“I’ve never been a fan of Beats headphones. Whenever I’ve given them a go, I’ve found the sound quality to be less than stellar, with far too much bass,” Ste Smith writes for Cult of Mac. “So when Apple unveiled Beats X wireless headphones alongside the AirPods last fall, the weird-looking white ones grabbed my attention.”

“Now that I’ve had a chance to try them both, it’s clear I got that backward,” Smith writes. “In terms of design, the Beats X will be familiar to anyone who’s tried out PowerBeats 3 or JayBird wireless earphones. Thankfully, they’re a lot more conventional than Apple’s truly wireless AirPods, which I still think look a little odd to wear when out and about.”

“The Beats X headphones go the opposite route of Apple’s one-size-fits-all AirPods. Each set of Beats X ships with four different-size earbuds, which pop on and off. This means everyone should be able to find a size comfortable for them,” Smith writes. “If you’re doing anything more strenuous than sitting around, the included Beats X wingtips will come in handy. These handy accessories, which come in two sizes, hook into your ears for extra security — something you’ll probably want if you go jogging or work out in the gym.”

Beats X earphones featuring the Apple W1 chip

Beats X earphones featuring the Apple W1 chip

“Beats X contains Apple’s W1 chip, which powers the smoothest and best Bluetooth setup ever,” Smith writes. “The Beats X are definitely bass-rich, as Beats headphones always are, but not to the point where the low frequencies overtake the actual music and become distracting. They sound a lot more balanced than Beats headphones normally do”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hmm, if the bass is really under control (for a change), these Beats X just might be better AirPods than AirPods.

Apple’s W1-equipped wireless Beats X earphones ship Feb. 10 – February 7, 2017