.

            Don’t even try to pretend I can’t cope with complex issues. Just because I don’t sit still for the hate and racism on this site doesn’t mean I can’t think.

            1. uh oh, the mark of the unhinged libtard: megalomania.

              “If they wrote the comprehensive history of the PC business, there could very well be a chapter on me.”

            2. Jealous much. See.. .knee jerk from an unthinking tRump cockholster. What I said is true. Gates was wondering on one occassion how sales of softcards were going. (I was doing education sales and the UofW (the purchasing agent liked the quality of my service so much, that he would steer business to me)). Gates was even more pleased that I was selling Xenix and Cobol to businesses. You do know MS used to sell languages before the IBM lottery fell in their lap.

              Or maybe you might like to hear about how Frank Herbert came in one day. Wanted us to repair (reassemble) his NEC 3510 Daisy Wheel printer. My associate came to get me. He knew I was looking forward to the Dune movie Frank was working on. Did I call my friend Frank, not Mr. Herbert? Anyway, for the next 5 hours, Frank and I and others sat in our classroom (we were a believer in educating our customers), chatting about the making of Dune, SciFi, life, etc… The printer was ready for him to take it after 30 minutes. (We configured everything we sold to a retail customer) But Frank stayed and additional 4 and a half hours just to talk to little ol’ me.

              Did I tell you to look at the INC 500 fastest growing companies in 1984… no…. well look at 142 . You will see the results of my leadership.

              You may be able to swallow trumps member whole but real facts escape you.

              Sorry MDN. Fuck you botvinnik you sycophant. I’m going to be polite and not call you the tRUmp comebucket you are.

            3. Oh bot… I probably sold the first Apple III nation wide. I came in that morning… 9:00 when the store opened. I was the manager. Mike comes up. We got a new computer. An Apple III. It was DOA so I did the SOL drop test on it and it fixed it. Dayum… Anyway, by 10:30 an author wants a word processor. I show her the Apple III, how it works (had to learn in that hour and a half) and she wants one. And an Epson printer. Imagine that.

              Or maybe you like the FACT that I probably was the first non-Apple education sales person to sell over a 1,000,000 in a year. In case you have trouble with large numbers… that’s a million dollars.

              Or maybe I should just make you crap your soiled pants. Read a LinkedIn comment:

              “In 1984 or so, upstairs in our offices at 2030 Fifth Ave in Seattle, Oscar told me the future of computers was as a communications device more than as a computational device. As someone who had just learned Lotus 123, this came a quite a shock. But as usual, Oscar was right and the rest of us were just too slow to see what was obvious to him. And with that he hooked up our first LAN, and I started down a path that I continue to this day. Thanks for the tip, Oscar.”

              I’m 65. I retire in January. So see, I qualify for the history books. The part may be small in relation to, well say Jobs, who I can call an associate but you will never be able to say that with your pathetic life.

              How many fucks do I give about your blatant racism? (please do not insult your audience and say you are not). None. How many for 2014 the pathetic loser? None.

              How many fucks do I give about the lying, racist, misogynist, incompetent, sexual predator and failed businessman (only viable because of socialist policies towards business failure)… a lot. You and 2014… I have an anal canal just as good as tRumps you can attach to.

              fuck you. say something useful and drop the disgusting, lying attitude towards the President that rescued us from the last republican idiot.

              MDN. I’m only defending myself.

            4. One more thing rockhead.

              You know that Jobs interview where he said companies are ruined when the sales people take over…… I’m not sure what year it was… but I don’t care… because..

              In 1985, as I saw salespeople taking over the PC business. I realized that sales people were taking over and decided to quit and move my family back to San Diego. Although I was highly successful (solution selling), computer sales were becoming mainstream and the salespeople were moving in. I decided to move on because the salespeople were taking over and would drive thing into the ground. I even hired some of those salespeople.

              You know what. Pacific Telephone bought the Byte Shop Northwest, the finest retail computer sales organization there has ever been. It was announced when I had 2 weeks left in my 30 day notice.

              Well, when the suits took over they drove the company into the ground. Lost 111 million dollars and ran a 465 million dollar company into the ground.

              Didn’t Jobs say the same thing. Years later.

              Heres a kicker. This will make you cream in your racist pants and you will fixate on it. I started at the Byte Shop on August 28, 1980. With the Terrell Brothers. The people that bought the first 50 Apple II’s from Jobs. Became manager in a year. Led us to the INC %00 list.

              6 years before. I was state property.

            5. hey bot. you’ll go to bed knowing you didn’t change the world. I can’t say the same. Want to see the TV show I was in and was Technical Consultant for in 1984? Won 2 Emmys. I got to run the robot from an Apple IIe with a joystick.
              Topo. If I am unhinged it is only because I am flabbergasted that supposedly mature individuals hate the fact that a Black Man dared to be President and do a good job. Hate that successful Black Man so much… that they would surgically attach themselves to the joke occupying the white houses anal sphincter. The laughing stock of the world. The incompetent boob. The one so divorced from reality that he doesn’t even realize he is shitting on his supporters heads daily. All he knows is that they lap it up. Why not. It’s no different than russian golden showers.

              You trump defenders are a disgusting lot. You know it too. Save face. It’s better than ritual suicide.

            6. LOL… I’m so awesome, I was 5 cells down from Charles Manson and 10 cells down from Juan Corona one weekend and 8 years later, Bill Gates was asking me what I thought. He was so cute back then.

            7. Oh. I was in the TV show too at 18:33 I think it is. The art section. It was Compukids. Kids and computers. The Byte Shop supplied computer equipment. Technical consulting (me). KOMO TV Seattle if you think i’m suffering some Liberal delusion. I got a copy if your AOL dialup can handle the file size. I’ll FTP it to you.

              simple minded punk

            8. whoa, baby…

              F U L L – F R O N T A L
              L I B T A R D
              M E L T D O W N !

              haven’t seen anything like this since The Clot threw an ashtray at John Molesta on Election Night.

              good times.

        2. Yeah… Oh, wait:

          Save the sanctimonious hypocrisy and hysterical screams of “racism.”

          After 8+ years of “distributing the monkey pictures” of President G.W. Bush, you Dem/Lib/Progs then used “RACISM” as a shield to protect your immoral, leftist, freedom-killing, idiotic, politically-correct, deadly policies. You don’t get to call people “racist” anymore, or rather you can do it all you want, because you destroyed the meaning of the word, rendering it meaningless.

          1. In this case, it was perfectly justified.
            Bush did all he could to poor oil on the fire and Americas reputation also went through hard times. Not as bad as with Donald Sauron Trump yet.
            At least Bush wasn’t tweeting stuff in the morning to fall into opposite declarations on same afternoon!

        1. Weak. Sheesh. weak

          How pathetic that your idol is a lying, racist, misogynistic, sexual predator under the control of the russians. Oh yeah…. a welfare case only in business through the graces of that anti-free market bankruptcy laws.

          That is your idol.

          You know what. I’ll take a successful Black President that did a good job over the trainwrecksw you republicans keep foisting on us.

        2. Actually, I went to fine public schools. Back when real Americans valued education. Back when good Americans were willing to pay for good schools as an investment in the future.

          One thing I took up in during my time with Manson was calligraphy in 70. Yep, was that years before Jobs.

          And no, you’re not going to make me feel bad about it. I studied politics and revolution with the best.

    1. Good question! And by the way, what are the musicians who close some Apple keynotes paid? I’m curious about that, too.

      You DO realize that virtually every speaker at virtually every corporate conference is paid, right? High-profile keynote speakers rake in big bucks. It’s the free market. I thought you, of all people, would support that…

  5. “It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”
    – Steve Jobs

    This is what Tim Cook continues to do and it is exactly the thing that he must continue to do. If you do not like it then eF oFF!

      1. C’mon bot, don’t even try to speak about “tolerance”: it’s not in you DNA.
        As extreme rightist the word “tolerance” sounds just too FAKE in one of your sentences.

    1. Ok, so tell me: what do politicians have to do with the liberal arts? You are aware that the ‘liberal’ in liberal arts doesn’t refer to political affiliation, right? If that is your ‘side’, you aren’t doing them any favors with your ignorance. Tim Cook’s personal politics do not belong front and center in Apple’s business. It is a huge turnoff, whatever side of the fence one may be on, and that is precisely the problem many have with the liberals in America: the smugness, the arrogance, the presumed superiority, the inability to allow others the freedom of their own opinions and beliefs. It’s nice that he runs a successful business. That does not make him a god.

      1. “…married with the HUMANITIES, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

        Liberal, liberal, liberty and freedom goes together hand in hand by the way.

  6. I believe she was the wrong choice at the wrong time. I want Apple to return to making my life better through the creation of great products. What each worker there believes and does in their own time is their business. They are behind and need to caught up and beyond in many areas. Introducing really 2018 products not even half way through 2017 does not get you there. What that shows is a true lack of leadership when it comes to their customers. Forget the politics and social agendas and let you creativity solar. That is what made Apple great. I’d like to get back to that.

  7. Wow do I not care what Michelle Obama thinks about much of anything. I can’t say that i’m crazy about Tim Cook, either. Injecting his personal politics into the company continues to be a big mistake. He is certainly entitled to his opinions and beliefs, but boy am I tired of having them shoved in my face. Enough, already.

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