Apple iMac 2017 could launch before end of March

“It seems like it has been an eternity since the iMac was last updated,” Alvin Alcalde reports for International Business Times. “The most recent iMac model came out in October 13, 2015. And Apple hasn’t really provided hints about its successor over the last few months.”

“Just two months ago, fans were expecting that the revamped desktop was going to see its release before the end of the first quarter,” Alcalde reports. “Now that April is about two weeks away, a March unveiling is still possible. Hopefully Apple doesn’t come up empty again like it did the last time.”

“The most common projection about the next iMac is that it’s going to equip an Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K chipset, which has DisplayPort 1.2, Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 support,” Alcalde reports. “Previous reports also suggest that the upcoming desktop may sport an upgraded 5K display along with virtual reality (VR) capabilities. The 27-inch iMac 2017 is also linked with the AMD Polaris 10 graphics chip.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we just so happen to be in the market for new iMacs, this would be a very welcome development, indeed!


    1. And other than entertainment, what, pray tell, would you utilize those capabilities for? Some of us would actually like nice machines with which to do our WORK.

      PS – for those of that actually work for a living, hyperbole pretty much just gets in the way. I have bills to pay, I can’t be a Silicon Valley futurist or fantasist living in a future that has not and likely will not ever materialize.

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      1. Well, the post does not make any sense in the context of the article. But the dissing of “lefties” by an anonymous poster sure sounds typical of the MDN forum…

        The guy missed by one article – this was clearly intended for the Spicer incident.

  2. Too bad it will be thermally castrated and probably contain a neutered GPU in the form of some low power cheap assed AMD..

    thinner is NOT BETTER.

  3. Great! (Though a larger screen iMac might be nice and more cores.)

    And the (revised to pro tower upgradeable standards and not Jony Ives minimalist wet dream design wet) 2017 Mac Pro launches when again? Hello…??

    1. A 30″ 5K iMac would be awesome!

      I sure would appreciate a removable panel or two on the back of the chassis to access HDDs/SSDs and RAM. Otherwise, the current iMac form factor (which really hasn’t changed that much since mid-2007) works great for me.

  4. Can’t wait for soldered on, overpriced RAM, top spec mobile processors that were red hot 4 years ago 5400 rpm drives, anemic-sized SSDs and 10% higher prices.

    But at least they’ll come in 3 new sparkly colours!

    Real artists ship and they ship something usually that’s an improvement on the previous model.

    1. One theory favoured by a number of pundits is that Intel’s road map doesn’t line up with Apple’s, which effectively lengthens the gannt chart. That’s why the pipeline seems so long. One solution would be for Apple to sit on Intel’s BOD, or to buy the company outright. Another is to rely on in-house chip design for as long as it takes to bring Axx into performance parity with X86, but that leaves too many desktop users twisting in the wind.

      There are of course other theories for the delays, such as greed, distractions, incompetence, and a hard change of course to port. I prefer the Intel theory, not as an excuse but as a more plausible explanation of the splintered product release schedule. All the same, Tim Cook’s glib assurances are hurting more than helping pro users, who have come to regard him as the boy who cried wolf in reverse.

      1. People need to look at the FACTS. I’ve made this comment back to you, Herself, before.

        Over the last few years Intel’s chip progression indeed has slowed.

        However, and this is a major point, Apple has come out with new machines anywhere from four months to more than a year after Intel’s new chips start shipping in high quantities. Just as one example I’ve mentioned before, the “new” MacBook Pros could have shipped several months earlier with the exact same complement of hardware. People can’t blame that extra lag on Intel.

        Wintel purveyors ship new machines within days of new technology showing up. Sometimes they announce new machines the same day new technology is announced (with shipping dates within a few days or weeks). There is no reason why Apple can’t do the same, and Apple has 10 to 1,000 times the budget to do the same thing.

  5. long live hackintosh.

    the day that apple finally makes macOS only work their custom A## chips then macOS will be dead to me as well.

    I like freedom of choice, and the ability to grow.

  6. Please. Please. Please.

    • Kaby Lake or Cannonlake processors
    • Thunderbolt 3 ports
    • USB-C ports
    • Standard Flash/Fusion drives
    • Space Gray color option
    • Redesigned height/tilt mechanism, thinner bezel/smaller chin
    • EXTENDED Bluetooth keyboard with TouchBar, black keys and LED backlighting
    • Magnetic Magic Trackpad that attaches to either side of keyboard (separate Numeric keypad could be done the same way if Apple choses to stick with mini keyboard)
    • Quieter and cooler-running (obsession with thinness isn’t necessary with a desktop)
    • 32″ 5K display
    • Additional A-series processor (for dual OS X and iOS capabilities)

    1. My proposal for Mac lineup starting ASAP:

      Mac mini: all new fanless/silent design in 3 flavors: bare bones, middle of the road, and Server editions. All with expandable RAM and 2 user upgradeable hard drives. Do not make it thin, and DO NOT make it a stackable expansion system. That is a serious bag of hurt.

      iMac: as you describe above in 3 sizes: ~21″, 27″, 32″ but no to the A-processor and no to the mandatory bluetooth accessories. Make a new generation of wired accessories that just work. It is a desktop machine, you know. Wireless is a waste of batteries for many people.

      Mac desktop: Take the existing Mac Pro cylinder, offer 2 editions with modern Core i5 and i7 processors and modern user-replaceable GPUs and user upgradeable RAM, and move to TB3 and USB-C ports. Use latest SDD drives and call it a day.

      Mac Pro: return to large tower factor with the most user customization possible. Make it the performance leader again. and demonstrate focus on continued support for internal PCI expansion and emerging technologies that can be added. Let aftermarket support legacy connectivity that many pros still need.

      With every purchase of any new Mac above, offer a handful of free adapters and cables. A customer shouldn’t have to pay an additional $200+ to plug his existing trackball, iPhone, and monitor into a shiny new Mac.

      Also, roll out new 27″ and 32″ Apple Displays and a new Airport with latest performance capabilities.

      Apple would regain my respect if it could deliver the above in the next year or so. If Tim again fails to deliver, then Hackintosh is looking like the only way to stay on the Mac platform while staying competitive with other studios that have already moved to faster Windows machines.

  7. October 13, 2015.

    in Apple’s ‘Mac Neglect Schedule’ that is almost BRAND NEW.

    try 2013 for the Mac Pro.
    2010 for a Mac Pro with an upgradable GPU.

    there are kids playing 3 D Shooters on Windows machines that are 3 times faster (in GPU) than ‘Pro’ Mac users with $10000 Cylinders trying to earn a living. (btw they are also like 3 times faster than the new TouchBar MBP )

  8. Don’t forget the countless hours they’ve spent making a new set of emojis, that will come with it. Forget that the display will have issues & hard drive problems , these emojis will blow your mind.

  9. Or as usual, Timmy’s Apple could launch all its annual hardware updates at the end of the year, with no inventory built up whatsoever, leaving prospective buyers to flip a coin whether they will receive an order by Christmas.

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