What if Apple did what Microsoft just did?

“Microsoft selling a MacBook killer called the Surface Laptop. Think of it as a modestly powered Windows 10-based PC notebook with a touchscreen and priced hundreds less than a MacBook. Until you match hardware specifications. Then it’s priced the same. Up the specifications even more and it’s priced the same as a MacBook Pro. So, no, it’s not a MacBook killer but it does come with a killer feature,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360. “Windows 10 S.”

“If anything, it’s Windows 10 S that is a Chromebook killer, not a MacBook killer,” Gomez writes. “Why? First, it’s only available on the cheapest of Windows-based PCs. Second, it only runs applications from the Windows App Store. No Photoshop for you. No Google Chrome browser, either. If you want to run those and other popular applications on a Windows 10 S device you need to upgrade and that comes with a $50 price tag.”

“What kind of social noise would you hear across the world if Apple followed in Microsoft’s footsteps and sold a MacBook for $999 that only ran macOS Sierra Lite? You know, the version of macOS that could only run apps from the Mac App Store,” Gomez writes. “And if you wanted to run such third party applications that did not have Mac App Store counterparts, you’d have to pay Apple $50 extra to unlock the privilege.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Almost everything Microsoft does is focused on “how can it help us?” not “how can it help our customers?”

That is why Microsoft fails spectacularly and routinely.

They simply cannot compete with Apple in the markets in which Apple chooses to compete – and Apple isn’t even really trying.

Microsoft has become The Black Knight of personal computing. Just an impotent cube with a big mouth.

Apple will find it hard to ignore Microsoft’s new $999 Surface Laptop – May 2, 2017


  1. Microsoft is impotent, inconsequential, irrelevant? Then why the focus on Microsoft? Simple. Apple would be made to look better compared to Microsoft. But is Apple’s identity defined by Microsoft or should Apple define itself independent from Microsoft?

  2. Apple already has sub $1000 notebook — the MacBook Air. The Air with similar specs to the $999 Surface Laptop (but double the RAM), sells for $999 on Apple’s site and less on Amazon.

    1. So, you think the MacBook Air with an ancient 5th generation Intel processor has similar specs as a Surface Laptop with the 7th generation Intel processor? I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you.

      Tim Cook should be fired. Apple is so far behind the curve, it is no longer tolerable.

      1. Even I know what’s going on in the computer industry. I can’t believe there are people at Apple who are completely clueless about computers and computer design. They must be deliberately doing the things they’re doing and not because they’re ignorant of what’s happening in the general computer industry. Maybe Apple simply doesn’t care about what other companies are doing and want to do things their own way in order to maximize profits.

        Tim Cook may not know anything about computers but there should be people on his design and engineering staff who do. Unless the company is being run by bean counters, it would almost be impossible not to keep up with current computer technology. If you know what the latest Intel processors are available then someone at Apple should also know. There have to be people at Apple who work directly with Intel reps.

        1. I would like to put that new Surface and the current (3-year-old) MBA side by side and do some real-world testing of performance. How many clicks/moves/taps does it take to accomplish a task, how fast do they get done. Not for one moment would I doubt that MBA (a three year old model) would beat the just-released Surface.

          Moore’s Law has long ago stopped being valid. For decades, the efficiency of microprocessors has effectively doubled every 18 months. Today, this is no longer the case. Current processors have been running at more-or-less same clock speed for the past 15 years.

          Vast majority of computer buying public looks at the clock speed as a clue for the speed of the computer. If the number isn’t any lower on the Mac, nobody cares if the CPU inside has been around for over three years. And that simplified way of thinking ends up getting validated by comparative performance tests between Macs and non-Macs. Any disadvantage in use of older chips against machines with latest CPUs is always easily overcome by tight integration an optimisation of OS and hardware, when Apple will forever have significant advantage.

          And yes, Apple doesn’t care much anymore about the Macintosh. It is irreversibly becoming a less and less meaningful contributor to its bottom line, as well as to its brand value. Very soon, in their quarterly results, they will lump Mac sales under “Other products” (together with iPod, Watch, AppleTV, Airport Express and other irrelevant products)…

      2. Of course, you’re right about the processors. But, one should give the Air credit for having twice the RAM plus the Mac operating system. Running Windows on only 4GB RAM (on the base model) won’t be a lot of fun.

    2. Love my Haswell Air, but it’s 4 years old. Apple needs a more competetive, entry level option. I’d like to see a big price drop on the new 13″ Macbook Pro sans Touch Bar (or the 12″ MacBook). I don’t think Apple will do it though since it’ll show that the Touch Bar gimmick isn’t in high demand.

      1. Touch Bar is a gimmicky and not a necessity. The bigger issue with the new MacBook Pro is the horrible battery life that WAS NOT fixed in the update. I purchased a machine and returned 2 1/2 weeks later as I couldn’t get more than 5 hours of battery life which is pathetic for a portable unit. Even the Apple Employee’s confirmed numerous returns due to my same issue although “the update” was made available. The touch bar is not effective at the price of 5+ hours battery life.

  3. “What kind of social noise would you hear across the world if Apple followed in Microsoft’s footsteps and sold a MacBook for $999 that only ran macOS Sierra Lite? You know, the version of macOS that could only run apps from the Mac App Store.”

    They do already – it’s called “iOS & iPad” moron. This is Microsoft copying Apple – again. Only not very well as usual.

    1. mr. apple would be well advised to make a low cost laptop, with adequate capability for use in elementary and high schools that can be used to start winning back the education market they have ceded to others because of their short sighted neglect of this market.

      they need to get kids back into the eco system at a young age and they will follow through in their purchases of macs as they grow older and need more capable machines.

      1. I am not happy about the state of apple laptop computers. I am currently using a 11″ MBA that needs replacing, but apple no longer makes the 11″ and the 12″ is underpowered and has retarded input options.

        However I would argue that apple currently steers entry into the ecosystem via ios devices, which young kids seem to be using in droves.

        I think we can all see that the rank and file computer usage future will be via mobile platforms, thus the relative neglect of notebook development.

        1. yes that is their strategy, however…

          1. iPad sales have been shrinking year over year for over three years (13 straight quarters thus far)

          2. and every iPad not sold means somebody else’s inexpensive laptop that has been bought in its place, that is, in part, why mr apples has lost their grip on educational sales.

          it is a failed strategy on their part.

          while iOS is the future, the future is not here yet. when iPads can do all the things laptop computers can do they will replace them. in the meanwhile not making an educational niche laptop is a poor decision and allowing other firms to profit, at the expense of apple.

          1. Ios is not the future. It is a consumer grade phone os. Anybody with a brain rejects the ipad as a complete work machine, just as they rejected windows RT and will also reject windows S.

            Unfortunately while Apple squanders the opportunity to make superior personal computers, Windows 10 remains the de facto standard and requirement for 90% of people who use a computer for their work. And if you talk to them, you will see they are not all stupid or suffering. They know very well what they need and Apple refuses to offer it.

            MDN called it correctly: MISMANAGEMENT at Apple

            1. I respect your opinion. And I agree that there will be a need for fully functional OS for some time to come. And maybe indefinitely for certain high impact users. But i use the term RANK AND FILE users as the future of ios. This is the masses, this is where a lot money is, and this is Apple’s target and current main raison d’etre. For the rank and file an ios can or will soon be able to fill every computing need they could ever have.

              There is revenue in business type applications, but they have rarely used apple and probably never will to any significant degree. I’ve worked in several hospitals which contain hundreds of computer work stations. Not a single MAC. I would wager there isn’t a hospital in the country that uses Apple computers.

              Macs have long been the haven of creative types. I suspect apple feels there just isn’t the numbers in this market to support a lot of R&D resources. I mean Good Lord there is a huge market for photo editing and Apple just flat gave up on Aperture, which was a damn competitive platform.

              SO while IOS may not be the future of heavy lifting computer applications, it is ALREADY the future of revenue generation for Apple Computer, and that will contine to be their main concern.

      2. Chromebooks don’t necessarily remove use of Macs in the students’ future. It probably only makes it more likely that when they use a browser it will be Chrome regardless of what device they end up using. If Apple decides to bring to market a viable Chromebook competitor in terms of value for cost, it will also need to provide a good alternative to Chrome or end up still being much like a Chromebook, but HW by Apple.

    2. Yea, I don’t quite understand how all of the articles yesterday about the $999 surface laptop ignore the fact that Apple has been selling a $999 Macbook Air for years, that is does not have a hobbled OS.

      I also don’t see how anyone thinks this is in any way going to be competitive against Chomebooks in the education market.

  4. Romantic and competent side of Apple has long been lost and buried with Jobs.
    What do you expect when Apple has reduced itself to a phone company? M$ is doing just fine, quietly and cleverly intruding into Apple Empire to make them slowly crumble, by introducing cheap but competent Surface laptop, invading into once Apple dominated territory of eduction market, and offering mobile Office suite for iOS “free”. Satya Nadella has M.S. degree in computer science and is an MBA, and knows tech world, not a bean counter. He is much smarter and sophisticated than Ballmer. Tim Cook is no match. Apple, pls don’t underestimate competitions! They already saw vulnerability of profit counting, boring Apple (translation: high pricing everything they make).

      1. Yay they’ve outsold themselves! What about compared to the rest of the PC market ? Still around 7% and they ceded share to other PC manufacturers in 2016.

        1. Correct.
          Apple once dominated the education and the pro graphic markets. Look at them now.
          Besides, the infamous recent mea culpa by Apple executive is not only unprecedented, but appalling and embarrassing!

  5. I’ve pretty well given up on Apple. I’m not waiting until 2018 or 2019 to get the computing power I WANT. I am going to build a Hackintosh with components that require zero hacked drivers and run macOS 10.12 Sierra and Windows 10 Pro on it. Fuck Apple!

    I’ve been a customer of Apple since the dark days – before Jobs returned. I’ve never been so pissed off with Apple as I am with Tim Cook as its pathetic CEO. Tim Cook needs to go. His turning Apple into a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) company is going to hurt them a lot. Just wait and see…

    1. Agreed.
      I too have been (and still am) a big fan of Apple since Mac Plus days (or Lisa if I could count it in as an employer’s machine at the time). But lately, specifically since around mid last year, some things started bothering me. Apple is beginning to lose it shine and ceding too much to competitions, and too crazy about iOS related things. I lament the loss of innocence of Apple. No more grandstanding on social issues, and concentrate what Apple used to be good at, please!

  6. There’s no such thing as a “MacBook Killer”.

    There is such a thing as a MacBook competitor. I’m not sure this qualifies as that either. Almost no-one is going to be tossing up the two as alternatives.

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