President Trump dumps his Android phone for an Apple iPhone

According to Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media, President Trump has now switched from some random unsecured Android phone (possibly a Samsung Galaxy model) to a real Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhones are more secure than Android phones. In fact, earlier this month, it was reported that 36 widely-used Android devices shipped with malware preinstalled. Numerous Samsung Galaxy phones populate that list of malware-infested iPhone knockoffs.

President Trump
President Trump
For years on Twitter, the 45th president extolled the Samsung’s large phone displays in the years when Apple hadn’t yet made — and was, frankly, years late — to making iPhones with larger displays (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, finally released in September 2014).

Now, though, the U.S. President’s smartphone offers security and privacy because it’s a real Apple iPhone, not a knockoff wannabe. It’s also from an American company, as opposed to one based in South Korea.

MacDailyNews Take: If it isn’t an iPhone, it isn’t an iPhone.

Anyone who values their security and privacy would be foolish to use any device that fails to sport the Apple logo.MacDailyNews, March 22, 2016

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    1. I love the MDN political dog whistle posts that are used over and over to drive ad revenue lol. Genius!

      At what point does the cognitive dissonance move from:

      Phase 1) “He is literally Hitler” to,
      Phase 2) “Okay he’s not Hitler, but he’s incompetent” to,
      Phase 3) “Okay he’s not incompetent but I still don’t like him”

    1. While Billionaire some don’t see the need to have the latest and greatest. Warren Buffett still drives a 2006 Cadillac and lives in the same house he bought in 1958.

    2. There will be no future Trump library. Trump proudly tells everyone he doesn’t read, he watches Faux News.

      If you want to see an archive of Trump’s twitter feed, the Wikileaks division of the Putin espionage machine has it all. They also have the original texts given to Trump by his KGB handlers.

    3. Trump isn’t a billionaire. Not even close. He’s worth about $200m tops. The rest of his assets are purchased with debt.

      Don’t you get it yet? The man lies and exaggerates in everything he does. He’s done it so long he doesn’t even realise when he’s doing it.

            1. “He was installed by Putin.” Keep telling yourselves that and the Democrat Party will go from the mere regional party it is today, to totally defunct before you know it.

            2. I trust you will enjoy watching your grandchildren die from drinking coal slurry.
              I feel sorry for them. I don’t feel sorry for you.
              (And don’t nitpick with the literal sentence. You know what I mean.)

            3. How much of so-called global warming is man-made?

              And how much is due to things well outside of human control?

              BTW, I love the taste of coal slurry in the morning and I FULLY BACK President Trump’s roll-back of every last one of Obalahblah’s stupid “global warming” edicts.

              And, oh yeah: DRILL, BABY, DRILL!!!

            4. Well, you are at least making progress. Not so many years ago, the GOP vehemently claimed climate change was entirely driven by natural forces with no human influence. Now you and others are beginning to ask the right question, namely, to what degree are the current climate trends influenced by human activities, such as adding billions of tons of CO2 to the Earth’s atmosphere.

              Unfortunately, you are still quite far behind in understanding the current climatological models and data, as is made evident by your utter disdain for any “global warming” edicts. The fact that no one can definitively answer your question does not mean that human-influenced global warming is not occurring, or that we do not need to take any proactive steps to avoid the worst consequences. The Earth is an extremely complex system to model, and the GOP has been relentless in denying funding to gather the data needed to improve our knowledge and our models. But we will succeed despite the party of “no” obstructionists, who have just recently recently found that they are incredibly ineffective even when they control the Office of the President, Senate, and House.

              I do not know why people who claim to be focused on open markets and free enterprise and and believe in laissez faire are so enamored with the current President or attempting to protect jobs that are going to disappear anyway rather than support the new industry of renewable energy. There are already more jobs in renewable energy in the U.S. than in oil, gas, and coal combined. And renewable energy is already cost-competitive with fossil fuels in some areas, even discounting the adverse environmental impacts of fossil fuels. Think about it with your brain, not your gut or your RNC card.

              My mother’s side of the family go way back in West Virginia and mined coal through many booms and busts. They saw the strip mining companies come in to rape the land and dump the waste into the valleys to foul the streams with sulfur and other contaminants. I have personally seen a strip mining operation…have you, Fwhatever? I seriously doubt it given your attitude.

              Besides, nothing Trump does will result in bringing back a lot of miners because strip mining and long wall mining does not require as much labor as the old coal mining techniques. Trump may success in slowing the decline of coal for a little while, but at the expense of the environment. And it will do relatively little to help the workers in West Virginia in the end. The people of West Virginia and other coal mining regions need to look forward, not backwards. They need to plan for the jobs of tomorrow, not the lost jobs of yesteryear. Consider the farming industry, which used to occupy the majority of the workers in the U.S. Modern equipment and techniques farm more land with relatively few people. The same is true of highly automated factories versus the old assembly line. That is why I have long maintained that some manufacturing may come back to the U.S. for high value-added products like the iPhone, but it won’t create a massive number of jobs because of the automation.

              I don’t know why the GOP has such disdain for people who value the environment. I don’t know why the GOP values profits and wealth over people. But your children and grandchildren may very well curse your names in the decades to come.

            5. When it comes to your political and numerous hateful posts of President Trump, I give you a grade of F.

              When it comes to your cheerleading eyes wide shut support of Apple I give you a grade of A+ (for effort). But unfortunately a FAIL for reality …

      1. I do recall the complaints about Obama playing golf, even though Bush played quite a few rounds, himself. Yet the same GOP supporters do not seem to have a problem spending tends of millions (and rapidly climbing) supporting Melania in New York and Trump flying to his Mar-a-Lago resort most weekends.

        If you are too biased to apply the same level of scrutiny and the same rules to all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, then you are a fool.

  1. Well, compared to the last president, who did not use an iPhone, appointed Lucy Koh to overturn the domestic ruling and give $amsung a big break, this is welcome news.

  2. The former administration primarily used Blackberry devices. I don’t see a problem with that. All the immature attacks about Obama pale in comparison to your hero, and idiot who used a 2012 Samsung Galaxy G3 for 5 years – even after he was issued a secure device upon arriving to the White House — and whose Twitter account was registered to a private Gmail address. How come all the scorn you pile onto all other Android users not apply to Trump?

    Knowing what a hypocrite Trump is for digital security and privacy, when shall we all chant “Lock Him Up”?

    By the way, the Russian army hacked Android phones used by the Ukranian army. The android phones were perfect GPS targeting coordinates used by Russian artillery and used to track troop movements. Don’t think Donald’s Russian friends aren’t able to drop one on his fat ass too.

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