Under pressure from President Trump, Apple CEO stresses commitment to U.S.; says company spent $50 billion last year with U.S. suppliers

“Apple spent roughly $50 billion last year at U.S.-based suppliers including 3M and Corning, Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Tuesday, stressing the iPhone-maker’s commitment to U.S. manufacturing,” Stephen Nellis reports for Reuters.

“Speaking at an annual shareholder meeting, Cook gave the previously undisclosed data at a time when Apple has come under pressure from President Donald Trump for building its iPhones in China,” Nellis reports. “Apple also wants to work with Trump on issues like bringing back its offshore profits at lower tax rates.”

Nellis reports, “‘We’re always looking for more ways to help our country. We know that Apple can only exist in the U.S.,’ Cook told shareholders.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’s a lot of Gorilla Glass!

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      1. I fail to see anything that Tim is doing that Jobs didn’t do first when it comes to American labor. I know of no jobs outsourced during Tim’s time as CEO but I do know of several new US facilities.

      2. Let’s see, Apple employs tens of thousands of people in the U.S. And last I checked… Apple is doing just fine, having just had their best quarter EVER.

        Since you’re such Trump Chump answer this… How many did Trump employ? How many of those were U.S. citizens? Hell, Trump can’t even find a decent wife in the US he had to buy one from a Russian shipping container. Trump was certainly right about one thing… If you’re going to run for president, do it on the Republican ticket, because right wing zealots are the easiest to manipulate. Brain dead echo chambers, that need to be told what to think and how to feel.

    1. Agreed, breeze. Trump is attacking the wrong company. And he should not be messing around in the private sector.

      Make good laws and the results will generally be good. Both Democrats and Republicans have avoided passing the difficult, but necessary, legislation over the past few decades. They let greed for money and power and fear of losing elections overwhelm their solemn obligations to this country. There is plenty of finger-pointing…you see a lot of one-sided finger pointing by Fwhatever and botty and the like on this forum. But everyone bears some blame, including the citizens who allowed our government to spend well in excess of its means for decades, but votes against tax increases at every opportunity. Idiocy…

  1. You Yanks are unbelievable. I still can’t believe that a racist, sexist man child is the leader of the so-called “free world”, and to think that there are people here in this site that supports this massive arse astonishes me. Trump is the final straw for me. I hope BlackBerry or Ubuntu becomes big again because I’m not going to give the United States of Arseholes anymore of my money.

      1. Apple is overrated rubbish anyway. I’d rather support a homegrown British product like Ubuntu than give the Yanks any more of my hard earned money. Isn’t Apple also the same company that likes to disregard European tax? I’m not supporting companies from a country that is ignorant of the world around them.

        1. First of all, it was the Europeans that created their own laws for international companies to skirt around taxes. So, it seems like you all are a bunch of whining arseholes who should be mad at yourself for being so short-sighted and ignorant.

          Second, Apple has NOTHING to do with Trump’s presidency, and for some reason you’re on an Apple-centric site blasting Apple for that joke of a human… that’s also pretty damned ignorant.

          Finally, Yes, while Apple is based in the U.S., it employs people and dumps billions of dollars into economies all over the world.

          One other thing, didn’t you Brits just kick Europe to the curb? What do you care about European taxes?

    1. News flash Oliver, that country left the free and civilized world long ago when your blair and the bush pig made that partnership to go look for that iWMD (weapons of mass destruction) program. How did that work out for you by the way? You were stupid enough to let them go as a colony then stupid enough to team up with them later on. Maybe once you finally decide to move your sorry ass and leave the EU, you can build a wall or moat around your country and rest on your once great empire’s laurels and leave the free and civilized world alone to do it’s thing, cause it certainly isn’t your thing anymore.

      Remember you may hate the chump but your leader the May fairy was the first one to fly over to pay tribute to him.

    2. Trump sucks, but we elected him during a night of insanity and desperation. I certainly did not vote for him, but I have to live with the results of the election.

      England has had its own share of elected idiots. Before throwing too many stones, you might want to wait and see how that Brexit thing turns out.

  2. It doesn’t matter how many billions Apple spends on suppliers in the U.S., nor how many jobs it creates. It could be a trillion dollars, but won’t matter to Tump unless Apple has iPhone factories in U.S. ..because it sounds better as a headline to say “I got Apple to make their iPhones here”.

    1. Apple employs 2 million people here in the USA too, kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and that would piss off a whole lot more than idiots who get pleased from a headline that “sounds” good.

      1. you’re a gross liar.

        “As of January 2015, Apple Inc. claims to directly employ 66,000 employees in the United States alone. Many other jobs are attributable to Apple, including 627,000 created to support the iOS ecosystem. The company’s 265 Apple stores employ about 30,000 retail employees.”

        1. botvirnnik—
          You and breeze can both be approximately right. Apple may directly employ 66,000 and app developers directly employ 627,000. However, “job creation” also includes indirect employment, like people who are hired by suppliers and the people who sell goods and services to the directly employed. Those jobs would also not exist without the company’s activity.

          The indirect jobs created are always far more numerous than the direct ones. So, Apple could easily have created 2 million jobs, even if only 66,000 of them get a paycheck directly from the company.

  3. “We know that Apple can only exist in the U.S.”

    Oh that’s a pinnacle of arrogance statement Tim. Your nation can only exist with planet Earth, not apart from it, no matter how high you build your walls. But by all means continue that thought until you learn better, or the alternative.

    1. I seriously wish that BlackBerry is still around. I trust the Canadians more than the Yanks. I’d probably just buy Samsung just to spite those fat-arse Trump voters.

      1. I still believe in the spirit of the amerrycan. They lost their way shortly after the second 9-11 when they began looking for a scapegoat that is now the Iraqi war. You country got fooled, hoodwinked by all that talk of weapons of mass destruction program and now you need look no further than Guantanamo on the Bay resort to know that you are associated with a country that has no regards for the rest of humanity, that no longer has benefit of the moral or high ground.

        Fortunately there is resistance, Apple is one of them from the inside. So when Tim Cook says “We know that Apple can only exist in the U.S.” we can also say “We know that humanity can only exist in the free and civilized world”.

        It’s up to you which side of the line you are on. Start with trusting yourself and choose your partners and escapades wisely.

      2. Ironical… You generalize and react to things the same way Trump does; flippant and without much thought.

        If you had any sort of cognitive abilities, you would have gathered from all the evidence that APPLE HAS BEEN VOCALLY AGAINST TRUMP AND HIS POLICIES. Why do you think all the Trump zealots on this site are so anti-Apple?

  4. Drumpf is doing nothing that will benefit our country or economy in the long run.

    By pushing Coal and probably Nuclear and dropping support for renewables, he is handing the renewable technology field over to the Chinese who are pushing cleaner fuels to improve air quality.

    His appointments are a list of the dregs of Corporate America, where they see the commons as something to be exploited and the sky and water as toilets to be polluted with deregulated industrial excrement. It is not “government land” he wants to destroy for private profit- it is your land, our land. The Federal Government does not own public land but is a trustee of it for all of the people.

    His bright idea for Finance was to remove the requirement that financial advisors act in the best interest of you- the customer- instead of profiteering by giving you slanted or incomplete advice. How would you like it if your Doctor was not required to act in your best interest.

    Wall Street likes the possibilities as it serves their “heads I win tails you lose” attitude. I guess Trump voters getting fucked by Goldman Sachs, et alii in 2007-8 was not bad enough, and like a co-dependent Girlfriend you have come back for more abuse.

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