Jack Welch: Impeachment of President Trump would ‘blow the market away’

“Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric who has President Donald Trump’s ear, told CNBC on Wednesday that an impeachment would crush the stock market,” Matthew J. Belvedere reports for CNBC. “‘An impeachment proceeding would blow the market away,’ Welch said on ‘Squawk Box.'”

“Welch also said Trump’s firing of James Comey as FBI director was a ‘rookie mistake,'” Belvedere reports. “The botched Comey firing is an example of Trump’s inexperience in running a bureaucracy, the executive chairman of Jack Welch Management Institute said… The president should have loved Comey ‘on the way out’ as much as ‘he loved him on the way in,’ Welch said, instead of calling the former FBI director incompetent.”

“The latest Trump crisis put some pressure on U.S. stock futures early Wednesday. The dollar index hit lows not seen since early November. Gold rose to two-week highs, while U.S. bond yields sank to two-week lows,” Belvedere reports. “However, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed at record highs earlier this week, and they’re both up strongly since Trump won the election. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also remains sharply higher since the election, and less than 1 percent away from a record as of Tuesday’s close.”

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“Welch said he would give Trump an ‘A’ on the policy front and in his Cabinet and Supreme Court picks. He cited as an example former Exxon CEO and now Secretary of State Rex Tillerson,” Belvedere reports. “Welch said he’d also give Trump an ‘A’ for boosting morale among business owners and consumers. ‘There’s an air of confidence,’ he said, advising the president to stay on message. ‘Stay on jobs. Stay on health care. Stay on tax reform.'”

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“The U.S. stock market ‘already assumes’ President Donald Trump will be impeached, strategist Boris Schlossberg told CNBC on Wednesday,” Berkeley Lovelace Jr. reports for CNBC. “CNBC’s Joe Kernen responded to Schlossberg’s comment, calling it ‘ludicrous.'”

If you have President Pence and a Republican Congress, you have a much greater chance for a very capital-friendly agenda of tax reform and fiscal spending before the election of 2018. – Boris Schlossberg, BK Asset Management

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MacDailyNews Take: Opinions on what’s priced in and prognostications about what will happen in the future are, as usual, all over the map.

Washington D.C. works like the human body. Its immune system goes into overdrive to attack any outsider that it perceives as a threat to its well-being, regardless of whether that outsider is an actual threat, like a germ, or not, like a heart transplant.

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  1. The fevered dream of the looney left is not going to happen.

    Washington D.C. works like the human body. Its immune system goes into overdrive to attack any outsider that it perceives as a threat to its well-being, regardless of whether that outsider is an actual threat, like a germ, or not, like a heart transplant.

    Boy, you can say that again.

    The Trump administration is asking agencies, along with members of the public, to submit suggestions for how to rebuild the executive branch “from scratch.” The executive branch of government “has never been rebuilt,” White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said, “it has grown organically over the course of the last 240 years.”

    President Trump wants to begin with a “literal blank piece of paper” and is trying to do something that has “never been done before.”


          1. One might, but one would be wrong on both counts.

            The president can discuss whatever intelligence he desires with whomever he desires. All presidents have done it. What’s new here are the leaks from enemies of the President’s agenda. They breathlessly report what is a routine disclosure because they know the media will misreport it as a “crisis” and the Hillary voters are too uninformed to know that the president can discuss whatever intelligence he desires with whomever he desires.

            As to your second point, prove it.

            Shortly after Director Comey briefed us, I tweeted that he should be transparent. I said he should tell the public what he told Senator Feinstein and me about whether the FBI is or is not investigating the president. On Tuesday, the president’s letter said that Director Comey told him he was not under investigation. Senator Feinstein and I heard nothing that contradicted the president’s statement. – U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, May 11, 2017

            Thanks very much, Mr. Chairman. I very much appreciate what you’ve said, and it’s very accurate, and we were briefed. – U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, May 11, 2017

            1. You’;re entirely wrong about what the President can do in this circumstance. So, fuck yourself. The intelligence was derived for Israel, who did not give permission to pass the info along.

              You are laughably wrong every time. You must own the site and act as a troll to give yourself a little ratings boost.

              Mno one could be that malleable to the bullshit machine of multiple points of view. Last year, you posed as a neocon.
              This year you’re a traitor.

              Must be a pity having a dick so little that you cant even pleasure yourself.

            2. ‘Hilary voters are too uninformed’

              Said without any irony.

              You may not like to think about it but trust me – and millions more – around the world, Trump has turned a once great country into the worlds laughing stock.

              Make America great again was a catchy slogan the ‘uninformed’ lapped up, but removing millions from healthcare, boasting about sacking your top cop, closing then reopening Borders, appointing then sacking top people, criticising Obama then spending more time than him on the golf course – and wanting to build a wall that’s costing billions that ..wait for it….a $79 cheap flight will fly over isn’t great – it’s comical.
              You can huff and puff – but take a vacation anywhere outside of the US – or your own anus – and you’ll find people in hysterics at your once ‘great’ place.
              Trumps legacy may ironically turn out to be that who ever follows him – actually will have to ‘make America great again’

          2. Oh…do you mean…like when

            VP Joe Biden released in public where the man was sitting with the briefcase holding the Nuclear Codes?


            Hillary Clinton conspiring with the enemy with



            Selling…what’s that country again…oh yeah…Russia 20% of American uranium


            Obama handing over billions of dollars to Iran while Iran chants “death to America”

            Can we please have some

            “Fast and Furious” gun sales


            Little Debbie Schultz rigging the Presidential Primary

            The DemoKKKrats…

            1. Full of s*it for a list of truths? And what exactly is wrong with the post? Please provide facts. But I suspect you can’t handle the truth …

          3. I’m glad Firsty put you in your place! With FACTS.

            Your cautiously worded innuendo response of wrong doing goes no where. Got it? Much like the overblown lame stream media hype. If you read government statues, no evidence exists to suggest laws were broken.

            The real tragedy here is the uniformed public particularly the young up voting snowflakes youths being used as tools, fools unfortunately, who are being lied to day in and day out and don’t know right from wrong.

            The Democrat party and the Democrat media can take 100% responsibility for being totally biased, partisan and irresponsible.

            President Trump is no snowflake …

            1. No, laws were clearly not broken, but try to imagine the reaction, had Obama disclosed this type of information to the Russians (and jeopardised the relationship with Israel’s intelligence).

              Trump White House is in a complete melt-down. More and more republican lawmakers are distancing themselves, realising the dangerous political baggage this toxic relationship represents.

              It is quite entertaining to watch this slow-motion train-wreck take place. I can’t predict how soon will Trump leave the White House, but I’m quite sure it will happen well before his first term is officially to end. My impression is that the tide of the Washington republicans will eventually grow strong enough to recognise the political cost Trump is exerting on the party today. While many of his campaign promises closely align with the republican orthodoxy (taxation, immigration, etc), we hear nothing about any of these, as they are drowned out by the distractions of all sorts. Health Care bill was passed two weeks ago. We haven’t heard ANYTHING about it since — all the noise was about all other inconsequential things, and all of them were initiated by Trump and his inability to ignore any information that in any way implies that he isn’t the best, brightest, smartest ever…

              There were plenty smarter, mentally more stable and mature republican candidates for the presidency last year. They picked the most unstable one, who cannot control himself, and who cannot be controlled by anyone. Many are realising it now. Let’s watch…

            2. I’m STILL glad Firsty put you in your place. With irrefutable FACTS as is his way was the best part.

              Last time I checked FAKE NEWS still has nothing.

              “Trump White House is in a complete melt-down.”

              No, the media is in complete meltdown, credibility being number ONE. As is the Democrat Party that lost thousands of seats the last eight years under Obama. Now, that’s an EPIC meltdown!

              “It is quite entertaining to watch this slow-motion train-wreck take place. I can’t predict how soon will Trump leave the White House, but I’m quite sure it will happen well before his first term is officially to end.”

              DREAM ON. You watch too many movies and lack common sense. This is all WISHFUL Democrat strategy for you and your ilk all the while closing your eyes to the real world.

              “My impression is that the tide of the Washington republicans will eventually grow strong enough to recognise the political cost Trump is exerting on the party today.”

              Well, when you drain the swamp in Washington no one is immune. KEEP REMINDING US of the Democrat strategy. You should get a job with the DNC if you don’t already work for them.

              “There were plenty smarter, mentally more stable and mature republican candidates for the presidency last year.”

              You mean like the 16-lifelong professional politicians TRUMP TROUNCED! Then went on to slay the dim bulb celebrities and Obama, Bill Clinton that campaigned making desperate pleas for Hillary. Then in an electoral college landslide beat the Clinton machine that wasted over a RECORD billion dollars. Beat back the media, phony Jill Stein recount effort, put Syria and terrorists on notice, jobs and optimism is BACK. And in the shortest time frame in U.S. History passed healthcare legislation. Yes, by all means, please tell the class how dumb he is. 😆

              Keep up your offense and defense of the Democrat political/media swamp in Washington. Except for the alligators that swim in it for their own profit — the voters are SICK of it and President Trump will CONTINUE to move the country forward.

              The People President WILL Prevail … 🇺🇸👍🏻🤓☝️

            3. Well, you go and enjoy yourself with your president, if you truly believe everything you wrote.

              Look, as I had said it many, many times, I have no horse in your political race (I’m not a US citizen). All I’m saying is, your President is NOT the People President. He may have won an election, because he played the game the according to the rules, but when you say People President, you imply that majority of people were for him, and as we know, that is not true. Majority of people have voted for Hillary (with all here political baggage), so this tells you how much distaste your American people had for your president, when more of them actually voted for HILLARY (of all people!). So, NOT a People President. He simply won the electoral college. And let us not forget, each of those individual swing-state victories that brought him electoral college win were on well below 1% margin (20,000 – 50,000 votes). Regardless, he won the presidency, and nobody is disputing that today. Just the nonsensical declaration that he is now People President, representing the majority will of Americans, and commanding some sort of mandate. He is NOT.

              As for the claim about no evidence on Russia collusion, I would recommend waiting until the investigation concludes before considering that a fact. So far, we don’t have a conclusive piece of evidence, but clearly, there is plenty of information that warranted a proper investigation.

              As I said, enjoy your president. You may not have that much time.

            4. Even if there was collusion, unless Trump hacked the DNC, there is no crime. No crime. Point to the statute that Trump broke? There is none.

            5. “Well, you go and enjoy yourself with your president, if you truly believe everything you wrote.”

              If I truly believe what I wrote? LOL. No, unlike you I believe what I say and say what I believe. I leave dishonesty to you and your ilk.

              “All I’m saying is, your President is NOT the People President.”

              You could not be more wrong. My President IS THE PEOPLE PRESIDENT. I’m glad that gets under your skin PRETEND and DISHONEST neutral observer.

              “He may have won an election, because he played the game Majority of people have voted for Hillary (with all here political baggage), so this tells you how much distaste your American people had for your president, when more of them actually voted for HILLARY (of all people!).”

              You are WRONG to paint ALL American people with the same brush. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because some skulls are thicker than others. Shrillary won the popular vote in four precincts around fantasy La La land and NYC. That would actually be Hollywood and El-Lay. Now pay attention. Subtract the handful of liberal bastion precincts and Trump wins popular vote by over two million votes. The math does not lie. Liberal land DOES NOT represent the majority of the American people. They like to think they do, exaggerating their numbers and influence because they control the media, Hollywood and our crumbling classrooms. At this point does not matter, Trump IS the People President.

              “Regardless, he won the presidency, and nobody is disputing that today. Just the nonsensical declaration that he is now People President, representing the majority will of Americans, and commanding some sort of mandate. He is NOT.”

              He is NOT because Predrag says so? Snicker, sorry. I’ve been to one of his rallies, in an area that Democrat registration is 3-1. People were standing outside the arena because they could not get it after filled to capacity. Democrats, union employees, teachers voicing support for Trump. Tell that to your people.

              “As for the claim about no evidence on Russia collusion, I would recommend waiting until the investigation concludes before considering that a fact. So far, we don’t have a conclusive piece of evidence, but clearly, there is plenty of information that warranted a proper investigation.”

              Collusion is a crime? Would that talking to each other about the same problem to save the world? As Firsty wrote, exactly what statues did President Trump break?

              You have nothing. Obviously you are part of the overheated left-wing fever swamp grasping for straws to bring down our duly elected President.

              And you pretend to have no skin in the game? OK, then explain your voluminous and exhausting tedious negative posts since Trump was elected president. Dozens a day at times. Don’t bother. Your deceit is obvious.

              “As I said, enjoy your president. You may not have that much time.”

              Two things:
              1. I don’t need your permission to enjoy my president.
              2. Yes, I will enjoy the next eight years of THE PEOPLE PRESIDENT.

              The People President WILL Prevail OVER Predrag … 🇺🇸

            6. He, he, he, he…. Apparently, something that I said has clearly pushed many of your buttons. I’m sorry if I made you angry, it wasn’t my intention.

              All I’m saying is, no matter how much you twist and spin the story, there are three numbers that stand on their own. They are factual, confirmed and certified, and no amount of spin can get them to mean anything that exactly what they mean, and that is that Trump is NOT people’s president. These numbers are:


              I am pretty sure every single American living in NYC, or LA, or any other city would be profoundly offended by your suggestion that they somehow do not represent the majority of the people. Because, judging by the votes, they clearly do.

              Look, I’m not sure what is it that causes you to be so angry, when your guys (the president, as well as the houses of parliament) won. Normally, one would be happy and cheerful in such a situation, and you sound full of anger and wrath, for no clear or obvious reason. It is something in the water?

              I wish you great enjoyment with your president (with or without my permission, which I know you don’t need, nor did I ever purport to grant you one…).

            7. Just to make it quite clear: 62,929,636 Americans voted for Donald Trump. This number represents just about 19% of current American population. There is no firm evidence to support your claim that majority of Americans share this opinion.

              Again, enjoy your president while he’s still in office!

            8. Obviously you only read negative Trump polls and not positive polls. Not your fault, they are not easy to find in the big lame stream media .,.

            9. New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic-spy campaign that included snooping on Trump officials.

              The irony is mind-boggling: Targeting political opposition is long a technique of police states like Russia, which Team Obama has loudly condemned for allegedly using its own intelligence agencies to hack into our election.

              The revelations, as well as testimony this week from former Obama intel officials, show the extent to which the Obama administration politicized and weaponized intelligence against Americans.

              Thanks to a href=”http://circa.com/politics/barack-obamas-team-secretly-disclosed-years-of-illegal-nsa-searches-spying-on-americans” target=”_new”>Circa News, we now know the National Security Agency under President Barack Obama routinely violated privacy protections while snooping through foreign intercepts involving US citizens — and failed to disclose the breaches, prompting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court a month before the election to rebuke administration officials.

              The story concerns what’s known as “upstream” data collection under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, under which the NSA looks at the content of electronic communication. Upstream refers to intel scooped up about third parties: Person A sends Person B an e-mail mentioning Person C. Though Person C isn’t a party to the e-mail, his information will be scooped up and potentially used by the NSA.

              Paul Sperry, NY Post, May 26, 2017

    1. The Left need not Impeach Trump yet.
      Priority one is to make Speaker Paul Ryan Minority Leader Ryan. Priority two is to make Mitch McCONnell Minority Leader again.

      Impeaching Trump only gives the NeoCONs what they really want- Mike Pence as President. Pence is a less crazy Trump who knows how to behave and has some impulse control.

      The disaster unfolding in Washington is an expensive education for Millennials- NeoCons know you to obstruct and destroy but are incompetent and incapable of effectively running the United States or any State Government. One need look no further than what Bobby Jindal did to Louisiana, what Sam Brownback is doing to Kansas or the ongoing Soap Opera in Alabama (the Love Gov part 2) to see that Amateur Hour in Washington is nothing new for NeoCONs.

      NeoCONs see Trump as a useful idiot and think they can let him do the heavy lifting on their agenda but not get any dog shit on their shoes. Tom Cotton found out that is not the case- he held a Town Hall in Springdale, Arkansas- the most Republican part of a very Red State and no the audience were not plants- they were pissed off constituents. Here is the full video, unedited so the NeoCONned cannot claim it is a misrepresentation of what happened.


      This is what awaits the Republican Majority at the Polls next year. Ms Pelosi will be handing Trump his Cojones after she clips them off.

        1. She may well be both, but there is little doubt that she would stay in office.

          And his point was (obviously), that, once congress/senate switch hands, she will more than likely be chosen as the speaker.

          Let us not forget, historical data points to a very clear trends for the first mid-terms following a presidential party change. The party of the new president has lost the house/senate almost every single time (exceptions are second Clinton term, when economy was roaring, and first Bush Jr, after Sept. 11 and the “Shock and Awe” of the Iraq capture).

          Nothing from the past can accurately predict the future (as November showed us), but Republican odds are quite stacked against them, and Trump clearly isn’t helping them with the independents.

      1. “The Left need not Impeach Trump yet.”

        LOL! Full belly laugh — I’m in stitches!!! Thanks. 😆

        To you and all the uneducated Libtard/Snowflakes courtesy of our failing public school system, run by Democrat unions, and further influenced by the biased media, run by newsroom employees over 90% registered Democrats, ready?


        If you read government statues no evidence exists to prove wrongdoing of any kind. What Trump has done, Obama and presidents before him have done the same with no 24/7 SELECTIVE outrage, mind you.

        Unless of course you are stupid as a stump and believe the media lynch mob court that is daily desperate to bring down President Trump.

        That said, investigations may reveal evidence that may change the future narrative. We shall see.

        But for now, you’ve got nothin’, nothin’, nothin’! … 😈

      2. “This is what awaits the Republican Majority at the Polls next year. Ms Pelosi will be handing Trump his Cojones after she clips them off.”

        DREAM ON. 😅

        I don’t know who is more stupid than Pelosi with the exception of Waters.

        Would not surprise me if Nancy believes “Cojones” is a trendy appetizer at a gay bar in the ‘ole bohemian days of the San Francisco garment district.

        “Stupid is as stupid does.”
        — Forrest Gump

    2. First Whatever: you’re as full of shit as Welch is.

      The longer you defend the idiot Trump, the longer you delay the Pence presidency. Why do you continue to defend stupidity and ineptitude? Republicans have all the power they will ever have, and they can’t do anything because they are spending all their time attempting to whitewash Trump’s shit piles.

      Republicans should be leading the charge to impeach the orange idiot so the presidency can be filled by an adult.

    3. Your arrogance forces you to misjudge. An impotent Trump is something the Democrats would much prefer to Pence. Impeachment talk is vastly overrated and as of yet, unsupported by any facts.

      You do search out quotes well and are clearly handy with a keyboard, but that’s about it. Like Botty, you think articulate sarcasm makes you right. All it does is overpower the weak and insecure. You need to start deriving your ego satisfaction from more substantial sources.

  2. Hahaha. Yeah Washington is attacking Trump because he’s an outsider and not because he’s an incompetent undisciplined sociopathic narcissist. Keep telling yourself that and all will be fi˙∆ ˙ƒ¥†∂¥®†∂ ®.†¥.∑≈.. ßç ∂ ƒå ßa ..sa ß® ´∑ ® ´

    1. Read MDN’s Take again. It’s a fact that Trump is a D.C outsider. MDN didn’t say whether he’s a good outsider (heart transplant) or a bad outsider (germ). That’s up to the reader to decide.

      The way I see it, D.C.’s immune system is comprised of career politicians, permanent government employees who will protect their jobs over the good of the country, even damaging the country in order to protect themselves, and the complicit mainstream media.

        1. “How can anyone who watches the news think Trump is a needed heart transplant?”

          Exactly. For that, you’d have to be able to think for yourself.

          (Not counting Fox News or some of the more balanced international media outlets.)

        1. Make America White Again
          Make Exxon Great Again
          Little Lyin’ Donald is the Russian agent in the White House, a pure example of treason. He does not represent anyone except the 1%, if even that group.

          1. Congrats! You get an A for memorizing, without critical thinking skills or facts, then repeating and spreading FALSE hateful Democrat Dogma.

            “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.”

            — Dean Wermer

    2. Something people like Higo are incapable of understanding is that Trump, all things considered, failures and successes has created more wealth in his lifetime than Washington ever will. The beltway insiders are wealth confiscators. They know nothing of working for a living. They know nothing of struggling to keep a business running.

      Compared to these people, Trump is the consummate outsider.

      1. 6 Bankruptcies means he has discharged massive amounts of debt. The Donald is a poster child of the worst of American Style Capitalism.

        Trump managed to lose money and go bankrupt running Casinos where the house ALWAYS wins. If financial acumen were sexual prowess Donald Trump couldn’t get laid in a Whorehouse with a Million Dollars in his briefcase.

          1. He could get the Viagra from Rush. He got caught with a Yuge supply (29 Pills hidden in a mislabeled bottle by US Customs) on his way to the Dominican Republic. Fox Newz, Breibart, Newsmax and the other fact challenged Republican sites failed to report it, but The Smoking Gun has the story and the docs to prove it.


            Crooks and Liars has more:

        1. Bankruptcies are meant to help you get back on your feet. I want a law passed that should anyone have a bankruptcy, to have a requirement to pay back the debt they cleared should they ever be reasonably stable and back in the black. Hopefully this will prevent people like Trump from clearing massive amounts of debt multiple times w/o any penalties.

    3. Nice symbols, but you are wrong. True conservatives are digusted with Trumps lies. The ineptitude is on display every time the windbag opens his mouth.

      The nation was founded on the principle of checks and balances. The constitutional crisis unfolding now represents the takeover of the Republican Party by a totalitarian regime which is obviously trying to cover up its links to foreign entities.

      Trump and his lying cabinet members should be subject to both an FBI investigation as well as a congressional special prosecutor investigation. Instead we watch as Ryan and McConnell drag their feet, trying as hard as they can tonot do their jobs. They want to promote the partisan power grab instead of following the constitution. That is wrong. Conservatives who believe in the constitution need to set aside party goals and do what is right for the country.

      1. All my life I have heard generations of self identified Conservatives decry various Republicans saying they are not “True” Conservatives- whatever that means. It is a variation of my Johnson is bigger than yours and no matter how repulsive- someone is always further to the Reich Wing therefore you are not a “True” Conservative.

        We saw this when the Republican Tax cut for the wealthy disguised as Healthcare Reform was log jammed because it did not throw all of the widows and orphans into the street to please the self described “Freedom” Caucus. After making it even more morally repugnant the bill was passed in a Party Line vote and forwarded to the Senate where it is Dead In The Water.

        The problem the Republicans have is that the Dog has caught the car it has chased for years. They know how to obstruct and whine and scare their base to raise money, but they have more notions than a stray dog has fleas of how to efficiently run the Federal Government. It is amateur hour on the Hill and at the White House and it is all Republicans in charge. It will be very hard to blame Democrats in 2018 as the Republicans control all 3 branches of Government at the Federal level.

        At some point the unwashed White Trash Rabble that elected Trump, McCONnell and Ryan are going to figure out that GOP does not stand for Gawd’s Own Party, but rather Gang of Prostitutes- as in political. The GOP has a Koch Habit and Amurrikins hate junkies.

      1. I wrote in Bernie Sanders.

        You Republicans seem obsessed with creating scapegoats. How about delivering positive change to the people you promised it to? The swamp hasn’t been drained.

  3. Jack Welsh is an idiot who should have been put out to pasture decades ago.

    Oh, wait, he was put out to pasture decades ago.

    Welsh foamed at the mouth when the unemployment rate dropped below 7% under Obama. I watched him on CNBC that morning scream that the Bureau or Labor Statistics had cooked the books, blah, blah, blah. What a goofball. I once though he was a straight shooter. He lost all credibility in making that claim, as well as what we later learned about what he did while the head of GE.

    1. iUsed to Caddy for Good Ol’ Jack….. He was a good tipper 😉 ….. My advise to all those here…. Don’t go outside in the rain without an umbrella…. & Don’t piss into the wind 😉 Trump is doing his best to DRAIN THE SWAMP! Maxine Waters Needs to go outside… and go play Hide and GO FCK HERSELF! She can take that Pelosi with her too .!..

  4. Welsh is one of those super rich who are dreaming of Trump getting rid of all their taxes, including the estate tax. That trillion dollar handout at the expense of 24 million kicked off health care.

    As for Trump – he is so ignorant in the White House that impeachment is a probable event – if he doesn’t quit first.

    1. Regarding estate taxes and your infantile, jealous hatred of anyone who has more than you:

      • The Death Tax penalizes individuals for being successful, and taxes property that has already been taxed when earned (or which, in some cases may have previously been subject to an estate tax when inherited from a prior decedent)

      • Many individuals will save less because they don’t want their estates to be subject to the tax.

      • The estate tax will slow business activity because a decedent’s heirs will have less to invest.

      • The estate tax is especially harmful to small businesses and farms because it forces heirs to deplete working capital and even to sell business assets or farm land to pay it.

      • Revenue raised through the estate tax is less than 1% of tax revenue raised annually, and the amount raised is partially offset by high expenses incurred by the government in collecting it, e.g., in dealing with valuation issues.

      • Most taxpayers who may be subject to the tax incur substantial expenses in paying for estate planning advice to help minimize it. Also, their estates may incur additional expenses in contesting the value of assets included in the estate, or in arguing that certain assets should be excluded.

      • The tax is inherently unfair because the amount a taxpayer pays often depends on the quality of the estate planning advice received.

      • The revenue raised only results in additional unnecessary government spending, and is an attempt to redistribute wealth by taking from those who earned it and giving to those who did not.

      — Bob Rywick, Tax & Accounting Editor, Thomson Reuters

      Regarding health care:

      • Health insurance is not a right, it is a product

      • Obamacare is in a death spiral. It’s dead.

      • True competition among health insurance companies is the only solution that will actually drive down healthcare costs while preserving the exceptionalism of America and the rightful freedoms granted to U.S. citizens by God.

      • If fewer people believed in the absolute fact that The Federal Government is not your Mommy and is therefore not the solution to most of the problems it ironically creates or greatly exacerbates due to its meddling, that would truly Make America Great Again.

      — First 2014, Then 2016.

      1. More Republican Talking points. Now go get your pellet for posting for the Kochs.

        The Estate Tax- a.k.a. The Death Tax impacts very few. From the IRS website:
        “Most relatively simple estates (cash, publicly traded securities, small amounts of other easily valued assets, and no special deductions or elections, or jointly held property) DO NOT require the filing of an estate tax return. A filing is required for estates with combined gross assets and prior taxable gifts exceeding $1,500,000 in 2004 – 2005; $2,000,000 in 2006 – 2008; $3,500,000 for decedents dying in 2009; and $5,000,000 or more for decedent’s dying in 2010 and 2011 (note: there are special rules for decedents dying in 2010); $5,120,000 in 2012, $5,250,000 in 2013, $5,340,000 in 2014, $5,430,000 in 2015, $5,450,000 in 2016, and $5,490,000 in 2017.”

        Unless you have an estate in excess of $5,490,000 the so-called Death Tax does not impact you at all. Further, every taxpayer gets 1 lifetime exclusion which further reduces the likelihood of you ever paying the Estate Tax and if you do, you get to shelter a significant portion of it.

        Unless you are Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk you have little to worry about. The magic of CONservative Radio, TV and websites is that they have Blue Collar Americans living in Trailers worried about the Death Tax that will never impact them unless they win the PowerBall before dying. Not exactly sure why Billy Bob Sixpack should worry about the Taxes Charles and David Koch will pay when the Grim Reaper comes for them.

        1. The Estate Tax is merely an attempt for the Government to get their due on deliberately deferred income … and what makes it confusing is that they don’t go after the little fish (small estates, which comprise 95% or more).

          So then, how about we change the rules and say that everyone has to pay when they inherit anything? No more free step up in cost basis on grandpa’s ten shares of stock, etc, etc…

          1. In my opinion, the estate tax or inheritance tax is a necessary tool to help prevent the growth of perpetual family aristocracies – a new class of nobility playing puppeteer with the so-called “free market.”

            We don’t need a king and we don’t need dukes and counts and barons, either. The current path of the U.S. economy that is leading to increasing concentration of wealth at the very top at the expense of a growing lower class can only lead to rebellion and chaos. People can be very wealthy without crushing the masses of people “beneath” them.

            1. Agreed, which is pretty much why the Feds effectively only bother the “big fish”.

              Unfortunately, I see that my down-voters really missed the underlying point, which is that there are tax avoidance elements in play when one dies, and the more loot one has, the bigger this tax dodge benefit iis thst gets passed along.

              While I’d not love to have to pay on every dime of inheritance I’ve ever received (or may receive), I’m willing to do so if the result is that likes of the Kotch brothers have to pony up too…and without any of the currently legal tax shelters. FYI, I’ve mentioned the steps up in cost basis (stocks, real property, etc), but life insurance happens to be a big one, and IRA rules are another. Once one has handled a few Estates, it’s quite amazing just how many exceptions there currently are…AFAIC, any small business owner that dies and leaves the family unable to afford to keep the family business… wasn’t a very good businessman.

        1. Re Cochise:
          Did you go to public school, a public university, buy a home with a VA/FHA/FHMA loan, get a SBA loan, a National Direct Student Loan, a Pell Grant, drive on a public road, ever need public EMS services or Police, respond to a National Weather Service sever weather alert, drive on a PLOWED road after a a snowstorm, get help from FEMA, use a public library, camp or hike in a city, state or federal park? Do you get your drinking water from a Bureau of Reclaimation or Corps of Engineers waterworks or your power from a TVA, BPA or other Federal Dam? Do you have a public water or power utility? Has the Coast Guard ever rescued you? Has any criminal that ripped you off been arrested, tried and sent to jail?

          If you say yes to any of these things and 10,000 others you have benefitted from government. The old Reagan line is bullshit that Republicans like to trot out because people do not think. Most of what Government does well you do not think about and take for granted because it has always been there.

          Right now the Mississippi River is way past flood stage not too very far from my home. It is kept in abeyance by a Public Levee District set up after the Corps of Engineers built it after the Private Sector damn failed and put the entire county in which I live under water in 1927. When the river hit similar levels in 2011 we were bone dry. We pay a tax to the Levee District and they maintain that infrastructure in a not for profit way and do so effectively. That would be government.

  5. tDump’s impeachment is priced into the market. tDump and his admin are traitors and his putin-holstering DEZA spreading sycophant followers are too mentally blunted to know they’re the victims of a KGB OP. Some millennials just don’t get how the Soviets never went away – they just got rich.

          1. Wow… That’s profoundly naïve. The initials may not be the same (it is now called FSB, Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti, or Federal Security Service), but the people are the same, the mission is the same, the methods are the same, the enemy is the same…

            And with Trump in their pockets, they are obviously winning bigly…

            1. Re botvinnik:
              The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos who is anything but a bleeding heart or a Democrat. Amazon did not buy it- he did. Ask those who work for him as he is very similar in many ways to Steve Jobs. In addition to kicking ass and taking names at Amazon he also has a company called Blue Origin that is developing a rocket to get the US off of it’s Russian Booster Motor habit. Currently every Rocket launch in the US not done by SpaceX uses Russian Rocket Motors.

              If you had bought $10k worth of Amazon stock on IPO day you would now have almost $5 Million from that investment. His company is now roughly twice the size of Wal-Mart and AWS runs everything from Netflix to much of Apple’s server needs. I think that makes him an entrepreneur – something that makes Republicans get aroused.

              The myth of the liberal media is just that- a myth.

            2. No i’m not. Villager is neither Right or Left Wing. Villager is the permanent class of courtesans and hangers on always around DC regardless of who is in charge.
              It is not only Left versus Right. Both major Parties are Dinosaurs designed to address a world gone away.

          2. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Duh, the KGB became the FSB, and blackwater became, Xie, became whatever. Just because one renames a thing for PR purposes does not make it less evil. Look up Bernaise. Look up Burston Marsterller(sp?), look up Ketchum PR. See how it’s done. Ever heard of ‘greenwashing’. It’s when a drug has too many wrongful death lawsuits, so rather than pulling it off the market, they rename it. Wake the F up.

  6. Gosh I sure hope they don’t even go near impeaching the chump, he’s doing such a great job at making the shrub look good. Besides there are so many from that nation that would be horrified at blowing their market, their precious market away when it’s much more patriotic to blow the world away.

    They need to keep the chump, he’s such a great representative of what that nation has become, and to go beyond the limits of fifth rate nations, maybe so far as to become a sick six nation, never seen before. Another first to place the stars and skid marks flag.

    Oh better put that /shjtt tag (satire, humor, joke, tall tale) in case some folks think I am serious.

  7. The Republican congress will never impeach the president, so the president has a 4-year get-out-of-jail-free card. The president can admit to any funny business and follow that with a “so what?” The congress needs him for passing the Republican agenda and for the midterm elections.

    1. See my post above. Everyone I know would rather that republican leadership dump trump and appoint Pence as president. Then something productive might happen instead of daily damage control.

    1. Whoever this “gay mulatto” is, and whatever he may have done, doesn’t come anywhere near the treasonous, clueless blunders that were committed by your current White House occupant.

      Most intelligent Republicans would much rather see Pence as their president.

    2. The Republican led congress had 6 years to find wrongdoing in the Obama administration and the worst we could do was to find that Clinton as Secretary of State followed the advice of Powell and used an email server not managed by the inept IT at the state dept. Hillary used a Mac server.

      So why are we defending Trump again? On his watch we could have events even worse than bengazi

  8. A Trump impeachment probably would put downward pressure on the stocks temporarily, until the next earnings season, at which point they’d bounce back up.

    Look at what happened today as both a preview and as investors already taking impeachment into account.

    The sooner Trump is impeached, the sooner Pence becomes President and the sooner we can move forward post-insanity (which hurts the markets).

  9. “General Electric” is verbiage enough for me to laugh.

    But certainly on the perception scale, today freaked out a lot of economic parasites. They look up to The Trump as the apex of economic parasitism. So of course they freaked out. I understand. Poor little parasites. So sad. Live to suck the life blood out of humanity another day. (;_;) 😥

    1. BTW 2: The lovely irony of today is that the value of the $dollar$ fell in response to the House call for The Trump’s impeachment. The fall of the value of the $dollar$ is EXACTLY what The Trump has been calling for in order to make US products more attractive for foreign trade.

      √ The Trump Accomplishment! 🎉🎊👏💋

  10. Wow. So apparently, we are living the movie Idiocracy. I’m embarrassed for America. Open up an old sewer pipe and you want to clean it out. Trump has the balls to make a dent in the “Stupids” Universe… the “Washington DC Sewer Initiative” is underway. Let’s stop fighting for LOSERs that are offended when he fires them and start taking pride in America again. So sorry he stepped on these narcissist’ sociopath’s toes. Oh well, I guess “you’re FIRED.”

  11. Jack Welch is not aware of the AAPL dividend and it’s influence on the DOW. Just for the record – who doesn’t sell some AAPL the morning of the day before AAPL pays a dividend and buy back in at the end of the day because you know AAPL is going up when everyone gets their dividends this morning? AAPL moved the market and the news compounded that effect, but AAPL just paid the biggest dividend in history of the earth and we’re back on track.

  12. Trump is an utter fuckwit.

    Anyone who supports him after the past four months is also an utter fuckwit.

    What will it take for you people to see this fraud-committing sexual offending illiterate fool for what he is?

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