Despite pleas from Apple CEO Tim Cook and others, President Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement

“President Donald Trump said Thursday he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, striking a major blow to worldwide efforts to combat climate change and distancing the country from many allies abroad. He said the U.S. would try to negotiate re-entry on better terms,” Jill Colvin and Julie Pace report for The Associated Press. “‘As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the nonbinding Paris accord,’ Trump said during a White House Rose Garden announcement. Suggesting renegotiating re-entry was not a major priority, he said, ‘If we can, great. If we can’t, that’s fine.'”

“‘I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,’ the president said during his speech,” Colvin and Pace report. “Trump said the agreement disadvantaged the U.S. ‘to the exclusive benefit of other countries,’ leaving American businesses and taxpayers to absorb the cost.”

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“Silicon Valley’s tech giants tried stopping Donald Trump from pulling the US out of the Paris Accord. It didn’t work,” Alfred Ng reports for CNET. “Despite multiple warnings from Apple, Facebook and Google, president Trump has decided to drop out of the Paris climate agreement.”

“In February, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk argued he needed to stay on Trump’s economic forum to help influence the president,” Ng reports. “On Wednesday, Musk said he did ‘all I can to advise’ the president, and threatened to leave Trump’s council if the US left the Paris agreement. After the breaking news, Musk made good on his promise.”

“On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook personally called the White House to urge Trump to stay in the agreement,” Ng reports. “The same day, CEOs from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HP and Intel also asked Trump to stay in the agreement.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Vice President Pence and President Trump’s remarks from the White House’s Rose Garden today (remarks begin at 36:59):

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    1. These arguments on video are logical and balanced from a centered mind. Globalist lefties don’t give a damn to that. They don’t care on being rational. Their mission is to segregate, to create alarming to destroy the ocidental culture and diminish his major and most powered supporter, the United States. La La Land’s people and engaged press from both shores keep repeating this imposed warming’s mantra till everyone thinks it’s the “Absolute True”. This way, NGOs, globalist’s payroll scientific enteties and corporativism parasites would keep living from pay taxers efforts, while the new world order is being setted.

    1. Really? So you don’t believe that 95% of climate scientists are right? Climate change is real? You have some special knowledge that other folks don’t?

      You think that the fact that we and Russia are the only real countries to pull out of the accord is some kind of sign from god?

      You think that showing the world that we’re stupid and that we won’t stick to our agreements mean America First?

      You think the largest emitter of carbon not in the accord means harming the world to make America Great again?

      Sad, sad. You and the science denying Republican cults are going to drag the world down with you. But then that’s what you want isn’t it…

        1. I seriously doubt that a higher power has anything to do with Trump’s actions. If you haven’t noticed, Trump is not a religious person. Nor do Trump’s attitudes or actions adhere to the Word, in general. But believe what you want, even if it is utterly ridiculous and has nothing to do with reality.

          Botdude, you are one sad and misguided SOB.

            1. Your rhetoric has seriously degraded, botdude. And it started at a fairly mediocre level…

              I lose?? That doesn’t even make any sense.

            2. You lose, again…does this make sense, libtard?
              • The Presidency
              • The Senate
              • The House
              • The Supreme Court
              • The Governorships
              • The State Houses

              complete and total rejection, and the 2018 midterm carnage hasn’t even started.


            3. Tell me again why you think you’re intelligent? Manipulation by perverted legistation and gerrymandering does not make for a mandate. Neither does rigging an election by eliciting the help of an enemy foreign nation. By 2018 elections, Trump and his cohorts will have faced charges of treason and espionage. Then what will the Republicans say about their abject silence of this lunatic’s dementia-driven ways??

            4. You’ve forgotten the most important factor, Trump is not a Bush Crime Syndicate Republican or from The Plantation Party…

              you lose.



            5. Farcically incompetent, crown prince of all snowflakes, bombastic, lying traitorous leader of a bunch of traitors, rabid racists and billionaires. Yeh, great. I wish the effects of his lunacy coud be confined to his supporters.

            6. I agree. Rather Trump is a pawn of the Russian Mafia, having sold his soul a long time ago to finance his losing casino swamp.

        1. Sure, hocus, throw out incendiary statements like that without putting it in context. Exactly how many “scientists” were caught taking bribes to change their data? What percentage of the thousands of scientists? And what were the reputations of these fraudsters prior to being caught? Were they already irrelevant bottom feeders? Please enlighten us on your biased opinion…

          While you are at it, you might want to note how many of the climate denying scientists are funded from right wing sources and companies with a vested interest in suppressing legitimate research into climate change. Are you aware that former President Bush shelved a $100M geoscience satellite (originally called Triana) and kept it in storage for the duration of the Bush administration. It was renamed the Deep Space Climate Observatory and launched in 2015. That is how desperate the GOP and the climate deniers are to skew public opinion – you claim to believe in data, but you obstruct the collection of useful data at every opportunity.

          Guess what? Physics does not give a damn about your gut feel or your manufactured or skewed data, right wingers.

      1. “95% of climate scientists”

        “we and Russia are the only real countries to pull out”
        new fake

        “showing the world that we’re stupid”

        “science denying Republican”

        Why is it Liberals don’t understand economics, history, religion, or even the Constitution but if some guy with a degree wears a lab coat and calls himself a ‘scientist’ you will fall on your knees to accept his golden shower of anointment just to claim you know science?

        Don’t you feel just a little used and sometimes silly making claims like you did above…..or were you raised by parrots?

        1. You think that Conservatives somehow have intellectual superiority in terms of economics, history, religion, or even the Constitution?

          Don’t you feel just a little used and sometimes silly making claims like you did above…..or were you raised by parrots?

          1. Did I just hear a semi-deaf parrot choking on reality birdseed??

            Just look down, that’s the New York Times above the fold you are gracing with your diatribe.

            (and don’t blame yourself… had shit on it BEFORE they lined your bubble)

      2. When predictions of these so called scientist never come true, why should we keep believing their BS. It’s all about the green movement; money that is.

      3. Newton, we know the world goes through a “climate change” of mega-proportions every 110,000 years or so and will do so again.

        The result is NY City will again be under thousands of feet of ice (Hurray).

        The globalists could NOT persuade anyone of ‘Global Cooling’ in the 70s, so they switched to ‘Global Warming’ around 2000 and when the numbers started getting creaky, they started saying ‘Climate Change’. That allows them to ‘win’ no matter what happens however quick or slowly.

        I’ve got news for the ‘Climate Change’ crowd. The world is always changing. What’s more, the ecosystems of the world manage to keep on living, no matter the ice age or the warm periods.

        Nothing we can do will stop “climate change.” I don’t care if the ‘warmists’ bankrupt the entire world’s economy, they won’t stop climate change. The Sun variability and the Earth’s normal orbit variations guarantee climate change.

        1. National-socialism never brought anything good to none!
          You may enjoy Trumps populism for few months yet… But the harder will be the fall.
          USA will have a hard work to get great again to the eyes of the planet!

    2. :America First…always.”

      Considering repealing Obamacare is nothing but a giant tax cut in disguise for corporations and the Trump budget is nothing more than more massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, Trump defines “America” as corporations and the wealthy. Trump is Russian spy in the white house.

        1. Next Thursday Comey will testify on Trump asking others to leave the room while he asks Comey about just ending that silly Flynn investigations. That’s obstruction of justice by a president who is under investigation for being a Russian spy.

            1. You mean Comey has a great deal of dirt on Trump. Which all led to Comey’s firing by Trump. Of course Trump could evoke executive privilege with the conversations but that would only show guilt and prolong the inevitable. It will then go through the courts ending at the supreme court. In the end Trump will be shown as a red commy Russian spy and those that voted for him.

            2. Our President chose between his daughter’s naivete and the American people.

              Donald Trump is our champion.

              He’s the real deal.

              God bless him and God bless his courage.

            3. Oh, fuck! This is so insane, I think it goes even beyond the worst of Belligerent Asswipe’s ravings.
              I think
              – Either he is going full bore senile
              – Or he is just putting us on.

            4. Trump is just a greedy pumped up billionaire playing around acting a fake unresponsive president.
              Is making a fool out of Americans and of anyone else too. This guy has no clue of what he’s doing and knows only twitting around his childish point of view.

    3. Another Victory! The Kyoto Treaty which GWB was highly pressured to join, and did not, turned out the countries that signed up, ended up violating that and polluting more. What a joke. It was merely intended for the US to sign up and then hold us to the fire, while they pollute and produce, taking our jobs and our wealth.

      And over the next decade, the US – on our own mind you – reduced our carbon footprint more than the Kyoto countries.

      Why don’t these other countries go for it regarding the Paris Accord and we’ll see how they are holding up to their empty but politically correct promises. Oh, and China and some other countries? Yah, they are free to polite like crazy, as if China would ever regulate themselves in any environmental area. Please…

      Not signing up was a no-brainer. So what does that make Obama who DID sign us up?…

    4. As the prime benefactor of global free trade, you might not be so happy as Trump screws over Americans by ripping up international accords. He hasn’t the ability to replace the lost goodwill and will be unable to compete against China, or the EU, when those trading blocs now take the lead in establishing international standards.

      Isolationism has never created a world power, but it has been the main cause of many nations falling behind.

  1. Hallelujah!

    Under the Paris Agreement, the U.S. was expected to shoulder an inordinate burden while, even with the impossibility of all nations in full compliance, the Paris Agreement would supposedly only reduce temperatures by just 0.048°C (0.086°F) by 2100 (as if they can accurately project anything 83 years from now when they can’t even predict if it’ll rain or not three days from now).

    Time to PARTY!!!

    1. Wow. Besides all the stupid shit you posted you don’t even know the different between global climate and the weather?

      I only hope you folks are the first to go…

            1. Aw, poor botty now accusing people of being traitors. I would rather side with decent, clean-living, peaceful people than vindictive antisocial brats like you.

            2. You are seriously slipping botty. Your QA system is in deep need of renovations. First thing you need to do is stop relying on those morons who blow smoke up your ass for back up. They are so ignorant they make liberals look smart. A true leader doesn’t have a pack of morons following behind. When I look in back of you that’s all there is to see.

        1. I have never found anything to like about carbon credits. It was a stupid idea from day one. Please, criticize it until it dies. I’ll help.

          I could easily believe there are a-holes out there who figured out a way to turn this idea with good intentions into yet another way to scour money out of suckers and screw our future. It’s the Spirit of the Age!

    1. Do you guys every read anything other than MDN and Breitbart? You and the other dunderheads here are basically the only people in the world that doesn’t think global warming is a crisis that the whole world needs to solve.

  2. Covfefe:

    Choosing common sense, weighing costs and benefits, and displaying big brass balls on behalf of American citizens, despite the knowledge that the globalist elites will attack immediately.

    God bless President Trump!


      1. you lose, Vacillating Weasel.

        We are taking America back from spineless jackals who deny reality, ignorant Gruberized fools whose intellect is the depth of another masked Antifa vandal …consider yourself “bodyslammed,” prick.

        1. There certainly ARE spineless jackals who, at the very least, take $$$ in order to spew denial of reality to We The People. They’re called Republicans and Democrats. I have no respect for either at this point in time. But you already know that, don’t you.

          As for being ‘bodyslammed’: With what? Your vacuous sucker rhetoric. It’s mere hot air directed at people like myself who provide facts, figures and honest insight. Oh how you hate us.

          I like us!

  3. “So as far as climate change skeptics, I believe in the scientific method and one should have a healthy skepticism of things in general and first thing from a scientific standpoint is that you always look at things probabilistically, not definitively, and so, a lot of times, if someone is a skeptic in the scientific community what they’re really saying is that they’re not sure that it’s 100% certain that this is the case, but that’s not the point. The point is to look at it from the other side. There’s a certain amount of carbon that is circulating through the environment. It’s going into the air, and then getting absorbed by plants and animals, and then going back into the air, and this carbon is just circulating on the surface. This is fine and it’s been doing that for hundreds of millions of years.
    The thing that’s changed is that we’ve added something to the mix. This is what I would call the turd in the punch bowl.
    We have these low-cost stored hydrocarbons in the ground that have accumulated over hundreds of millions of years, perhaps over 1 billion years in the case of methane. And in a lot of cases since the pre-Cambrian era when the most sophisticated thing was a sponge. And we are taking trillions of tons of CO2 that was buried deep in the earth’s crust for hundreds of millions of years, and is not part of the carbon cycle, and are putting it into the carbon cycle of the atmosphere. And as the carbon levels rise in the atmosphere some of that CO2 migrates into the oceans, gets absorbed into the water, and creates carbonic acid and causes acidification. A lot of the shellfish in particular are super sensitive to changes in pH level.
    We’ve added all this extra carbon to the carbon cycle and the net result is that the carbon in the oceans’ atmosphere is growing over time. It’s much more than can be absorbed by the ecosystem. It’s really quite simple. We are putting so much carbon into the atmosphere that we are fundamentally changing the chemical make up of earths atmosphere and of the oceans.”

    Excerpt from: “Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography”

      1. Big Oil has received huuuge tax breaks all the way back to 1916. Tax breaks from 1916 through 1931 alone totaled $28.5 billion (in current dollars). This is established historical fact that anyone who reads will know. Check out the “depletion allowance” that let oil companies deduct 27.5 % (later: 23%) from gross revenues ***before*** calculating taxes.

          1. Very mature reply. My car gets about 55 mpg. We are a two hybrid car family and have been for 10 years. My next car will be a Tesla or Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid (which gets 133 MPGe). I will be able to charge my car using my house solar photovoltaic cells. Our new house (thank you, Apple!) will have net zero carbon consumption. What have you done lately to “LOVE YOUR MOTHER”?

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