Samsung to supply OLED displays for Apple’s 5.28-inch iPhone 9 and 6.46-inch iPhone 9 Plus

Samsung Display “has recently signed a deal with Apple to supply OLED panels for the new iPhone next year, tentatively called the iPhone 9,” Kim Young-won reports for The Korea Herald.

“The latest deal comes as the display maker is supplying 80 million OLED screens for at least one of the three variants of the upcoming iPhone, presumably the iPhone 8 that will be launched in September this year,” Kim reports. “The report said the iPhone 9 is expected to come in two OLED models — 5.28- and 6.46-inch display sizes. Samsung’s OLED shipment is also likely to be more than double at 180 million units.”

Kim reports, “‘The two companies have recently signed a non-disclosure agreement on general conditions, including the screen size,’ an industry sources was quoted as saying in the report. ‘Other details such as screen design and functions could be adjusted considering the phone is still under development.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Apple is stuck funding Samsung to knockoff their IP for yet another year.


    1. What about it? The article simply states that Apple has signed an agreement for the iPhone 9 I suspect they believe they need Sam’s song for next year’s model as well who knows about the iPhone 10. Your point is useless

  1. While the 2017 iPhones (whatever they are called) are about four months away (and 50% of the rumors are still likely to be wrong), they are predicting on the 2018 iPhone?

    No one, and I really mean NO ONE, should believe any rumor on any part of the 2019 iPhone other than it will have more features and capabilities than the 2017 iPhone.

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