“On the back of every iPhone are engraved the words ‘Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China,'” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “But could China soon be replaced by America?”

“It’s no secret that President-elect Donald Trump isn’t happy that iPhones are manufactured in China rather than the US. During his campaign he pledged that he would ‘get Apple to start making their computers and their iPhones on our land, not in China,’ and it appears that this prompted Apple to look into the feasibility of shifting production,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “According to sources speaking to the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple approached both Foxconn and Pegatron, the two companies responsible for manufacturing the iPhone, and asked the companies to look into shifting manufacturing to the US.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “Let’s put the politics of this matter to one side and examine what we know of the way Apple manufactures the iPhone, what it costs to make an iPhone, how many people are involved in the process, and what the costs increases would possibly be.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of where iPhones or any other complex products are assembled, some of the smartest companies are those whose business is developing/building/maintaining industrial robots.

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