Sharp increases OLED-investment plan to $878 million as Apple’s next iPhone to feature OLED

“Sharp Corp. is looking to spend some ¥100 billion ($878 million) in an expanded plan to build organic light-emitting diode displays, a technology coming in Apple Inc.’s next iPhone series, people familiar with the matter said,” Takashi Mochizuki reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Osaka-based Sharp, majority-owned by Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, hopes to make at least 30,000 display-panel sheets a month at its Japanese factories starting next year, said people briefed on the company’s plans,” Mochizuki reports. “That will require about ¥100 billion in investment, they said, up 74% from a plan disclosed last September to spend ¥57.4 billion on small-scale OLED production lines by June 2018.”

“Yoshio Tamura, a co-founder of market research and consulting firm Display Supply Chain Consultants, said Sharp’s planned production would translate into about 15 million smartphone display panels a year—insignificant, he said, given that the number of smartphones made annually is in the hundreds of millions. ‘Thirty thousand sheets a month is equal to doing nothing,’ he said,” Mochizuki reports. “Sharp and Japan Display have long supplied Apple with liquid-crystal displays. Both are working on ways to create bendable or differently shaped LCD screens, and executives have suggested that rather than OLED, improved LCD technology might become the future standard.”

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MacDailyNews Take: An $878 million toe in the water.

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  1. The list of tags MDN attributes to this article is absurd.

    Get a grip, MDN. Nothing in this article has anything to do with most of what you tagged it to. This is exactly why the world is confused. False equivalancy, poor journalism, bad information. Misinformation. You need to stay on point if you want to be respected.

      1. Okay wiseguy, which of these tags apply to the article?

        AAPL, AMOLED, Apple, Apple BoD, Apple investments, Apple suppliers, ARM Holdings, China, corporate taxes, Display Supply Chain Consultants, Foxconn, Foxxonn, Hon Hai, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, iPad displays, iPhone, iPhone 8, iPhone displays, iPhone X, Japan, Japan Display, Jared Kushner, LCD displays, LCDs, macroeconomy, Masayoshi Son, Novatek, OLED Force Touch display, OLED iPhone, Peter Thiel, President Trump, President Trump cabinet, President-elect Trump, repatriation taxes, Samsung Display, Sharp, Sharp Corp, Softbank, South Korea, stocks, Tai Jeng-wu, Taiwan, Terry Gou, Tim Cook, U.S. trade policy, Vanguard, Yoshio Tamura

    1. The tags are purely to give them the ability more accurately determine similar posts. It doesn’t give them any extra “google juice” but it does, over time, make their search algorithm more accurate.

  2. Please Apple, don’t make me have to abandon you for Samdung Galaxy 8 (AMOLED, and yes, on both sizes). I really, really want to stay. But if you only put OLED on the big monolith iP8, I’ll have to jump ship. And that will truly suck.

    1. Yes I’m sure they will base whatever technology they have invested millions in, based on your particular screen preference. Even less likely to visit here to read all about it, so you are effectively pissing in the wind on that one.

    2. If an OLED display is your essential criterion for your next phone, trondude, then you may deserve a Galaxy. I expected better of you… You are fully aware that there are many factors to consider when choosing a platform and device.

      But, if OLED is so crucial to you, then all I can say is “follow your muse.” I do not believe in pushing people to Apple products or trying to keep them from switching away from Apple products. In the end, I believe that Apple will be able to maintain a critical mass of consumers who share the company’s vision and commitment to consumer privacy and consumer experience.

  3. Not just mine. Tons of people hate large screens. All it takes is one person from Apple to read this and you never know. IT can’t hurt. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Apple caved to get a small phone back on the market, so I’m not pissing in the wind. Yet.

  4. Any good technical reviews of OLED vs LED screens and the 3 to 5 year use of said screens?
    All I have ever read is that OLED does not hold up as well as LED.

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