“If there’s one thing Trump’s staff — whose boss’s addiction to tweeting is legend — can do immediately to improve the security of our nation, it is this: Secure his phone,” Joseph Bernstein and Sheera Frenkel report for BuzzFeed News. “Trump is still firing away tweets from his personal account, from a device that may be an iPhone, may be an Android, or may — according to reports — be whatever device is closest at hand. And it is hardly a stretch of the imagination that Trump may be sending texts, emails, or any other conceivable type of electronic communication from this or these devices.”

“Which normal device Trump has been using up to this point is something of a mystery. His tweets have been posted from Twitter apps for both iPhone and Android. Last October, the New York Times reported he used a Samsung Galaxy,” Bernstein and Frenkel report. “And a text analysis of Trump’s tweets in August by the data scientist David Robinson found that Trump tweets from an iPhone were likely written by his staff, while tweets from the Android were likely written by Trump himself.”

President-elect of the United States Donald trump and First Lady of the United States Designate Melania Trump

President-elect of the United States Donald trump and First Lady of the United States Designate Melania Trump

“If Trump is indeed using an Android device, he’s using a phone that the cybersecurity world broadly regards as significantly less secure than the iPhone or iPad,” Bernstein and Frenkel report. “‘Securing Android devices is very difficult,’ said Jeff Zacuto, mobile security evangelist at Check Point, a security firm. “It is a highly vulnerable operating system, and if you don’t have a solution on that device to detect an advance attack you might not know that its happening… God forbid he messages or emails someone from that device.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We assume President-elect Trump will soon get a specialized device, secured by the NSA (if he hasn’t already), but (if he hasn’t) he should for now certainly dump the notoriously insecure fragmandroid devices immediately and stick to Apple’s much more secure iPhones running the latest iOS version.

Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. Eric Schmidt’s cozy relationships with Trump’s political opponents should be more than enough reason alone to deep-six the consumer-grade Android crap.

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