Fluent survey shows customer excitement for the Apple Watch has hit a plateau


According to a new survey, individuals who did not already own Apple’s smartwatch were unenthusiastic about buying one anytime soon, while just 8 percent of those surveyed said they planned to make the purchase.

A total of 1,339 consumers were polled by consumer marketing firm Fluent for the survey.

“Customer excitement for the Apple Watch has plateaued since hitting the market in 2015. Only current owners think it’s a great product, but nearly half of them don’t plan on upgrading,” a Fluent spokeswoman said in an email.

“I think it’s hard to draw these sorts of conclusions about a market that is so young and still growing, still finding its way,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop. “As to upgrading, I’d say give that time, time for the Apple Watch and watchOS to evolve, to give people a reason to upgrade to the latest and greatest.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Give it time is right. It’s very early and, since its inception, Apple Watch has required an iPhone which limits its target audience. Time to develop and mature is all Apple Watch needs.

As it turns two, Apple Watch focuses on core strengths – April 24, 2017


  1. It was a lame product to begin with no matter how Apple tried to spin it.

    Now years later, the verdict is out. Nobody cares about this overprice piece of junk. Sure, the hard core Apple fans will buy it even if Apple sold dog shit with the Apple logo on it, but the rest of us aren’t that blind.

    1. lame – spin – nobody cares – overprice – junk – dog shit – blind
      Lots of vehemence, but no concrete point. About as useful a contribution as an explosion of diarrhea.

      1. I believe it, if only because the same snotty dismissive statements were made by the same bug-eyed detractors of every other Apple product introduction. They used to be called trolls, back in the days when some of them were paid to post their views. That business model proved to be ineffective and has dried up. Still, the practice persists because snark is its own reward for persons without actual lives.

  2. When Apple had a decisive leader, underwhelming products got improved or axed very quickly. In today’s Apple, poorly thought out cylinder Mac Pros can be hiding on the back shelf gathering dust for over 4 years until a decision is made to solve its obvious shortcomings.

    I don’t think the Apple watch will be anything more than an Other product category filler for a long time to come. Its own leaders don’t know what to do with it and can’t even square with investors what is going on.

  3. Yawn.

    I don’t wear a watch at all these days. But if I did it wouldn’t be a thick slab of black glass with a plastic strap.

    The Watch is a product looking for a reason to be.

    I thought it was wrong-headed from the start. I wasn’t the only one. In a heaving Apple Store the Watch display was always ignored.

    It’s too thick. It’s too ugly. It’s too expensive. The screen is too small. It doesn’t do anything useful that a phone doesn’t already do and it can’t do much without a phone.

    I can’t believe they made a gold version. Hubris I guess.

    I never see them in the wild.

    And just think, instead of all that effort Apple could have done some work on the Mac and kept their loyal fan club on board.

    Watch is a niche product for runners.

    They don’t seem to mind the ugly thick body or the plastic straps.

    1. I can say I saw 2 people wearing the Apple Watch today. One at a drivethru for McDonald’s and the other on my co-worker I see most days of the week. 😛 Practically everyone I see running around my area has a FitBit or nothing visible at all (headband, heart monitor, etc. possible though).

  4. The Apple Watch is what got me into wearing watches again. Now that I have the AirPods it is even better. While imaging public PCs today I was able to listen to my tunes, text my wife, and keep up with the latest breaking news all from my wrist. Is it a perfect product….hell no, but it sure is cool as hell, it sill amazes people when my front door unlocks to my house because it know my Apple Watch is in proximity to the door when i get home

    1. So, for your Apple Watch to be useful requires you to spend hundreds more dollars in “accessories”. Gee, that Apple Watch is so great, it lightens you wallet so easily. I’ll bet you move faster without all that excess money cluttering your wallet.

  5. the other day was the FIRST time I saw an Apple Watch in the wild. A guy showed me his when he saw me reading from my iPad 12.9 at a coffee shop (he thought anybody using a big iPad would be an Apple fan). At the same shop where I drink all the time I usually see 3-4 MacBooks.

    I’m not putting down the Watch’s technology achievements but I’m harping on Apple’s Mac neglect. Dozens of Watch ads but where the Mac ads? One Mac Ad (the bulb ad) in the last FEW years , not even cheap web ads when it’s obvious (even from the financial reports) and all those MacBooks at the coffee shop that Macs make a lot more money…

      1. I wish they would do any kind of Mac ad at all, even tie them in with iPhones. Eg. have one where someone Starts a note on iPhone and end up finishing on a Mac etc.

        They don’t even have cheap web ads for Mac. Due to my search history on Macs, I get Dell and Acer and Amazon PC ads when I read MDN, I should be seeing Apple Mac ads… (if they don’t actively market to big Mac fans like myself… ? )
        Note also the ASP for Macs are also so high i.e they are profitable.

        (note friends I am all for new products but Apple has resources to do both Macs and new stuff well,)

        Steve Jobs ran one NEW Mac ad a month (66 DIFFERENT Mac/PC guy ads in four years) which petered out when Cook became interim CEO . That’s when Macs actually made LESS money than now so there’s cash available today for ads …

        1. Apple have recently pledged to refresh the iMac and the Mac Pro. We can be certain their product introductions will be graced with hard-hitting adverts, perhaps with a military theme along the lines of Gen. Douglas Macarthur’s impassioned “I shall return” speech, underscored by a dramatic reenactment of the Battle of Leyte. The iMac is a destroyer, the Mac Pro an aircraft carrier.

  6. Don’t knock one if you haven’t tried one for a while. Mine is invaluable in many ways and a nice augmentation to the iPhone and Mac Book Pro (it automatically logs me in).

  7. Written December, 2015:
    Apple Watch is geek wear. Ive’s attempt to apply an iDevice design aesthetic to a watch is a complete failure. No precious metals nor fancy bands can hide the fact that you’re got a geeky little computer strapped to your wrist. Apple Watch is a TeleTubby-inspired androgynous design failure.

    Besides being geek wear, Apple Watch is mostly useless.

    What does one use a watch for? As a time-teller, Apple Watch is a complete failure. A traditional watch is always on. Automatics and battery powered watches are easy. Even manual watches are easy compared to having to deal with yet another chord and charger. Travel with Apple Watch is especially onerous. Who wants to travel with a watch and charger they have to plug in every night?

    Another supposed raison d’etre of Apple Watch is screening a passing along important “notifications” discretely, thereby saving the otherwise preoccupied iPhone user loads of time. Maybe. Or, rather perhaps, the user needs to learn to set up their life, then their phone, to properly manage their notifications in the first place.

    Oh, I almost forgot–the Apple Watch will transmit your heart beat. Daring Fireball waxed poetic about that one. Useless.

    One thing wearables, including Apple Watch, excel in now, and will so increasingly in the future are as health monitors. You don’t really need a full computer strapped to your wrist for that, though–just the sensors, that can feed the data to your phone.

    Apple Watch will be a hit this holiday season. It seems like a good idea as a gift. After the holidays, though, many Apple Watches will be returned or will sit in a drawer somewhere.

    Apple Watch advocates will breathlessly proclaim that the rest of us don’t get it, but someday we will, as with the iPhone. Just wait for critical mass of early adopters to push for more widespread acceptance! Wait for the next OS upgrade! Wait for the next version!

    Nope, ain’t gonna happen. Watch and see.

  8. Fascinating , Do you Samsung Trolls still live at home with your mom , no ambition , just lay about , anxiously awaiting the next review of an Apple product so you Finally have something to do for the next 2 minutes ?

  9. This is so bogus. I am in the industry, and sales of Apple watch are really taking off. What is more interesting, is that it’s no longer early adopter geeks that are buying it, it’s the everyday person. Expect to hear a story about this during Apple’s upcoming quarterly results.

  10. I don’t wear watches, there was never any chance I’d buy one. The same goes for glasses, it just isn’t going to happen. All of that is a niche market within a niche market. No, thank you.

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