What the world’s No. 1 pizza box collector thinks of Apple’s patented pizza box

“One of the world’s most avid collectors would love to get his hands on an exclusive Apple product that the company isn’t selling,” Herman Wong reports for The Washington Post. “What Scott Wiener is after is a pizza box.”

“The wider world became aware of the circular carrier with a perforated lid after it was mentioned briefly in a recent Wired article about Apple Park, the Silicon Valley giant’s new campus in Cupertino, Calif,” Wong reports. “In a parenthetical, the magazine noted that Francesco Longoni, ‘the maestro of the Apple Park café, helped Apple patent a box that will keep to-go pizzas from getting soggy.’ A caption added that it was ‘for workers who want to take the café’s pizza back to their pods.'”

“Wiener does not make pizza boxes. He collects them. A lot of them. He is the Guinness record holder for the world’s largest pizza box collection, with more than 1,300 from dozens of countries in his possession,” Wong reports. “Wiener likes the Apple-patented pizza box, but was hesitant to call it revolutionary. Here’s what he saw as its strengths and weaknesses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote on the last article:

Hey, Apple, take your sweet time on that new Mac Pro, m’kay?

And, as we wrote just yesterday:

Coffee-table books, co-chairing Met Galas, Christmas trees, and other extracurricular activities… none of them are bad things to do per se, but these things open you up to very easy criticism when you fail to execute on your core products and services.

So, when you produce a $300 coffee table book with 450 painstakingly shot photographs on “specially milled German paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost inks” and even trumpet that it “took more than eight years to create,” but you can’t make or even bother to update the Mac Pro for over four years… Hey, you deserve every single bit of criticism and then some, if not for your horribly misplaced priorities and blatantly obvious mismanagement, then for your abject tone-deafness alone.

In other words, doing your real job first grants you the ability to screw around on some vanity projects without criticism.

On that note, we once again present to Apple CEO Tim Cook the Trophy for Misplaced Priorities:

The Misplaced Priorities Trophy
The Misplaced Priorities Trophy

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Ladd” for the heads up.]


  1. Not sure if the world (including Tim Cook) needs a Tim Cook apologist, but…

    Maybe Jobs granted Ive way too much power and leverage and Tim has no option but to indulge the overrated Pom (my opinion obviously). Maybe Tim is just guilty of extending the rope for Ive to hang himself (his legacy that is) with (preposition doesn’t mean pre-position, get over it if you haven’t already).

    Bottom line, Tim Cook may still steady the ship and fix the holes. But he’s not failing me, many other fans and Jobs’ legacy with his epic privacy stance. I can’t say the same with as much confidence with any other CEO that I’m aware of.

    He has not betrayed Jobs on the declared war on Android and Google et al. There hasn’t been serious scandals and that’s something. I remain a huge fan of Scott Forstall and have been sad to see him being forced out. Apple 4.0, I believe, will be with the return of Mr. Forstall. Seasoned and capable. Until then, Tim is doing alright in my book. Can do better, but not too shabby so far.

    1. We might be Poms, but you descend from a Pom criminal that we kicked out?

      Does Australia even other ANYTHING tech, creative, innovative to the world?

      1. Off the top of my head, you can thank Australia for:

        • Wifi
        • Training the leaders of the current solar boom (most gone to China unfortunately)
        • Relenza
        • The bionic ear
        • Airliner black boxes

        1. Okay convict, I’ll bite. But I’ll stop at point one. WiFi?


          What you mean is in the early nighties Ozzies became the biggest patent troll, claiming they invented WiFi when it had been done many years earlier.

          So yeah, slurp. Poms such as myself (and Americans) all pay over the odds for this tech because you guys…well…you know FUCKING CONVICTED IT

          Read this:

      2. BTW, Pom isn’t used exclusively by Australians (NZ, SA, US?), let alone the ever dwindling number of them who are actually descended from convicts 😉

        1. Ooh get off me? Okay so you want more? Yes an Australian invented the “Black Box” whaooo weee. Let’s beat up Apple for not updating a 21st Century product for a few years – but bring Australia into relevence for something some dude “invented” before my patents were born. And I put invented in quotes because YES you made a version of a flight recorder called the Black Box (even though its orange (think lots of shit Oz beer)) the first flight recorders were actually invented and being used by the Germans. (Think German car / think shitty oz utility vehicle).

          Do the math oz.

  2. There is a great coffee table book NOT written by the good folks at Apple. Conceived and produced by Jonathan Zufi, titled Iconic. The book is a outstanding history of Apple devices. BTW it is priced at WELL below Apples $300.00 price point. The back story on the development of the book is quite interesting too

  3. Has it ever come across anyone’s mind that Apple is big enough for non-techies to work on non-techy projects. Maybe the kitchen staff worked on this pizza box?

    By the way the best pizza box, was invented by Round Table Pizza. It was two round pieces, the bottom tray was dimpled, allowing for air, and steam to vent, and the top inserted in the bottom and twisted to lock in place. It was sturdy enough to have no need for the little table. They were stackable too and never got soggy or let grease leech through the bottom. The only reason they stopped using them was due to their construction of styrofoam.

    Dang if I can’t find an image, but something very close to what is claimed to be an Apple patent, popped up instead, as a generic food carrier.

    Maybe someone can help, and remember the Round Table Pizza box from the 80’s.

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