Woman accosts White House press secretary Sean Spicer as he shops in Apple Store

“White House press secretary Sean Spicer was confronted by a woman while shopping the Apple store in Washington, D.C., this weekend,” Cyra Master reports for The Hill. “‘How does it feel to work for a fascist? Have you helped with the Russia stuff? Are you a criminal as well? Have you committed treason too, just like the president?” the woman, who filmed Spicer’s reaction, asked him.'”

“Spicer tried to ignore the woman as she followed him around the store, continuing to ask him if he ‘feels good’ about working for a ‘fascist’ and about ‘lying to the American people,'” Caitlin Yilek reports for The Washington Examiner. “A Feb. 18 tweet from the woman boasted of blocking Education secretary Betsy DeVos from entering Jefferson Academy in Washington. Devos was physically blocked by protesters from entering the school during a visit.”

“Shree Chauhan posted a video of the encounter on social media over the weekend. In the video she is heard asking Sean Spicer if he ‘helped with the Russia stuff,'” Alyssa Madruga reports for Fox News. “Chauhan was in the store to get her iPhone fixed when she spotted the press secretary. ‘I realized what an enormous opportunity it was to get answers without the protections normally given to Mr. Spicer,’ Chauhan said.”

“Sean Spicer got more than he bargained for at an Apple store over the weekend, when a woman put a camera in his face and accused him of treason,” TMZ reports. “Shree Chauhan, a 33-year-old Indian-American woman went after the Press Secretary, repeatedly calling him a ‘fascist,’ saying he was just like his boss. Chauhan has written she’s lived ‘in fear of what would happen to someone like me’ ever since Trump was elected.”

“Shree Chauhan has identified herself as the video’s poster to Britain’s Daily Mail,” The Associated Press reports. “Spicer smiles through the encounter and repeatedly says ‘thank you’ to Chauhan. At one point, he tells her, ‘such a great country that allows you to be here.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Mr. Spicer just got himself, or a lucky someone, a brand new Apple Watch! 🙂


  1. Harassment, under the laws of the United States, is defined as any repeated or continuing non-consented contact that serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, or emotional distress.

      1. Notice that in Chauhan’s tweet, before she breaks Godwin’s Law, she states she has “clear feelings.”

        This is the problem with Dem/Lib/Progs. “Feelings” over thinking. “Feelings” over everything, to their own detriment. Dem/Lib/Progs have lost the plot.

        That is one reason “feelings” and “compassion” are two of the most often used liberal terms. “Character” is no longer a liberal word because it implies self-restraint. “Good and evil” are not liberal words either as they imply a moral standard beyond one’s feelings. In assessing what position to take on moral or social questions, the liberal asks him or herself, “How do I feel about it?” or “How do I show the most compassion?” — not “What is right?” or “What is wrong?” For the liberal, right and wrong are dismissed as unknowable, and every person chooses his or her own morality. — Dennis Prager

        And furthermore:

        End results that work that don’t involve government threaten liberals. — Rush Limbaugh

        1. Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views. ― William F. Buckley Jr.

          1. Both F2T2 post you responded to and your post SB should be required reading for confused and contradictory liberalism that has lost its way since the 1960s …

          2. William F. Buckley would be ‘shocked’ to see how conservatives have caved under the pressure of The Trump as well as the hellish ‘Neo-Conservative’ administration of GW Bush. This is no longer the world of Mr. Buckley’s politics. Thinking only along the, ahem, limiting one dimensional political scale is no longer possible. Aberration from that simple concept is now the rule. The problem is getting old style thinkers to notice and admit it.

            1. If you work at a University, you experience this hypocrisy daily. It’s crazy. If you disagree with the Liberal line, you don’t tell anybody, just lay low, work, and silently attend all their PC employee indoctrination required events every year. You live like a Jew hiding in old Germany.

            2. TRUE 100%!

              I also work in a profession for over 40 years dominated by Democrats. For career job security, I live in the closet.

              The Gold Standard of liberal hypocrisy: They support gays parading outside the closet. But I’m still shunned for my views and ZERO support.

              Dr. Savage said it best, “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

        2. If a person is not a liberal when he is twenty, he has no heart, but if he is not a conservative by the time he turns forty, he has no head.

            1. It must be comforting to know the answers and abandon any value you profess, in order to get what you want. You’ve got him now. Enjoy your health insurance, less government, your grandchildren’s education, the lovely environment and your sanctimonious pie hole. Make America Russia Again!

            2. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Had to hold myself back from responding to a stupid bait comment that is as clueless as they come …

            1. Well, well DC. You have come out of the two-year closet saying both parties are the SAME and no one to vote for.

              No wonder Botty is now calling you out as a “vacillating weasel.”

              Good luck with your newly minted Libtard crusade. We shall see …

            2. 1) Both parties are ‘the SAME’ only in your limited imagination.
              2) Thanks for letting me know Botty has an opinion about me. Except, I don’t care.
              3) Your limited imagination trips you up every single time you post. Limit your small mind to the imaginary one dimensional political scale and your FAIL.

              There is a point where making fun of haters becomes boring when it becomes predictable. Particularly boring is the poliTard practice of reading off the talking points sheets and parroting the poliTard radio ventriloquist dummies. Conclusion: I’m now officially bored with you.

              But please do further demonstrate your hate here at MDN. Maybe someday you’ll be able to look back in embarrassment and realize that growing up into a responsible, thinking adult has been good for you. IOW: Best Wishes and bye-bye.

            3. “1) Both parties are ‘the SAME’ only in your limited imagination.”

              Read carefully, unless I made a typo — I NEVER SAID THAT. Please provide the evidence. That said, was it NOT you saying “both parties are the same” and “no one to vote for” for over a year now? Botty called you out, rightly so. Amnesia? More like … 🐂💩

              “2) Thanks for letting me know Botty has an opinion about me. Except, I don’t care.”

              Letting you know? ROTFL! Botty called you out, as I said above, by responding DIRECTLY to you. What, your eyes don’t work unless there are only SELECT SAFE SPACE replies you care to read? 😆

              3) Your limited imagination trips you up every single time you post. Limit your small mind to the imaginary one dimensional political scale and your FAIL.

              “Every single time” absolute statement says more about you, than me. FAIL. My imagination and creativity is just fine. Oh, and so is my self-esteem, thank you very much.

              The rest of your post is hilarious! Look everyone, DC has just proclaimed GoeB is NOW a bully and a hater on MDN … hmmm. Where have we read this before?

              Obvious tough love is an alien concept to you. But I have to admit it is a delicate balance and can be easily misinterpreted. I do flail away at times in a verbose word salad, but I mean well at the end of the day.

              What does your accusation of me say about you? The numero uno, self proclaimed MDN Apple Troll slayer, tech bully, tech beta genius and sometimes hater that has a different opinion on Apple, politics, et al.

              With no fear relentless browbeating, berating, insulting, name calling posts regarding people you don’t know. In the same breath, repeatedly posting how much you enjoy it? I’ve NEVER done that, not once … sick.

              The long running @GM soap opera show comes to mind. You were done how many times? I lost count. But I have to say and be fair appreciate in the end you kissed and made up before he/she dropped off the MDN grid.

              Remember, when you attempt to describe others in not so uncertain glowing terms — the first rule of Psychology 101 applies: Don’t point out your mistakes in other people.

              Best wishes to you, as well …

        3. You’ve all lost the plot, you are sore losers and poor winners. It’s incredible to see you acting like spoiled brats, both sides of the political spectrum in your nation.

          I do have to admit though, it’s not nice to bring Hitler into the mix as per Godwin’s Law as you point out. Hitler at least had the civilized courtesy to abide by the Geneva convention as opposed to you. In other words, your country is making Nazi Germany look good compared to you.

          You nation is so full of vitriol and hatred, doesn’t matter who it is, the hatred is there and it sure shows.

            1. Those were civilians, and that was the atrocity. You are nowhere near the mark with your mideast wars but you sure are sniffing every country out there.

              I’m talking specifically about those from the military rankings that fought against each other. Your point is certainly appreciated.

          1. Way to paint an entire nation with the same brush! 😒 Yes, all the megaphones reverberate with terms of bedevilment. But many more, milder voices are drowned out by the cacophany. Do they deserve censure on account of their inferior page ranking? The character of a people can’t be determined by any of that, and shouldn’t be castigated for their votes, either — let me ask you: which is morally superior: voting for the lesser of two evils, which every voter claims they are doing, or abstaining from the vote owing to an abstract principle that hands the victory to a despised contestant? Would your more holy alternative be to quit the country, or to drop one’s life plan and become an activist for the moral good? Would you submit your list of actions that qualify as morally good, or do you defer to the United Nations charter? Would you suggest that I get myself to a nunnery? What I expect from you is help in getting to a better place, not just tut-tutting that we had our chance…

            1. There are times to get out of the way and let the stampede go over the cliff.

              Now on the other hand, I think F14T16 hits on the most excellent points of polarization. He’s all about logic, this feeling thing has absolutely no value.

              Logic dictates that there is more to it than itself. Funny I love, love myself.

              It’s simple, settle down and walk the walk. I’m waiting for the first 100 days myself but I’m patient like that.

              Deep breath, stay beautiful. The principles are beautiful, and when they are expressed, they are life promoting.

              Deep breath.

            2. You’re saying you’re standing back from the stampede over the cliff. You aren’t standing anywhere near this geography, and you’re watching the carnage from afar, rather than offering moral support. Unless your idea of moral support is repeating just-so stories. Let me ask you a pointed question: wherever you station yourself—I picture it as a high and mighty eyrie isolated from the rude commerce of the likes of us—do you imagine the wave of irrationality will subside before it reaches your location? If you really believe you are beyond the reach of humanity’s inhumanity to man, give the signal and I will join you.

            3. Hey, I’m just pointing out the options Herself, and one is getting out the way of the stampede.

              I’m on planet earth. You want moral support, you’ve had it, you’ve always had it, you just don’t notice it cause you can’t take any constructive criticism whatsoever.

              You bet I’ll defer to the declaration of human rights from the UN. It’s something you helped drafted and signed. You want moral support, you want guidance, sure it’s simple. Walk the talk.

              Funny that you picture me as some high and mighty bird perched up there cause I have a different perspective, one of me squatting beside you looking while you wallow in the mud, and being careful for you are dragging everyone down into the cesspool you’ve created.

              You want moral support, well then clean up your act and start working together as a loving team, a united nation. You are always within reach to human’s humanity to people, but the thing is, it is not up to me to change your attitude it’s up to you. Besides I’m much too busy helping with the refugees you are bringing forth in the free and civilized world.

              Somebody have to take care of the children of the future.

              Have a beautiful day I hope you reflect on what is being said and realize that the path you are on now, it’s your own path of self destruction, your own free will. You want to change it, it’s up to you.

            4. We all say things in anger, you, me, everyone. I hope you can agree with that, because it is evidence of humanity. At times I need to give voice to my anger when kith, kin, self, or ideals feel threatened. You are a curious kind of lark, flying over my airspace, sometimes singing love songs on the wing, sometimes dropping leaflets. Don’t you fear the drones? Trump is deploying more of them. I had nothing to do with it.

            5. Anger is an interesting place to visit, but that’s a far cry from living there. Love is more sustainable.

              Do I fear superior technology from your nation? Not when there is a lack of ethics morality behind it. With great power comes great responsibility, nice words, even nicer when the actions support the words.

              Stay beautiful, deep breath, I know it can be frustrating but it’s always darkest before the dawn.

            6. Because I snapped and became momentarily emotionally vulnerable, you casually exploited that. Is this in your toolbox of international negotiating tactics? Are you constantly and forever in the business of making a point and winning it? I am sure, based upon our few exchanges, that you are very good at it. I also am sure that you do not bear opposition lightly. I question only what you choose to regard as opposition. If you are indeed human, you have to have skin as thin as anyone’s.

            7. Hey there again. It sure it part of my tactics, and again I’ll point out what FT14T16 alluded to, the fragmentation and polarization of logic and emotivity. That’s a view point, another is that logic and emotivity complement each other, they are not two separate things but poles of the same thing, to try to separate them is like trying to separate the front of the door from the back. Good luck.

              There are some things I will fight for, freedom, justice, life, peace, diversity, love and tolerance to name a few. These are items that your nation spouts off supporting ad nauseum but the walk is a lot difference than the talk and the walk of your nation is an attack on those concepts. This hypocrisy is shameful.

              I keep an open mind and yes I’ve changed it many times based on insight and new facts.

              Yes I am indeed human, I find those that torture totally repugnant and I consider it an act against humanity. Sure I can have thin skin if you want to go that route but it’s not a big deal when you have amazing recuperative and healing capabilities. Besides I’m not the one directing bullets to rip through skin, your nation is the one doing that so you need something to survive the global onslaught your nation has been inflicting on the planet, over the last decade.

              Nations that torture people (from around 50 different countries by the way) are pure scum. You can try to deny and deflect and silence it all you want but there it is. Does that make you emotional? Good, there is still hope for you to change and once again as I have pointed out, walk the talk.

          2. Hitler was mass burning Jews in oil, imprisoning and starving people by the thousands, mass murders piled up in graves, medical experiments performed on children, and they made lampshades of human skin. Where is America doing that? To equate present America with Hitler’s mode of operation is to disrespectfully minimize the true horrors and atrocities experienced by Jews and other prisoners that were inflicted in that time period. Shame on you. Stating Geneva convention respect by him is bullshit. I hope you are a clueless, young, Lib Snowflake who didn’t listen in history class, because my older generation knows better than to say shit like this—our parents fought and died to free people from the Nazi regime, and we heard about facts first hand from fathers, uncles and their friends who were there as witnesses. America at it’s worst pales in comparison to what went on back then.

            1. I applaud and appreciate your reasonable, sincere and factual outreach to Road Warrior. But unfortunately, he/she revels in provacteur cartoon hatred of the U.S.

              Sorry to say, not worthy of your time, MacRaven …

    1. That’s called freedom of speech. The GOP is big on it unless it exposes their lies. She didn’t follow him out of the store or follow him in her car. Suck it up.

      1. And what lies did she expose. All she did was throw a temper tantrum because she was upset that her candidate lost the election. And yes, she harassed him and not the other way around.

    2. While the lady clearly and justifiably feels very strongly about the immigration and refugee issues, this is not the way to deal with it. This type of behavior just plays into the GOPs hands, just as the violence of Trump supporters played into the hands of the Democrats during the campaign. To put it bluntly, she was wrong to do this, in my opinion, and an Apple manager or employee should have quickly stepped in to stop her and called mall security.

      Trump and his administration and Fox News will undoubtedly blow this single incident up into a major event in order to deflect from Russia and the AHCA and the revised travel ban EO on immigration/refugees. One person will be classified as the entire “sub-group” (like that little dig?!) of “liberals.”

      Spicer reputedly handled the situation pretty well. Surprising…

      1. There was no “violence” to speak of from “Trump supporters” during the campaign. The bulk of any violence was instigated by Dem/Lib/Progs.

        How did the “violence” of “Trump supporters” (you lie) play into the Democrats hands when they lost across the board, going down in historic defeat, relegated to regional party status? You make even less sense than usual.

        1. There were several acts of violence at Trump rallies during the campaign. Some encouraged by the candidate himself. All you need to do is roll tape.

    3. Get out of the kitchen boys. You clearly can’t stand the warmth, let alone the heat. She was 100% within her rights and the behavior doesn’t even remotely rise to level of harassment.

      The odds the clown calling himself “Attorney” actually is one are just about the same they are as winning the Mega Million lottery. And he somehow thinks calling himself “Attorney” bestows some kind of credibility on him? That by itself takes him from a clown to someone of questionable mental competency.

      You’re just a bunch of of pussies whose only talent seems to be an expertise in circle jerks. Botty should be embarrassed to have you clowns in his fan club.

            1. If you oppose bullying then you should not condone what the “lady” did… that would be hypocritical. Tolerance is something that you do, not just something that you demand of others.

            2. Hey botty, wiki leaks just revealed your mother and my mother live in the same building!! We’re neighbors and maybe even related since neither of us ever met our fathers, just saying you know, hey brutha!!!

            3. You can use my computer rather than taking the bus down to the libray, anything for a brutha. Say, what color are you by the way.

      1. Surely you understand Botty has an image and fans. Protecting his position with both requires the rhetoric and and style that are his trademark.

        I’ve come to laugh at the stupidity of those on this website who on being his foibles. That includes his haters and his lovers. They both lack intelligence in copious amounts.

        1. The problem is that rational intelligence, or its lack, plays little part in forming or maintaining social ties of any kind, which is what we’re talking about. Emotional resonance easily overpowers the “better angels of our nature.” To deny that is to deny the very instincts that underlie friendship, community, polity, and every other group identity all the way up to nationalism.

          This is why the discipline of rhetoric exists in the first place: to persuade is preferable to destroy. It is very easy to criticise, and to dismiss our adversaries as incoherent. But this attitude usually leads to war with its attendant net losses to humanity.

          This doesn’t mean you need to sit passively next to botvinnik on an airplane trip and make nice. You can sharpen your fingernails whilst awaiting takeoff.

      1. I expect he’ll do that right after Our Beloved President apologizes to all the women he offended with his comments about sexual harassment. When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

          1. Oh, you and your wordplay! 😛 Rosie really is trying to lose weight again. If she does manage to ever slim down to a size 16, Donald might tweet about her more favourably.. #RosieFemininePulchritude

        1. Hey TXuser, did you not describe yourself in a previous post as a “straight white married conservative?”

          Yeah, right. LOL! You are fooling NO ONE. On second thought, LIbtards are easily fooled. The USER part of your screen name is certainly applicable on a daily basis …

          1. We are in even more trouble than I thought if Trump supporters are now defending sexual assault.

            My suggestion, Goes, is that you walk up to your boss’s wife, grab her between the legs, and call her a libtard snowflake if she complains. Surely your “conservative” employer will understand that boys will be boys and that you are just standing up to all the feminist pigs who find that behavior unacceptable. I’m sure you won’t object when he grabs your sister in the same place.

            Since when did opposition to sexual assault become a liberal issue? I can assure you that there are lots of straight white married conservative prosecutors like me who have put people who think rape is a joke in jail for a very long time.

            My guess is that if you spent some time in jail, you would stop regarding rape as a liberal myth, too. You would likely discover that “butthurt” isn’t just a metaphor.

            1. Fair is fair, botvinnik. If women are going to have state intervention in their medical care to keep the birth rate up, so should men. Reading some of the comments you and your buddies have posted regarding sexual harassment, I fear we may not be far from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

            2. “I can assure you that there are lots of straight white married conservative prosecutors like me … ”

              I’m not talking about sexual assault or sexual harassment. You are. I’m talking about FAKE conservatives. Got it?

      2. Perhaps, botty, perhaps…

        When will Trump and Flynn and Bannon and others write their letters of apology to the American public?

        Admit it botty…just using Obamacare as an example, Trump and his Congressional supporters are failing miserably at “repeal and replace.” It sounded so grand during the campaign, but they are replacing it with a good portion of the original provisions and hosing up the rest to reduce taxes on the wealthy. Nice way to break with the GOP status quo…not!

        Trump is on record as promising that his health care plan will cover everyone and cost less. For that and many other promises, you and the rest of the GOP die-hards on this forum (and Congress and the Trump Administration) had better be prepared to withstand daily reminders of your failures. I heard enough from you over the past eight years…your turn to absorb the punishment now that your guy has the responsibility.

    1. One wonders whether the Trump regime should be called Fascist or Neo-Nazi … beginning with the scorning of those who criticize, and the effort to deny access to any news media that fails to laud Trump.

    2. Oh Botty, you 100% on point until you decided to throw in the “Sorosian” bullshit. You have no information other than her completely inappropriate behavior to make that claim. Just a bit of your usual inflammatory for the fans. I do understand you have to keep up the persona, but there are ways much more befitting your self image with which you can accomplish that.

      Spicer was a customer and if management spotted this they should have put an end to it immediately just as they should have for any customer. Bad behavior has no franchise attached to a specific political persuasion or ideology.

    3. Probably texting a reply to you and you were away at bingo so he sent a couple, and you may know, as soon as your heads down the word goes out ” bingo played here, sack and pillage”.

  2. Why is this technology news? Though she is right. Not only is Trump involved with the Russians so was his former foreign policy advisor. The attorney general Sessions who also lied to congress under oath about talking with the Russians before Trump was president. Trump’s son-in-law who works as an advisor to the white house also met with the Russians. The GOP controlled congress are trying their best not to investigate. So that’s why Trump made up that story of Obama bugging his place.

    1. If you think she’s right, you’re not too bright, so check the location and what he was doing there, genius. Hint: APPLE STORE and BUYING AN APPLE WATCH.

    2. yes they’re involved and complicit. trump himself was convinced he would lose big time so what to lose by encouraging the russians (trump did it several times on record), so his team followed his direction, if found complicit face major legal problems…. this is why they continue to lie and cover for trump.

  3. Keep it up, unhinged Dem/Lib/Progs, keep it up. Keep pitching fits, destroying property, obstructing Presidential appointments, and harassing people in public while they try to shop on their day off. Make sure you record it for all to see!

    Real Americans are watching all of this and 2018 is right around the corner. 🙂 (As if I could smile any wider or laugh any harder than I am today!)

    And, by the way, Betsy DeVos, by breaking the backs of the public ed unions, and ushering in real school choice, will do more for disadvantaged urban students than the Democrat Party ever did in its entire misguided history.

    In 2007, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers. He compared schools to businesses with principals serving as CEOs. “What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good?” he asked to loud applause during an education reform conference.

    I believe what’s wrong with our schools in this nation is that they’ve become unionized in the worst possible way, – Steve Jobs

    Keep it up, Shrill, Shree, whatever your name is, keep it up. At this rate GOP candidates won’t even have to campaign to win!

  4. the woman is a perfect representative of all the leftists here at the MDN comment space. She is obnoxious and ignorant. she loved Obama and Clinton for selling America to Muslim and Chinese communist interests. She is fine with Obama using the NSA to bug everyone because he is a fellow traveler. Hopefully Americans will make it their business to treat Shree Chauhan of the National Urban League, phone number (202) 898-1604, with the respect she has earned.

    1. Obviously, this sort of behavior is unacceptable… but so is bragging about grabbing women’s private parts (whether truthfully or not) and a whole range of other behaviors by both left and right. It is just a symptom of a total breakdown of civility, like blocking a speaker from a venue or having an official U.S. spokesman who repeatedly makes statements that are unsupported by facts.

      kent’s comment is a perfect representative of all the Trumpists here at the MDN comment space. He is obnoxious and ignorant. He loves Trump for selling America to religious extremists and Russian interests. He is fine with Trump using his bully pulpit to suppress critics because he is a fellow traveler. Hopefully Americans will make it their business to treat total jerks who hand out people’s phone numbers with the respect they have earned.

      1. Actually, I, a lifelong conservative Republican did not vote for Trump because I found him to be obnoxious and deceitful. But, he was elected and his spokesman does not deserve to be assaulted by a jackass woman Democrat when he is out doing private business. Trump has not suppressed any opposition. TxUser is as good at lying as Trump.

        1. You seem to be living in an alternate universe. Trump seems to be doing everything within his ability to suppress critics (blocking access to the press that isn’t favourable, insulting anyone who dares to criticise). Even within the tight limits of the law of the land, Trump has already succeeded to effectively block those who criticise him from access and public discourse.

        2. kent,

          I’m sure I will regret asking, but please point out one example when I lied. Times that you disagreed with my opinion on something do not count, only times when I intentionally made reference to a factual matter knowing that it was false.

          That is what a lie or fake news is, not just the failure to follow an ideological party line. Mistakes of fact aren’t even lies, until the error has been pointed out (with supporting evidence) and the person persists in the untruth.

          It is positively Orwellian to walk away from the scientific method of requiring every hypothesis to be tested by objective evidence and embracing the notion of “alternative truths” that require no validation apart from a subjective sense of “truthiness.” In that notion, feelings determine who is lying, rather than facts available for public examination. It just feels right that Obama might wiretap Trump, so Sean Spicer can collect a government salary for assuring us that it is true without any evidence.

          That isn’t a conservative notion, but one right out of the fuzzy mysticism of the touchy-feely Left. One can simply make an assertion and nobody is allowed to question it because “it is my truth.” Since I am the center of the universe, “my truth” becomes “THE Truth.”

          So, given the dictionary definition of a lie as something that I said knowing that it wasn’t true, point out when I was lying.

    2. kent, I would be glad to debate you face to face any time. You are typical of the anonymous “label and disparage” people who lurk on this forum. Almost everything you post is so illogical or extreme that it almost refutes itself. I have no respect for you or your viewpoints at all.

    1. Boy, aren’t you smart! You totally saw through this preposterous charade!

      Unless she was there to replace cracked display; or a malfunctioning volume button; or some software problem (ex. PhotoStream not updating), none of which would affect functioning of the camera, or a Periscope app…

        1. Let’s deconstruct:

          You say: Sorosian mercenary; somebody who was sent there with a clear plan to harass Spicer; the ‘excuse’ that she was there to fix her phone was bogus — how could she possibly film anything if her phone needed to be fixed?

          I say: brilliant unmasking of a conspiracy… unless she really was there to fix her phone and was waiting to be called at the genius bar (hint: not every single problem with a phone makes it unusable).

          If this “Russia stuff” is the best she could come up with, she isn’t really that quick. The whole incident was truly stupid; at least she didn’t bring a gun and try to shoot him (that kind of thing is usually done by a gun-loving conservative)

          1. Maybe…but the more recent attempts to shoot, e.g., a U.S. President were at Ford and Reagan, both Republicans. Your parenthetical remark is gratuitous and undermined the rest of your message.

            1. You had one example in mind, I provided another. Your use of the word “usually” implies an unsubstantiated statistical correlation between political leanings and gun murders, which is inflammatory and thereby gratuitous.

            2. In my mind, I had a few more and didn’t think I was going to need to bring them up:

              Sikh temple shooting
              Planned Parenthood shooting
              Louisiana movie theatre shooting
              Charleston, SC church shooting
              Las Vegas killings (two cops dead)
              Kansas Jewish community center shooting

              These are just in the last few years, and they all resulted in deaths of innocent people at the hands of conservative shooters. For every one successful, there are numerous arrests (and convictions) of people who were planning attacks on government, police, Planned Parenthood, Islamic sites, Jewish centres, black churches, etc.

              I’m sure there are liberal-leaning shootings (perhaps environmental activists), but they seem to be greatly outnumbered by the conservatives.

            3. Point taken. Even so, statistics based on impressions may not match statistics based on facts. In this case, I think they do, but I persist in thinking that more fundamental factors come into play. For one thing, these sorts of killer are motivated by a sense of moral justice, often a single-issue grievance rather than adherence to the whole jumble of beliefs that comprise a political credo. They are statement killings of a personal nature, an act of self-empowerment in a seemingly indifferent world.

    2. There’s a number of ways if you thought about it for even a second.

      Here’s a hint: “fixed” is an overly broad term, that applies to anything from “100% functional but with a cracked screen” to “won’t start no matter what”.

        1. Irrelevant. You claimed an inconsistency in what she was saying. You were called out, and you can’t defend it further. End of story.

          Don’t drag in a different incident to try covering your failed point.

            1. Let me state this for the record: it is my expectation, based on the performance of the current administration, as well as both houses of US government, that the 2018 elections will give the senate to the Democrats (with a comfortable margin), and possibly a bare-bones majority in Congress as well.

              And if the tea-party conservative republicans succeed in the uncompromising drive to first obliterate Obamacare before even considering replacing it with anything else (and leaving some 10-15 million poorest conservatives without health coverage), those margins could be much bigger.

              You are welcome to call me out on this one in two years; it is quite likely that I’ll still be here.

            2. I actually agree with you for once. Imagine that. 😄

              The media missed it. The pollsters missed it. The Democrat party missed it. Hollywood missed it — ALL in historic numbers!

              All these groups seriously lack understanding of the average voter. Issues like the economy, job security, immigration et al., and it continues to be stunning. Lip service is not policy success. They blame everyone, except THEMSELVES.

              If the Dems continue the daily hyper-obstructionism toward the populism of the new administration, in addition to their non-stop addiction to identity stereotyping groups, they either support or do not support (deplorables) — easy to see they will most likely be in the political wilderness for years — well beyond 2018 … 🇺🇸

            3. The average voter was in the minority and I’m not fond their brand of populism. Like patriotism, nationalism not so much.

              That is not to say I’m a Democrat through and through. I have nowhere else to turn. More towards so called liberals, than towards unconstitutional conservatives that wrap themselves up I the flag and think they have authority to claim the country only for themselves and those they agree with. The 1st guarantees disagreement.

            4. “More towards so called liberals, than towards unconstitutional conservatives” …

              You have it EXACTLY BACKWARDS. The left has consistently run amok the last eight years doing everything they can to subvert the Constitution through legislation, the courts, and the sycophantic like-minded media that carries their water. Add their relentless preaching on TV news from an A-List assortment of leftist Hollywood celebrity dim bulbs and other media cheerleading mouths competing for ratings. Thanks for last night, Rachel. The ratings were outstanding! Sorry, the news bombed not in your favor.

              Have you NOT heard liberals constantly complaining about the Constitution for over 50 years? Whining the document is over 200 years old, out of step with modern times, and written by fuddy duddy old white men clinging to God and guns?

              That is the precise blueprint MANTRA of the present day ACTIVIST LEFT and their daily marching orders to get it done, wherever and whenever they can. Sad part is, tactics by ANY means. Berkeley, anyone?

              You may disagree, but the Trump admin is slowly turning that around and it could not come fast enough. America that I know and grew up with was sinking fast. I’ll give you one BRAVE example from President Trump recently.

              He rescinded an Obama national order, the so called bathroom law, that allowed men with breasts and makeup of all ages to use young girl’s bathrooms. You may call that unconstitutional conservatism, I call it common sense to protect women of all ages.

              “… that wrap themselves up I the flag and think they have authority to claim the country only for themselves and those they agree with.”

              Looks like you’re drinking the Kool-Aid, again. That stereotype went out with plaid pants on fifties country club golf courses.

              “The 1st guarantees disagreement.”

              No sh#t! Really? Gee, when did that happen, snowflakes? Please help me out. /s

              Kidding, amen … 🇺🇸

            5. Conservatives tried to make it illegal to burn a flag. Even Scalia disagreed.

              Conservatives keep trying to suppress separation of Church and State, with school prayer being a prime example. Creationism in science class another.

              Conservative abolish talk of global warming where they have the power to do it.

              Conservative impose their will on women’s choice on whether to carry a baby or even whether to obstruct a pregnancy.

              I agree Berkley was wrong, and I submit to you that true liberals don’t suppress speech. He was invited, he should be able to speak. Heck, I encourage the Klan to parade their crosses, I want to see who they are. What I will condemn is any attempt to use them.

              Meanwhile it was then governor Reagan that condemned the Kent State victims ‘If It Takes a Bloodbath, Then Let’s Get It Over With’. All for exercising their right to protest.

              I can go on, but you can do your own homework as well.

              One thing conservatives and some so called liberal don’t understand is that one’s agreement is not required and everyone’s behavior is subject to judgement by other’s. What is not allowed is legislation against legal behavior.

            6. I am sensing your wholesale attacks against conservative thought, may actually have particles of merit. But it works both ways. Late, I’ll revisit Friday …

            7. For now, I’ll take you at your word. Heck, I’ve already been played by my X for years.

              But I have to say your online history of specific targeted attacks against RIGHT posters that don’t drink the left wing Kool-Aid is suspect. 🤔

              Good start, but I won’t turn my back …

            8. PS-It’s not just the voters. Not by a long shot. It’s this President. He’s been rubbing me the wrong way for over 30 years. Things the country is only discovering now. I really don’t like the guy, stands for too many things I loathe.

            9. Hey, that’s your right and fair game.

              President Tump has consistently been underrated for two years now and then methodically out performed expert expectations from all sides, time and time again. Seriously, think about that.

              My personal beltief is the media and the Dem opposition have never seen anything like this President before and obviously they no clue how to deal with it.

              All I ask is to keep an open mind … 🇺🇸

            10. I remember the 1980 election. I was fourteen. In the glow of an Appalachian campfire, sweltering in the Indian summer, listening to the election returns on a shortwave radio, I watched my father pull out gathers of his hair and curse repeatedly at the advent of President-elect Ronald Reagan, a mere Hollywood B-actor.

              My father, a career civil servant, was level-headed but feared that the reliable and professional bureaucracy of federal government would fail following fox-in-the-henhouse cabinet appointments. Pundits hysterically predicted deconstruction of New Deal programs, including Social Security. The spectre of World War III was revived, reprising Barry Goldwater. We were all doomed, it seemed, with a dimwit cowboy president.

              Now we have a real estate mogul as president. It’s different. But we are all older and wiser. Maybe this time we are not as doomed as we felt in ’72, or ’76, or any other year, because we’ve finally come to understand that no man can promise massive change and deliver upon it. He’s constrained by a greater force – the Constitution.

            11. Well, after reading your drifting off topic prolix posts for years now, under different handles — the Black Widow has reached out glowingly to two new hosts.

              Good luck @Road Warrior and @applecynic.

              Noticed recently, no more “Alpha Male” Derrick Currie habitual admiration posts? Well, that passed …

              I applaud your cozy attempts at Botty acceptance. Because he is the REAL DEAL.

              @Herself, have any games left for the evening before we move on? Have a cocktail while you … 🤔

            12. Ooh, another big word, what an arrogant twat, look that up. Hey, by the way, my mom talked to your mom and it’s pretty good that we had the same dad. Can’t wait for the reunion!!

  5. I don’t like the current Executive Branch team members. With that said, I do not think harrisment such as this is appropriate and it deminishes public discourse. I feel as a citizen we should have a right to voice our displeasure, but do it in a respectful way.

    We should keep poise and dignity at all times.

      1. Can you imagine, us possibly being brothers, I mean, what are the chances, except you’re the stuff ‘scum’ wipes off their shoes before they enter a building and I’m normal, but hey, a brother!!! I’m so excited, can’t wait to meet your side of the family, hope they play bingo.

      1. Cousin?? Could it be 2014, then 2018, then 2020, then 2012, then 2014, then 2016, then 2018, then 2020, then 2022, then 2024, then 2026, then 2028, then 2030, then, we are sorry to announce the passing of a standard douchebag from the local area. Radiation from the substandard computer screen (measures relaxed by the Trump administrations EPA) apparently caused the deceased to announce his candidacy for the head of the DNC. Shortly after he expired from an acute spasm of joy.

  6. Is it helpful for MDN to cover everything that happens in or near an Apple store? Kim Kardashian also visited an Apple store – is that an MDN story?

    It’s pure click-bait to publish stories that have nothing to do with technology and serve no purpose but to unleash this predictable avalanche of partisan insults.

    1. You’re right, but it’s inevitable given that MDN is an ad-supported site and a hot spot for stock-watchers and the politics swirling around technology.

      Still, the Kardashians create even more of a stir at Apple Stores. I was distressed that MDN didn’t link to stories about the introduction of their iOS apps. But I wasn’t surprised; fashion represents a big and growing chunk of Apple’s story, and traditionalists are loath to embrace it.


  7. Sigh. I do NOT support the right, and I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I can’t recall a *single* incident like this from them during the Obama tenure. It is just sad. I weep for my country.

    1. It’s people – not our nation. Let’s condemn individual’s uncouth actions. There just happens to be a lot of that these days. I am quite impressed with how quickly leadership can change the way in how the world sees us. If you are trying to guess what slant this is taking, stop because it’s not slanted in any way.

    2. Correct comment and fair to all. A new low from the loser left.

      But if the right does exactly the same — all hell and self righteous indignation breaks loose!

      The Left is simply patently unfair and not on a level playing field mentally, or otherwise …

  8. How does “Such a great country that allows you to be here” equal racism and threatening your citizenship? I took it as this country allows you to literally be here harassing me and I have little recourse. Which is true! But man its a real stretch to call that racism and threatening her citizenship. smh.

  9. The woman was born a U.S. citizen in Florida. There is no mechanism for threatening her citizenship. She is one of us.

    I certainly hope that you are correct and that Mr. Spicer was only remarking on the greatness of the First Amendment that allows even jerks like this woman freedom of speech, although it certainly does not allow the customers of a business to harass one another on private property.

    This great country wasn’t allowing her to be in the Apple Store; management was doing that, and I don’t think that they should have. I agree that the floor staff should have told her to stop bothering their customer or shown her the door.

    Since America wasn’t allowing her to be in the store, Spicer’s quote has another possible interpretation. For someone to assume that she isn’t a citizen based on her non-European appearance and suggest that she is only in our country on the sufferance of the white Americans who “allow her to be here” WOULD be racism.

  10. Oh botty, my botty, you go to bed far too early, all the adults are just starting to post now. You know, after a good days work, a nice meal and some interaction with a real family. You’ve probably already gone through your second diaper change at this point.

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